Thursday, 4 October 2012

This from a "Love the Prophet" event in Glasgow on Saturday.
SNP MSP Humza Yousaf and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joined Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, and speakers from the Islamic, Catholic, Sikh and Church of Scotland faiths, to pledge their support for a message of unity and condemnation of the film – as well as cartoons that disparage religion.

Dr Salah Beltagui of the Muslim Council of Scotland, which organised the rally, said it was a chance to demonstrate the depth of feeling about the perceived attack on Muslims by the film.

"It is giving fuel to those who hate Muslims for some reason, to go on and do some silly activities," he said. "We have had many attacks on mosques and things, especially after an event like this and a publication like this."
Source: Herald

Watch the top video above and you will hear Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, shockingly engage in the basest dhimmitude imaginable, talking about "the Great Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him".
"Glasgow City Council was the first council in the United Kingdom to condemn the war in Iraq. Glasgow City Council was the first council in the United Kingdom to ban the march by the neo-fascist English Defence League and I can announce that Glasgow City Council will be the first council in the UK at our next council meeting to bring forward a motion condemning the video which so insults the Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him. God Bless You All. God Bless Islam. And Let Glasgow Flourish."

Why is it that whose who seek to suppress other people's free speech always preface their demand with a statement about how much they support free speech? Somehow, it seems to give an extra, sadistic twist to the proceedings. It's as if muggers protested about how they weren't going to steal your money just before they hit you with the cosh and made off with your wallet, or serial killers promised not to hurt you just before they slipped the blade into your spine.

"Yes to freedom of expression, no to insults and hate."


missred said...

I love Scotland, I love the Scots I know, but as a whole they are political neanderthals.

Mort Atticus Amsel said...

Chara, do you have an e-mail address i can reach you at?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I already posted it in the last thread where you asked that.

Scottish Infidel said...

I was in Glasgow city centre on at monrning and wodered why there were cops on every street corner.

The SNP should have the word Socialist in their name

daithikent said...

really disgusting. Good luck to the call for Scottish independence. Leave them to their stinking values. One can only hope that come the day a free England will be exactly that; free, free from this shyte

Anonymous said...

One would think the protest was about protecting an endangered species.

Oh dear. I never though I would see the day when criticising a religion, Islam, would become illegal. So how did this come about? Islam is after all, a predatory beast in human society.

Let us look at other predatory beasts, such as lions, tigers, crocodiles etc, who were a menace to humans for epochs. But as humans became more intelligent and technologically advanced, they turned the tables on these predatory beasts. In the short space of a century, these predatory beasts became so few, that we had to declare them an endangered species, and ban their killing.

We went further, we made huge areas of territory into wildlife and conservation parks, where these beasts could live without being shot by farmers. To make the venture pay, safari parks charged an entrance fee.

What I see is that Muslims are asking the world, that Islam is designated an “endangered culture”. The trouble I have in granting that demand is that Muslims are forever shouting, that there are 1.2 bn Muslims in the world, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Still, it is satisfying to note that Islam feels that it is losing the war.


Anonymous said...

I live in this area, the world needs to know about this, those SNP muppets are as dangerous as any of the Nazi collaborator's in Europe back in the day. Glasgow is infiltrated by treasounous commies and Islamists.


One can not have it both ways,either there is freedom of speech or there is not,it can not be qualified."it is giving fuel to those who hate muslims for some reason"and what "reason" could that be,i wonder,brutalsavagery,murder,rape,bombing,beheading,insufferable arrogance,a dark sexual phobia where women are concerned,deeply offending the indigenous population with threats,intimidation and clear incitement to dispossess and murder them,ever increasing demands fo special privelige,and the right to ignore and trample our laws whenever they can benefit from doing so.

Anonymous said...

This is appalling - it makes my stomach turn to hear these dhimmis grovelling to the sky fairy.

Anonymous said...

God help us all

Anonymous said...

Scotland is in love with Islam and Socialism(all their votes are going to the SNP or the Labour)

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