Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Potmos (not his real name), 33, is a systems network administrator. He is part of Athens’ anti-fascist movement.

Responding to calls made on online media and through Facebook, anti-fascists have so far organised three patrols on motorbikes, each one bigger than the next. Some people assume we are all anarchists, but in fact there are people from different political persuasions – I believe all of them, however, are on the left. But we have no specific agenda apart from combating violence against immigrants. Everyone can join. Many of the volunteers are children of immigrants. Each time we meet in Exharchia, a neighbourhood where many immigrants live and where Golden Dawn thugs carry out their “crackdowns”.

The first two times, things went well. I myself did not ride a motorbike, but many of my friends did, and I joined them at the meeting point in Exharchia to support them. The patrols were planned on nights when we had heard Golden Dawn members were planning crackdowns, but they were nowhere to be seen. Our goal, in fact, was to dissuade them from coming out. Neighbourhood residents I spoke to were quite happy to see somebody was on their side.

The third time, however – which was our biggest patrol, with about 100 people on motorbikes on September 30 – things didn’t go so well. As my friends on bikes told it to me, they arrived at the spot where Golden Dawn members had planned to meet and saw four or five thugs breaking the window of a store that apparently belonged to immigrants. Some of the anti-fascists got angry and attacked them, pushing them away with force. The police, which had followed the motorcade, at this point attacked the anti-fascists and arrested four of them. Everybody else drove back to the meeting point, but they were ambushed by more police. What happened then was brutal – the police pushed people off their bikes and beat them. One person was badly beaten and was hit by a flash grenade. In the end 15 people were arrested. [They were let out on bail Friday. The Minister of Public Order, in a statement, referred to them as "extremists" and claimed they were being "mentored" by opposition parties.]

They were charged with assault and disturbance of public order, which becomes a felony if you’re hiding your face - which was the case here, though not purposefully, as they were wearing motorcycle helmets! They were also charged with possessing weapons. And what were those “weapons”? The flags that were attached to their motorbikes! [Chrissa Petsimeri, a lawyer who represents several of those arrested, said that they were also accused of throwing stones at the police, a charge they deny.] During their five days in detention, several of them were beaten, shot with Tasers, and even burnt with cigarette butts by the police. [The lawyer, who took photos of these wounds, says she will be using them in court. She also added that the two women among the accused were called insulting and sexist names by the police officers, while the men, forced to strip naked, were allegedly hit on their genitals.]

Despite this setback, there are plans for more motorcycle patrols. We’re hoping to avoid any violence or clashes with the police next time. Until the police can do their jobs and protect everyone who lives here, these patrols will go on.
Source: France24


Cudoine said...

What is Greek for "collaborators?"

Anonymous said...

And never do you see them fight against immigrant crime versus the greek, Golden Dawn would not even exist in its present form if it wasnt for immigrants savagery.

Leftards then always gets stabbed in the back from muslims, leftards never learn from history, but then again these leftards dont even see their own guilt in the economic disaster that is greek and blame everything but their own greed.

That type of people always gets wiped out by its own retardation.

alas said...

The four or five thugs stealing from a shop they attacked, they were brown weren't they?

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing a left-Nationalist Group where Fight against golden dawn & Muslim/african Scum?!

Anonymous said...

O/T but deeply disturbing:


Prayer calls are being allowed in a municipality located in the south of Sweden...

Anonymous said...

So far the Greek government, and the police they command, are closing down the protests. I really feel sympathy for the people of Greece. Because of their venal politicians and Western merchant banks, their country has been destroyed. Now they are being forced to take the medicine.

But what the politicians do not realise is that the Greek people have the power to shut down the country. When that moment comes, the police will quickly change sides. They know that have to shop and live within the community.


Maria José said...

Paris police find explosives and guns in Islamist probe

PARIS (Reuters) - French authorities said on Wednesday they had rooted out an "extremely dangerous terror network" after uncovering weapons and bomb-making materials in their investigation of suspected radical Islamists detained at the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Somebody's paying these vile leftists.

Anonymous said...

Stupid leftists !! They leftists continue to destroy Greece. The opposition party of syriza and some other fringe extreme left groups have held many public protests with the Muslims. The pakis scream "Allah akbar" together with the stupid leftists. Greece is fucked up economically and demographically. Greece of 2012 is completely unrecognizable to the country that I was born and grew up in the late 80's -90's. Things started to get very bad after the Olympic games. Golden dawn seems to be the only solution. If it fails, Greece will be islamized in 20 years.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! This just makes me laugh!!!
I thought that by now, even the dumbest of all idiots had realized that, for Muslims, there are only "Believers" or "Non-Believers"... These leftists are spinning the rope that they will hang by...

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