Thursday, 29 November 2012
Daniel Bacquelaine is a deputy and head of the MR [a political party] group in the Chamber. He is also burgomeister of Chaudfontaine. In Mouvement Réformateur [Reform Movement], he leads the struggle against radical religious groups. He preaches vivre ensemble and his speeches and political actions make certain people unhappy.

It all started shortly before July 2011. On this date, Belgium became the second country in the world to ban "the wearing of any item of clothing that completely or mainly hides the face in a public space". This was aimed at clothing of the burka and niqab type. It was at this time that the anonymous email threats started.

They haven't calmed down since, returning each time the deputy takes another step in favour of vivre ensemble: "The MR group wants to go further in its struggle against behaviour that prevents the vivre ensemble. That's why we have made several propositions in favour of banning the wearing of any overt religious sign in the schools and public administrations", he explains.

He also gives conferences on interculturality, which he contrasts with multiculturalism. At each of his public appearances, "there are members of radical salafist milieux who come and interrupt" the deputy. Their point of view is "very often excessive and that exceeds the rational", he explains. These extremists come from radical salafist milieux, "groups like Sharia4Belgium", are subject to investigation and surveillance wherever they go. For example, the federal police is present in force each time M. Bacquelaine appears. Not because he requested bodyguards, but because it is the job of the police to prevent excesses by monitoring dangerous people.


Anonymous said...

This just out in Switzerland: radical muslim gangs threaten kids, deal drugs, force them to steal and convert to islam.

Maria José said...

Former Sharia4Belgium spokesman gets prison sentence

Anonymous said...

In Britain they are even forcing little girls to wear it, i think it is time to ban the burka just like the French did, this people are wearing this for political reasons not for spiritual reasons, i am sure about this. I was surprised to see the other day a woman wearing a veil and burka in the Pub.

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