Monday, 15 October 2012

It is not just the current film about the life of Mohammed or the Mohammed cartoons from 2006 that create unhappiness among Muslims; even factual and academic criticisms is increasingly becoming the focus of rage. More and more, there are demands to restrict freedom of expression because of apparent insults to the prophet and Islam. This is also how it was in the recent case of the medical historian Prof. Dr. Armin Geus and his book "Die Krankheit des Propheten" [The Illness of the Prophet]. No less than Dr. Megren Al-Megren, director of the King Fahd Academy in Bonn had filed criminal complaints because of insults to religious feelings and incitement to hatred against peoples (§ 166 Criminal Law).

In his book "Die Krankheit des Propheten" Geus inquired into whether the supposed Islamic prophet Mohammed suffered from schizophrenia, which would explain many verses in the Koran. There were several favourable reviews (for example with hpd) and a jury of journalists in June 2011 picked the book for the non-fiction book list of the Süddeutschen Zeitung and NDR. Further, Geus has been familiar with the topic for many years. For example, in 2010 he published the booklet "Allahs Schöpfung oder die Evolution des Lebens" [Allah's Creation or the Evolution of Life], in which he criticises Islamic creationism. In 2008, Geus, together with Stefan Etzel published the collection "Gegen die feige Neutralität. Beiträge zur Islamkritik" [Against Cowardly Neutrality. Contributions Towards a Criticism of Islam].

As the Marburg state prosecutor has now communicated on 10 October 2012, the investigation proceedings were halted in accordance with §170, para. 2, rules of criminal procedure, because "no well-grounded suspicion that a criminal act has been committed still [exists]". Geus's defence had demanded a halt to the proceedings of this type from the very beginning and, as evidence, cited almost every reputable Islamic scholar in Europe and America. The defence saw the criminal proceedings as politically motivated, the Saudi ambassador to Germany, for example, being kept continuously informed about the process by the King Fahd Academy. There were also irregularities in the investigation on the part of the Bonn police.
Source: Citizen Times (by Felix Strüning) [my translation]

Some of those from the Counterjihad movement who are participating in the OSCE meeting in Warsaw are claiming this as a victory for their human rights activism. I've yet to see any evidence of this. It strikes me as extremely unlikely that the behaviour of the Marburg state prosecutor's office was altered in any way by the goings-on in Warsaw. An approximate correspondence in time is not sufficient to establish a connection. You might as well say that I caused the state prosecutor to drop the case by posting about it on my blog. Of course, that would be absurd too.

As I've noted before, Counterjihadists trying to resist Islamisation by affirming the the ideology of human rights are like people protesting against Communist oppression in the old East bloc by holding up pictures of Marx and Lenin and affirming the glory of "true" Socialism. Your oppressors have mindfucked you so badly that even when you think you are resisting them, you are only empowering them further.


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