Monday, 22 October 2012

The resistance has a name: Génération Identitaire
Since Saturday, media and politicians have been drawing very doubtful parallels and haven't stopped talking about a supposed "provocation" from Génération Identitaire.

At this stage, it seems useful to us to make clear that for us:
- The true provocation is to let more than 300,000 immigrants into France every year.
- The true provocation is the daily anti-white racism in our country.
- The true provocation is the Saudi money that is financing the construction of the mosque in Poitiers.
- The true provocation is the islamist imam of Poitiers and the tolerance of the state towards the UOIF [Muslim Brotherhood-linked umbrella organisation for Muslim associations in France].
- The true provocation is to accuse three young people of causing damage because three prayer carpets got damp.
- The true provocation is to support Pussy Riot in Russia and to curse Génération Identitaire in France.
- The true provocation is to call yourself a democrat and to want to dissolve a group of young people calling for a debate and a referendum.
- The true provocation is the forced-march islamisation of a country that saved Europe from the Arab-Muslim invasion 1280 years ago.
- The true provocation, ultimately, is to build a mosque in Poitiers, which ought to be a place of historical memory.

All of that – and many other things too – seem to us to be much more provocative and damaging to the sacrosanct vivre-ensemble than a hundred young people on the roof of a building that is still under construction.
Source: Génération Identitaire


Anonymous said...

you have to take instruction from successful groups who want to change policy and laws.........the moslams

get some French 'jeunes' to burn some cars

Anonymous said...

Amen brother, keep hitting those lefties with facts.

Nothing but respect for your actions, keep it up

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

Wonderful! Charles Martel lives!

Anonymous said...

As I said before

Génération Identitaire, was born because the elite never asked the French whether they wished to allow Muslims and Blacks into the country. And that is why the traitors are trying to deflect which could turn out to be a seismic event.

Its the same here in Britain. We have huge anti-racism programs in place, funded ofcourse by the tax payer. But this would never be necessary if the elites had asked the people of Britain if they wished to have millions of Muslims and Blacks in the country. Instead the entire MSM, with the paedophile BBC, is intent on calling Britain as what is that phrase, ah yes, "Institutionally racist"


King Lear said...


Exactly sir. Nationalists are the real defenders of democracy against an intellectually and morally bankrupt political elite.

Maria José said...

UK police have incarcerated EDL’s Tommy Robinson together with savage Muslims

Paul Weston, head of the British Freedom Party has been arrested outside Wormword Scrubs Prison for trying to visit Tommy Robinson to check on his welfare.

Anonymous said...

Just as in the old USSR, the British police can now arrest anyone for traveling from one British town to another, on the charge that they may commit a crime. Orwell, are you taking note?

Interestingly, the Russian police have given up that practice.

British police were once the most respected and trusted official body in Britain. Now they are reviled and feared. They do nothing to defend the helpless, but are adept at terrorising the innocent. They are now the uniformed thugs of government, that Tazer blind old men, or shoot a missionary to death. Then cover up cover up.


Red Rose said...

DP111 11:07 wrote:

"The cover up."

That is exactly what the spineless British police will do with the connivance of the government. Tommy Robinson has been put in a cell with a muhammedan, possibly more than one. When he has been beaten senseless - or worse - there will be a huge cover up. There will be no witnesses - hohum - and nice muhammedans would never resort to violence against one man - hohum! No one will be charged.

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