Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In Cordoba, it's been interesting to find traces of Spain's long war against the Mohammedans commemorated in the street names and monuments of the city. One of the most striking tributes is to Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, known as El Gran Capitán or The Great Captain. There is a statue of him in Cordoba's main square (pictured)

and one of the main shopping streets in the city is named after him. More than that, though, his memory his preserved at the popular level in ways that seem surprising. You might see a pub or a cafe named after him. There are even products in the local supermarket that bear his name. (I've shown a photo of a cheese I bought and ate in his honour.)

Although he later achieved military distinction in other conflicts, it was in the final campaign to reduce the last Muslim stronghold of Granada that the Great Captain learned his trade. Because he spoke Berber, he was also one of the negotiators who accepted the final capitulation of the Muslims, resulting in the end of Muslim rule in Spain.


Lord Crusader said...

I am irish I can see what is happening to europe it is self desructing. Ireland did not leave muslims in and has a high birth rate we are fine.
France, germany and the rest of europe are in trouble. I give them 20 years then they will be the minority in their own country.
I myself am 14 years old, irish and proudly catholic how do you think my prospects look. I feel betrayed by europe's weak leaders. There is a french exchange student in my class I feel very sorry for him. Most people in Ireland are blind to these events.

Anonymous said...

The great Captain, for spaniards is the father of spanish Tercios or Infantry.
He started as captain of Isabella´s Royal Guard, he grew as commander of spanish forces and his last years as a teacher of Military Academy teaching spanish generals.

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