Monday, 15 October 2012

A controversial and particularly alarmist video on "Muslim immigration" in the West was shown to participants of the synod (an assembly of officials of the Catholic church) on the "New Evangelisation" in the Vatican, according to observers of this non-public event.

Wha does this film say? "Islam will be the biggest religion in the world in five to seven years," proclaims the document which is said to have been written in 2009 by American evangelists, before inviting them to "share the message of the Evangelist in the world". "In 39 years, France will be a majority-Muslim country," the video ultimately believes.

Several Synod Fahers immediaely reacted and declared their "perplexity", casting doubt on some of the figures in this anonymous video which has circulated on the internet for four years. According to the document, 30% of those under 20 in France are said o be Muslims and up to 45% in some cities.
Source: Le Parisien


alas said...

to be fair the statistic that half of new borns in the netherlands are muslim seems a bit much. Also, the German report saying Germany will be a muslim country in the future never said that. Still, most of the facts seem correct, and its general message one that is true.

Steen said...

Its a very popular but not credible video. Ex:

Every muslim woman in France should have 8.1 babies in average. Very far from true.

It says there are 9 mio muslims in the US. All other estimates are between 2 to max 4 mio.

Tese are just the numbers, I have checked. Its bad enough as it is, no reason to exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

islam, a failed ideology, has become powerful because we feed them

muslims, left to themselves, would kill each other or starve

Anonymous said...

Increasing admiration of Hitler among Muslims..

Dinan said...

Simple solution. Import Christian Immigrants from Islamic countries instead.

I'm sure there's no shortage of would be christian immigrants from those countries.

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff. However, if you get one or two figures wildly wrong, and I suspect they have, all the dhimmis and useful idiots can blow the argument right out of the water.Steen is right, no need to exaggerate, the truth is scarey enough.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

What trustworthy scientific evidences are these figures based on ??

Anonymous said...


the problem is genetic... not so religious..

We ahould hold our cultura ad genetic identity, served us wel.

Every imigrant from the last 50 year and their offspring should be deported.

Anonymous said...

The actual population figures are irrelevant; they merely determine the date at which the inevitable assimilation of Europe by Muslim immigrants will occur. The demographic trend, and its inevitable outcome if it continues, is unmistakable. Europe is committing suicide. Over two thousand years of cultural history erased by a single generation of idiots.

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