Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Of course he doesn't specifically say "Muslim", preferring the more euphemistic term "foreign", although he does specify "Turkish and North African". Still, he deserves some credit for raising the issue. I've written a few times about the street rodeos that seem to routinely accompany Muslim weddings in France and other parts of Europe. Click on the tag "Muslim marriages" below to see some of the stories and videos.
A French MP criticised “noisy foreign weddings” on Monday, slamming outdoor “Turkish and north African” celebrations as a danger to traffic. Philippe Meunier advised those "who don't understand that, to return to the country of their ancestors".

An opposition MP from France’s UMP party said Monday that “noisy” weddings held by “Turkish and North African communities” were unwelcome in France, claiming they hinder traffic circulation.

“Here, we are in France!” MP for Rhône, Philippe Meunier, said in a statement released on Monday. “If these people don’t understand that, I advise them to return to the country of their ancestors to live according to their traditions that aren’t ours,” he added.

Meunier said an increasing number of wedding celebrations caused traffic problems on major roads in Rhône – a region in the southeast of France which borders Italy. “It is very dangerous for motorists and motorcyclists,” he said.

Meunier said he had been alerted to the reportedly disruptive celebrations by the police and local residents.
Source: France24


anonymous said...

mulims is muslins,nothing change in 2000 years.
It's not surprise for me.

chad bytheway said...

All the French Government need to do is make a permit for traditional Muslim weddings mandatory and expensive so to control and make money. Easy

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