Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Is this the much-anticipated post-Breivik crackdown on Counterjihad movements, which never really seemed to materialise at the time, now happening with delayed effect?

Some indications:

The arrests of Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston

Police questioning of Pierre Sauterel, the man believed to be behind the Fdesouche.com website, which is the linchpin of the anti-Genocide, anti-Islam movement in France, as well as raids on the offices of its website host, putting the main website offline.

A police crackdown on the Pro Movement in Germany.

Arrests and calls for dissolution of Génération Identitaire.

It wouldn't surprise me if there had recently been an EU-level meeting of interior ministers or their representatives where a decision was made to launch a coordinated crackdown.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess democrats are "naive"

Anonymous said...

Western governments in Europe, right now France and Britain have a problem. They can intimidate, harass, beat up, or imprison groups such as the EDL and Génération Identitaire, and hope that they shut down, or do nothing. Action or inaction both carry problems for the authorities. It could lead to sympathy for the EDL and Génération Identitaire or worse.

Not doing anything to the EDL and Génération Identitaire also has disadvantages for the authorities.

The immeduate effect of governments harassing the EDL and Génération Identitaire is that they have chucked the ball into the EDL and Génération Identitaire camp. The respective governments are saying, !the ball is in your camp, are you prepared to play the game to our rules? If not we can get really tough". OTH, they must be aware that they can only get rough so far before the worm turns. Its a tough problem, if you were in government.

Paul Weston and Tommy Robinson, particularly Paul Weston, has the chance now to change the game ever so slightly in his favour. This may involve loss of his freedom for a period of time. But he must think carefully – British history is full of people who were incarcerated, and ended up being PM and invited to Bucks palace.

Paul, if you see this, think carefully. Pray to the Lord Almighty, as you need His help. Islam cannot be defeated by any secular means – this is already obvious.


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