Thursday, 4 October 2012
The first Islamic expo in Brussels is taking place at a very right moment, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Brussels, Faisal Trad, said here Saturday.

Speaking to the Kuwait news agency, KUNA, at the sidelines of the fair, he said, "It comes at the right moment especially in these difficult times. Trad was referring to the anti-Islam film made recently in the US and the reproduction by a French magazine of cartoons that insult the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

These people try to hurt our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), but of course nobody can hurt him at all," stressed the Saudi ambassador.

This fair which focuses on identity, religion and citizenship comes at the right moment to give a message to everybody, especially to the Europeans, that Islam is a religion of tolerance and justice and we can dialogue and communicate and live and coexist in peace with others," added the Saudi ambassador.

On her part, the vice president of the European Parliament, Isabelle Durant, who also visited the fair today told KUNA that, "I speak today as a Belgian and as an ecologist and I think it is a very important to have this opportunity to dialogue and discuss with the Muslim people. "Muslims here are citizens of Europe. We have to discuss and find the way of dialogue if we want to fight against populism and against all those who want to present the Muslims as extremists," she said.

"It is the first time that such a fair is being held in Brussels and I think this can help if citizens of Brussels visit this fair and have contacts with different groups," added Durant.

The League of Belgian Muslims has joined hands with a France-based investment company called Gedis, to organise the first Muslim fair in the Belgian capital.

The three-day expo is divided into two parts, a business side and a cultural side including a symposium and lectures.

Islamic preachers Sheikh Saad Al Braik from Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Issam Bashir of Sudan, and European Islamic thinker Tareq Ramadan addressed the symposium urging for tolerance and respect of religious beliefs and faith.

Karim Azzouzi, vice president of the League of Belgian Muslims, told KUNA that the Muslim populaiton in Belgium is between 500,000 to 600,000.

Belgium has a total population of about 10 million.

The fair was organised by the European Federation of Islamic Organisations, of which the Union of Islamic Organisations of France [UIOF] is a member. The current president of the UIOF, Ahmed Jaballah, was one of the invited guests.

He once said the following:
The UOIF is a two-stage rocket. The first stage is democratic; the second will put an Islamic society into orbit.

The Belgian politician Denis Ducarme criticised the invitations to Ahmed Jaballah and Sheikh Issam Al Bachir, claiming that they promoted suicide attacks.

Source: Observatoire de l'islamisation


Anonymous said...

What don't like is the exposure that Muhammad was an evil satanic man that they don't like, no one but a complete devil would follow a beast like Muhammad.

Anonymous said...

Muhammad SAW was born in a society where daughter were burried after birth, tribes used to fight wars for years that started out of trivial matters like moving one's horse before the other tribe's horse. Islam put an end to all such practises. Father of two daughters who does takes care of them and up brings them well will go to Paradise. Paradise lies below the feet of your mother. This was what woman was elevated to in Islam. Do not learn islam from govt. of Saudi Arabia. Learn it from the source. Jihad is not militancy, it allows a muslim state to have any army. Its means self defence. Islam was not spread through sword. Syria was one of the first country that came under muslim rule and still half of the populaton is still made up of Christians. Please study before you publish unless you are working for some anti-muslim organization.

Anonymous said...

I`m just thinking what is the reason these european politicians are lobbying for islam, when it has been stated many times that islam is against democracy. Oil? Money? Or just sheer stupidity? Islam has no room in Europe. I never thought that the next war would be a religious one, but it seems likely.

Anonymous said...

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