Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In Lyon, Muslims have been spotted praying on a sports field belonging to the local football team. They have no permission to do this. The field is intended for sporting pursuits only. But part of the islamisation agenda is to dominate public space.

When queried by a reporter, one of the Muslims replied:
I think that when Allah has converted all the world, there won't be all these problems.
Source: Le Progrès


daithikent said...

You think there was not enough mosque's for their blasphemous prayers. The drive to dominate public space in Christian lands should not be tolerated. Confine them to theses mosques until the day the last one is demolished and off they pop back to the backwaters they feel so drawn to culturally

Lord Crusader said...

I am irish I can see what is happening to europe it is self desructing. Ireland did not leave muslims in and has a high birth rate we are fine.
France, germany and the rest of europe are in trouble. I give them 20 years then they will be the minority in their own country.
I myself am 14 years old and irish how do you think my prospects look i feel betrayed by europes weak leaders. There is a french exchange student in my class I feel very sorry for him. Most people in Ireland are blind to these events

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