Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An unexpected cultural projection provoked the beginnings of a riot, yesterday, shortly after 10 pm, on the Pont-Neuf, in the centre of Toulouse. The video projection, on the ground, of Arabic calligraphy from the work of Mounir Fatmi, a well-known Moroccan artist, gave rise to a mini-scandal. A female passer-by, who stepped on the projected work, was attacked by an individual who saw it as an offence to his religion. He slapped her before other people joined in. In total, around 80 people were involved in the disorder on the bridge. The police intervened to re-establish order.

This is bizarre, and hilarious, because the "artistic work" had absolutely nothing to do with religion.

From a description of it elsewhere:
“Modern Times” envelops the viewer. In the middle of the room a sculptural ensemble forms a delicate yet menacing centrepiece. A series of circular band saws, displaying Arabic calligraphy, are suspended, reminiscent of a system of cogs or a gear mechanism. Images projected on the wall around the sculpture show architectural construction in the Middle East, creating an intense cinematic environment. The title of the piece “Modern Times” is inspired by Charlie Chaplin's celebrated 1936 film, in which Chaplin plays a lowly worker on a factory production line. The modernity of the factory's machines are visually characterised by a series of whirring cogs. Comic scenes show Chaplin being consumed by the machine; but these images suggest a darker side – the alienation of man in a modern industrialised society. The factory worker is swallowed up by the machine with which he can no longer keep up.

UPDATE: According to this France24 article, the Arabic calligraphy did show verses from the Koran and hadith. Following the incident, the artist asked for his work to be withdrawn, and this was done.


Anonymous said...

Do I detect the word "allah" in those Arab letters?

That must be it.

daithikent said...

wow I love the work, but I am biased for Chaplin and 'Modern Times' are fantastic. Fuck them, they do like to slap women dont they, the cunts

sheik yer'mami said...

They deliberately set out to provoke, to cause an incident in order to run amok.

What was the Koran verse the woman stepped on?

"Kill unbelievers wherever you find them..."

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It wasn't a Koran verse, as far as I know, just random text written in Arabic calligraphy.

Ayesha Zulfiqar said...

It's unique information. Otherwise, I like to make calligraphy art because it's my passion and profession.

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