Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A couple of weeks ago, just before the Pope was due to visit Lebanon, the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), based in Qatar, called for him to issue an apology during his visit. This received some media coverage but, as far as I can see, the news reports only touched on the demand that he apologise for the speech he gave in Ratisbon in 2006. Left out of the mainstream reporting, though, was the fact that the "Muslim scholars" also demanded an apology for the Christian reconquest of Spain, or Reconquista as it is known.

While the [International] Union [of Muslim Scholars] is working to calm the rage of Muslims worldwide, [which was aroused] by non-Muslims insulting the honorable Messenger [i.e. the Prophet Muhammad], [so that they] confine themselves to peaceful protests and not attack any embassy or Christian site – it [also] calls on the pope to apologize to Muslims for his lecture [in 2006 in Regensburg, Germany],[2] his apostolic exhortation,[3] and the slaughters committed by the Crusaders [against Muslims] in Andalusia, just as he apologized to the Jews.
Source: Memri Via: Alerta Digital

What Memri translates here as Andalusia is in fact all of Spain. It would have been better rendered as "Al-Andalus".


Anonymous said...

They havnt asked us to apologise for the present Crusades? How come? We are invading Islamic countries and doing what we like [Afghanistan (to destabilise Pakistan), Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Syria]. We even install alQaeda or the MB if we like , and replace them as our fancy takes.

But of course they can't us to apologise for that, for that would mean they have to acknowledge that they are being defeated in battle and war.

Muslims are incultated by Islamic ideology and allah's assurance, that they will always be the victors, particularly in battle. The evidence before their eyes is to the contrary. It is too galling to stomach, and shakes their faith in allah. So they pretend that their riots and attacks on embassies is because of some obscure Youtube video.


Anonymous said...

German welfare state is funding Muslim polygamy.


Luke Montgomery said...

Hımmm. I wonder if they plan on apologizing for their 7th century invasion and 700-year occupation of Spain. Somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Then, we must demand apologies from muslims for their conquest of Constantinople, and other christian lands, the massacre and persecution of its christian inhabitants and the desecration of Hagia Sophia and other churches and temples.

We, non-muslims, don't owe anything to that fucking vermin. They owe us their lives.

Anonymous said...

Another Apologies are needed from Muslims for killing and persecuting Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other places which are going with PRESENT TENSE.

Anonymous said...

After 650 AD, the Muslims swept to the East and imposed their religion on all countries from Iran, through Palestine, across N.Africa and into most of Spain. After 700 years, Spain was able to have its Reconquista and finally, the Israelis have gathered all its Mizrahim from Arab lands expelled by the Arab League and, with high tech military, able to achieve its own Reconquista.The Muslims reject both Reconquistas and insist on taking both Spain and Israel back.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that many Arabs believe that they have a right to both Spain and Israel. The fact that they have one million new Arabs in Spain and many millions in and around Israel makes them confident that their day will come. Great Britain and most of Europe is in their sights as well, but who really cares?

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