Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I've written a few times about Melilla and Ceuta, Spain's exclaves on the African continent, now a favoured option for the African savages rocket scientists who wish to parasitise European society offer their high-tech skills on Europe's labour markets, thus dynamising the European economy and paying for the pensions of Europe's elderly population. The fence separating Spanish territory from Morocco has been strengthened and improved repeatedly but there are still periodic attempts to jump it, sometimes en masse. This week has seen the largest organised assaults on it since 2005. Hundreds of Africans have streamed across; some have been rounded up; others are still at large. Usually they wait till night-time for these assaults. Now they are doing it in plain daylight.

Rocket scientist practising voodoo ritual

Source: El País H/T: Maria José


Anonymous said...

sub-human scum, things like this and this (from JihadWatch):


really make me depressed. what's the point of going on when it's clear we're being overrun, with the implicit approval, by savages, absolute craven savages.

to quote Beckett: "Nothing to be done."

Anonymous said...

oops, implicit approval of our so-called political "elites" that should have read ^

maybe complicit would have been more apropos.

Anonymous said...

from Jihad Watch


PanARMENIAN.Net - Brussels held local government elections October 14.
As Belgium-based Armenian Samvel Avanesyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, one of the central districts of Brussels Sint-Jans-Molenbeek had only Muslim candidates.
The photos of the election campaign posters he took showed the true situation.
“Either Jalal, or Husein, or Muhammad will win the elections. That’s the true image of Europe’s future,” he said.
Avanesyan pointed to the district administration head Philippe Moreau as the only Belgian candidate, who long ago converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim woman.

Anonymous said...

yes Europe is doomed

"....French mainstream is also guilty for what is happening to the Jews. Palestinian terrorists are daily called “militants” and Flotilla jihadists are turned into “humanitarians” by the intellectuals, while the tribunals easily pardon the Jew-killers, who are always labelled as “youths”. To quote Pierre-Andre Taguieff, they "dissolve the anti-Jewish acts in a rising tide of delinquency".

What happened to the assassins of Ilan Halimi, the young Jew kidnapped, tortured and executed by a gang of Muslims in 2006? Youssouf Fofana, the leader of the gang who burned Halimi, was defended in court by Emmanuel Ludot, the lawyer of Saddam Hussein, and Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, the wife of “Carlos the Jackal”, who masterminded some of the most horrible terrorist attacks in recent history against Jewish targets.

According to the two lawyers, Foufana and the others have been “victims of a me diatic system” and “scapeagoats” of a “lobby” - the Jewish one. Except for Foufana, the rest have been all condemned to very lenient sentences.

That was the green light for future massacres - like Toulouse.

France preaches the same Palestinian glorification of terrorism, which bears no resemblance to other forms of terror violence because it praises both the dismemberment of individual Jews and the total annihilation of the Jewish State.

In France, like in the Palestinian Arab areas, the act of murdering Jews is glorified as the very highest form of political engagement..............."


Maria José said...


Anonymous said...

“To quote Beckett: "Nothing to be done."
Wrong, ABSOLUTELY WRONG. There is much to be done. Support or join a pro-white organization and get to work stopping the genocide of your race!

“Yes Europe is doomed.”
Wrong again. No man (or nation) is doomed until they give up.

“Some of the most horrible terrorist attacks in recent history against Jewish targets.”
I could NOT care less about the Jews. They have been working to open the boarders of white countries for decades, THIS IS THEIR JUST DESSERTS!
Read Revolution From Above to understand your enemy. Buy several copies of Jack’s War and hand them out to everybody.

www. jackswar. com

Anonymous said...

Use your guns, they will get the message and not try again.

Red Rose said...

What an ugly mob of savage invaders! To think that they will soon start producing offspring at an alarming rate, as per the muzzie stategy, is a horrifying thought. Ugh.

Europeans - lock up your young daughters.

Red Rose said...

Oops - should be 'strategy'.

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