Thursday, 4 October 2012

Regular readers of the blog will recall a post I made about 7 weeks ago, speculating that jihadists might be involved in the wave of forest fires that was sweeping Europe. Today, Russian intelligence has confirmed it.
Al-Qaeda has been blamed for a recent series of forest fires across Europe, as the head of Russia's Federal Security Service claimed they were set by arsonists as part of the group's low-cost attack strategy.

"One should note that setting fires to forests in the countries of the European Union is a new tendency in al-Qaeda's strategy of a 'thousand cuts'," Alexander Bortnikov said, according to state news agency RIA Novosti, at a meeting of heads of security agencies.

"This method allows (al-Qaeda) to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses."

In linking al-Qaeda to the deadly wildfires, Mr Bortnikov pointed to calls to launch a "forest jihad" by various extremist websites which he said also publish detailed instructions about how and where to best carry out arson.

He said it was very difficult for special services to find and prosecute such arsonists.

Deadly fires have swept through forest land in EU countries such as Portugal and Spain over the past few months, killing scores of people and forcing thousands to evacuate.

In its continuing campaign against the West, al-Qaeda has vowed to "bleed the enemy to death" by resorting to inexpensive, low-scale attacks it refers to as a "strategy of a thousand cuts".
Source: Telegraph H/T: King Lear


Anonymous said...

If this turns out to be true, then there can be no doubt whatever that Islam and Muslims ahve to physically removed from the West.


alas said...

Wow, when I heard your idea a few months ago CZ that Muslims caused this I thought you were over-reacting but you were right, what the hell! I hope this gets press coverage.

John Sobieski said...

There is suspicion that Muslims are also setting fire in the US. No surprise to anyone who knows jihad is a machiavellian enterprise.

daithikent said...

All part of their war, we must seem like idiots to these dogs in not excepting in what they are all capable of doing. Well done for highlighting this earlier CZ

Anonymous said...

IS IT TIME TO KILL YET????????????

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