Saturday, 13 October 2012

Recently I linked to stories describing the remarks made by French politician Jean Francois Copé about schoolchildren having their chocolate croissants taken from them by Muslim classmates during Ramadan.

“I can understand the exasperation of some of our compatriots when there are some neighbourhoods where a mother or father will come home from work in the evening to learn their son has had his pain au chocolate snatched out of his hand by thugs, telling him it is forbidden to eat during Ramadan,” he said.

This provoked hysterical denunciations of his "demagoguery" and "incitement to hatred". Muslims and leftists even began handing out chocolate pastries on the street to protest against his remarked and "islamophobia". This is film of one of these events. While the Muslims are giving an interview mocking the "islamophobes", along comes a besuited, middle-aged man. Seeing what's going on, he decides to articulate an alternative point of view, shouting praise of the "Front National" and "No to islamisation, Stop forced slamisation". He is then immediately assailed by a mob of Muslims and leftists in full view of the camera.

No whit deterred, he keeps shouting, "They're attacking me. The islamists are attacking me. Stop enforced islamisation!"

Source: Novopress


alas said...

Outrageous! I am outraged by this, my blood is boiling, that these communist sons of bitches would assault a man for peacefully expressing a different point of view. If they do this in broad day light, with a camera rolling, whilst trying to come across as peaceful for propaganda purposes, what must they do when not. Could someone tell me, who speaks French, what the presenter was saying before this, was he mocking the gentelman attacked on the streets, or something else?

Everybody, do what I do; work out, learn self-defence, the police will not help you. You must all learn to help yourselves. Be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Pourquoi notre gouvernement a laissé ces gens (les musulmans) dans notre pays? Ils (le gouvernement) n'a jamais demandé aux gens / les contribuables (nous) que nous avons ressenti au sujet de laisser les musulmans dans leur juste fait contre notre will.What ont-ils fait pour nos enfants et nos petits-enfants? Il n'est pas raciste pour protéger votre pays et ce sont les gens personnes.Le dire expulser.

farmland investment funds said...

This shows how bad it has truly become. Where are the people of the National Front to counter the leftists and the Islamists?

Attack on Iran said...

Well, no wonder French Jews feel under threat!

Anonymous said...

@Attack on Iran
Many of those "French Jews" are the enablers and facilitators of the White genocide unfolding in the West. Jews practically invented communism, libtard/Marxist Jews constanly push the multiculture then they complain when the planned destruction of the Christian West spirals out of their control and they too become the victims lol.

Anonymous said...

Le Petit Journal is a daily satirical

Walter Sieruk said...

That these thugs gang up agains a lone man only exposes what cowards ther really are.

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