Saturday, 6 October 2012
Two brothers who treated young white girls as “sexual commodities” to be bought and sold as they pleased were given long jail sentences yesterday by a judge who said they set out to “use and abuse” vulnerable children.

Ahdel and Mubarek Ali targeted, groomed and then pimped their victims to immigrant workers, who queued to have sex with under-age girls in the back rooms of restaurants and takeaway food outlets.

Troubled children seeking affection and excitement in Telford, Shropshire, were lured into a world of alcohol, cigarettes, car rides and cannabis. Each girl was treated with brute contempt.

After a seven-week trial, the brothers were found guilty of numerous offences against four girls aged from 13 to 17, including rape, sexual activity with a child, inciting and controlling child prostitution and trafficking children for sexual exploitation.

Judge Patrick Thomas, QC, passing sentence at Worcester Crown Court, said that they sought out “children already gravely damaged by their experience of life”.

“Any decent adult, finding himself with a hurt child, would protect and comfort that child. You chose to use and abuse them.”

The judge said they sold two of the girls to “friends or acquaintances of yours, for sexual purposes. I have no doubt that part of your motive went beyond profit . . . and involved sheer, gratuitous pleasure in the power you exercised over these unhappy girls.

“For you, it was fun; for them, it was degradation.”

The trial jury heard that one 16-year-old was taken to Indian restaurants and chip shops to be abused by up to four men at a time.

At one restaurant, she and a friend were told to climb through a back window because the men did not want to be seen with white girls. The Ali brothers, both married and of Pakistani heritage, described their victims as worthless “whores”, “slags” and “sluts”.

A younger girl, 13, thought she was in love with Ahdel Ali, 25. He was a fast-food delivery driver who raped her in a car the first time they had sex.

She had told Stafford Crown Court during the trial in the summer: “I was just lonely. I wanted that extra bit of loving, someone that cares about me, and Eddie [Ahdel Ali’s nickname] was like happiness for me. I was making a fool of myself because I was being used for sex.”

Deborah Gould, for the prosecution, said the Alis “variously sexually abused, raped, trafficked, prostituted or tried to prostitute” girls from 2008 to 2010. The parents of one girl grew so concerned about her behaviour that they pleaded in vain for help from her school, the police, social services and the NHS.

Her mother said that as their daughter grew increasingly “angry, unhappy and withdrawn”, her husband “went to all sorts of agencies trying to get help”.
They also gave the police a list of the names and numbers of men who regularly contacted their daughter by phone during the day and at night.

The Alis were not arrested until December 2009, some time after the girl’s parents first raised concerns with child welfare professionals.

Ahdel Ali was convicted of rape, 11 counts of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution and one count each of inciting child prostitution, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after sexual grooming. He was jailed for 18 years.

His brother, 29, was found guilty of four counts of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking a child within the UK for sexual exploitation and one of causing child prostitution. He received a 14-year sentence.

Each was made the subject of a lifelong sexual offences prevention order. They will also serve an extended period of eight years on licence after their release from prison.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

They should be executed, and then deported.

Anonymous said...

All these vicious racist rapes occurred when Labour was in power. The Labour government knew of these rapes, but chose to ignore them, and even forced the police and social services, not to take action.

These Racist Paedophile Rapes were only brought to light when the the Conservatives came to power. For that at least, I'm grateful to them.


Maria José said...

TERRORISTA MUSULMÁN MUERTO EN FRANCIA - 3 policías heridos en la operación anti-terrorista

Maria José said...

French police kill one in raid linked to Jewish market attack

Neighbours told Reuters that a couple had lived in the apartment with their two children for the past four to six months. The man was bearded and the woman wore the Muslim full-face veil, they said.

Anonymous said...

Abu Hamza due in US court following extraditionBBC News - ‎56 mins ago

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza and four other terror suspects are due to appear in court in the US later. The five men left the UK on two flights, hours after the High Court rejected their final appeals.

I hope they lock him up in a standard US prison for 50 years.


Anonymous said...

From the article linked by Maria

French President Francois Hollande is caught between trying to appear tough on crime while holding to campaign promises to help underprivileged immigrant communities where poverty and joblessness have bred alienation and, in some cases according to social workers and police, a turn to radicalism.

Muslims dont need any excuses to go on the Jihad. It us their way of going to allah's brothel in the sky, for Muslim men only.


alas said...

I bet if it were white people raping Muslim girls there would be thousands of Muslims organized and causing mayhem, where has the white sense of collective identity disappeared to? I can't think of much more emotive issues that should get people on the streets but it just ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!...the cultural enrichment and the muslim enrichers. We are seeing it now.

Anonymous said...

it disappeared with your secularization, the sense of community was killed by the atheists.

Atheism makes everything pointless, you can see it in peoples attitudes, they don't want to do anything because what's the point? Their existence is pointless if atheism is true.

The more atheism the worse society becomes.
It's also atheists that are letting in the savages in the first place. Atheists are traitors.

Anonymous said...


Religious retro viruses like islam thrive in atheistic/secular societies.
The natural defence is gone, the white blood cells (the Christians) has been almost wiped out, the Watchmen that is, so Islam steps in and does what viruses does.

Atheists have no natural defense against this.
True Christanity (not Catholicism, which is another Religious retro virus) was the only defence, when rejected the viruses took over.

Anonymous said...

The most telling part of this is that the parents of the child had zero support from WHITE establishment who've been at this for centuries. That is the disgrace and the root of the problem of child sexual abuse which needs addressing. Conversley, Oxford and Chertwell College has had numerous complaints from students regards harrassment and the white teachers are passing around child pornography and only one teacher (a muslim) has risked supporting the students and raising complaints. Where child abuse is concerned, we should be looking at the institutionalised abuse within our very own system. Labour or Conservative; they are Loyal British Israelites.

As for the French police shooting dead a suspect in the market attack; well, now we learn it's a 'Jewish' market, selling pork? I don't support shooting 'suspects' dead for allegedly raiding a market. One law for the Jews, one law for the rest.

Neither do I support rendition; wholly unlawful to do this to British natives (Babar Ahmad)and if anyone is niaive enough to think that this unlawful action won't rebound for all British, they're mistaken.

Whilst it is important to highlight the abuses whites' suffer by blacks, it is imperative that the root of the problems are addressed. This country is governed by illegal immigrants (AshkeNAZI Jews) and The Edict of Expulsion (1280 or thereabouts) has not been rescinded. They consider all races 'goyim' and their Blacks Legal Dictionary defines 'human' as Beast, so beware 'human rights'; we are all born with rights which cannot be given or taken away. However, the legal framework contrived by the Jews supplants Law with legislation; which can be.

Anonymous said...

Religion: anyone thinking that Anglicism or Mormonism or any other post 317 Christian sect is any better or different in terms of child abuse, are sadly misinformed. See Keven Annett's work. Islam is awful but the worst and root of all the others is of course The Talmud, Book of Law which advocates rape on children from age 3. Atheism is another Jewish religion of 'no religion' but worships Zionce (Science) the destroyer of all mankind and nature.

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