Sunday, 28 October 2012

In Marseilles, sheep are hung up on the balconies of homes, waiting to be slaughtered by Muslims as they celebrate their bloody rites. Police try to stem the tide of barbarity, but are overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers.


In Alicante in Spain, police were called to an olive grove next to an industrial estate where 300 Muslims had gathered to slaughter around 30 sheep without authorisation. When they arrived, they found the carcases hung up on trees, decapitated and desanguinated, with the Muslims starting to cut off slices of their flesh.

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In Madrid, the cadavers of dead animals slaughtered in voodoo rituals are increasingly being found in the city's parks.

Headless chicken with bound feet, found in Madrid park

The Policía Nacional — which also confirms the increase in these practices— is clear about who the authors are: African and South American immigrants who are trying to frighten and terrorise their victims. “It is a common thing with the mafias, they use it as a form of extortion. Especially to threaten Senegalese, Nigerian or Brazilian prostitutes who believe in voodoo, santeria, magic and its possible influence on their families," say the police. In addition, the police explain that it is a warning to all of those who have debts with the pimps.

Tongue of a cow, sewn with voodoo pins, found in Madrid park 



Anne said...

Don't they have halal slaughterhouses? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Our civilization has come a long way establishing the society we have come to know as the West, with order and humanity we took for granted.

And now this...!

This is obviously very well orchestrated. There is no co-incidence that this is happening in the big cities like Madrid and Marseille. By performing in these cities the producers know the performance will have all the more impact on the audience

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