Sunday, 7 October 2012
MORE than half of British households make no contribution to the state because the benefits they receive outweigh their tax payments.

According to a study by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, the Treasury has over the past 30 years become dependent on a smaller and smaller proportion of taxpayers, with only the wealthiest 20% paying significantly more to the state than they receive in benefits and public services.

In 2011, 53.4% of households received more in benefits and public services — such as health and education — than they paid in taxes. In 1979, the figure was 43.1%. It had grown only to 43.8% by 2001, and then accelerated as Labour’s public spending boom, financed largely by borrowing, gathered pace.

In the first decade of the century, the number of households dependent on the state grew by 3m, as a rise in benefits such as tax credits and spending on schools and hospitals took growing numbers of middle-income families into dependency on the state.

The think tank argues that tax payments are concentrated in the richest 20% of families, who pay £20,125 more than they receive and that this cannot be sustained. The authors also say it is not sustainable for the government to continue narrowing the nation’s tax base while public spending and debt soar to cover the gap.
Source: Sunday Times (£)

The most interesting part is the astonishing expansion of dependency during the 2000s. This, of course, was the period of Labour's open-doors immigration policy.


Anonymous said...

I choose to receive ESA and DLA because I disagree with how my tax money would be spent, so I boycott paying taxes. Fuck the immigrants who marry their 1st cousins and shit out huge litters of retarded children that need a whole medical team for their whole life.

If they got rid of the excess baggage, if they lowered taxes, then I would happily work. Right now, they can eat my good ol' cornhole.

Anonymous said...

I think the (bloated, wasteful) state is a burden on the people.
Paris Claims

alas said...

the state is our enemy at the moment, so the more dependent you are on it, the more it is likely to collapse, and so the better it is.

Anonymous said...

Please change the background colour, the grey-blue on black makes it a strain to read.

Your collection of reasons to send the muslims home in bodybags is great and much appreciated.

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