Sunday, 21 October 2012
A day after French far-right extremists stormed a mosque in the town of Poitiers, anti-racism campaigners called on France's authorities on Sunday to take action against groups who "promote hatred" and "seek to divide" the country. By France3 / Katharyn GILLAM (video) Ben MCPARTLAND (text) Anti-racism organisations in France are demanding the government launch a swift crackdown against far-right groups, following the storming of a mosque in the west of the country. In strongly worded statements released on Sunday, two of France’s most high-profile racism watchdogs and a Muslim organisation asked the government to ban extremist groups, close their websites and prosecute individuals for inciting racial hatred. The call from the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between People (MRAP), SOS Racism and the Union of Muslims in France (RMF) comes a day after around 70 members of a youth far-right group known as Generation Identity occupied a newly built mosque in the town of Poitiers. The dawn raid was intended as a protest against what the far-right group regards as Islam's growing influence in France. “What they did was scandalous. They basically declared war against Muslims in France,” Bernadette Hetier, co-president of MRAP, told FRANCE 24. “These groups are dangerous because they promote hatred. We have asked the government to prevent them publishing their intolerable propaganda.” “The fundamental rights of all citizens must be respected but these extremists want the opposite. They are a real threat to cohesion because they want to divide France and Europe,” Hetier said, adding that such groups had "already been around for too long". Evoking Charles Martel The fanatics stormed the mosque at around 6am, climbed onto the roof and unfurled a banner daubed with the symbolic phrase “732 Generation Identity” – a reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers. The group have also made their views clear on their website, which bears the statement: “We do not want more immigration from outside Europe or new mosque construction on French soil”. France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls blasted Saturday's dawn raid, describing it as "hateful provocation". Four members of the group were arrested by police following the raid, while prosecutors in Poitiers said they were examining whether to press charges against the group for “holding an unauthorized protest and inciting racial hatred”.
Source: France24


Anonymous said...

"These groups are dangerous because they promote hatred. We have asked the government to prevent them publishing their intolerable propaganda.”

Wait a minute, is she talking about islam or these nationalist groups?

Anonymous said...

O/T but just look at how lovely and enriching this is!

i especially like the screeching harpy who shouts "allahu akbar" repeatedly; if god is so great you cunt, then why did he make you inferior to man, and why did he cause hell to be mainly populated by women?

ho ho ho!

Anonymous said...

Now, people interested in questions of IQ and its relation to cognitive and other life skills, know that Ms. Ciccone’s confirmed IQ is 140. That is in the 99.6 percentile for white Americans (Mean: 100, SD: 15). How is that possible?

What does Obama have to do for white and once-Christian Harvard PhDs and 140-IQs to get their first clue? Hand North Africa and much of the Levant to the Muslim Brotherhood? Shower 450 million dollars the U.S. does not have on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in addition to the usual $1.5 billion-a-year windfall? 45 million on the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? The usual $400 million annual pop on Libya, this time to affiliates of Al Qaeda? Bring to power in Mali (soon to be followed by Burkina Faso and Niger) Mohammedans so savage other Mohammedans consider them savage? Nourish Iran’s excellent nuke adventure to a triumphal denouement? Apologize for the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on Pakistani TV? Bow, vassal-style, to King Saud? Turn NASA into a Muslim aid charity? Greatly boost the prestige of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to better take Turkey back to pre-Atatürk (i.e. pre-1923) if not all the way back to the 7th century? Disable the Keystone Pipeline project that would reduce dependence on Muslim oil?

Been there, done that.

Hire a convicted terrorist and sworn enemy of the United States to write his personal memoir? Put a lunatic lesbian cabal in charge of the security of the United States? Put a subversive black nationalist in the top law enforcement position to better enforce U.S. laws with a clear, anti-white discriminatory intent?

Worth reading.


sheik yer'mami said...

"They live in a fantasy world" says a Frenchman who cluelessly babbles on about something he knows nothing about, while his country and the future of his children (if he has any) is being taken away from him.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

GI are white and real French. Real French blood flows through their veins. These newcomers are not French. They never will be French. It is the same scene playing out in all the Western lands - we are supposed to sit quietly and watch our countries being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

100 years ago Whites constituted 30% of the worlds population. Right now Whites constitute about 8% of the worlds population. If the current demographic trends are maintained by the end of this century Whites will constitute about 1% of the worlds population. What you are seeing is a kind of White genocide being played out in nearly all the previously White majority countries.
We must fight!

Anonymous said...

The "anti-racism" clowns seem to think they're still back in the 90s, when they could silence and shut down anyone who disagreed with them. They're in for some very rude awakenings.

We will win. And traitors will not be forgiven.

Anti Money Laundering said...

Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

as soon as whites are 8% of the population, they will stop feeding the others and their numbers will shrink to populations they themselves can support

non whIte populations are growing because WE are feeing them

and because they cannot feed, educate and employ their people...........



Anonymous said...

Seiyo, or whatever his name is, lost me the first time I read him with a gratuitously snarky comment about 'whites bemoaning their lost privelige.' He also seems to suffer from the British delusion that the use of unusual words and pointlessly convoluted grammatical structure makes your writing truer and more important. He's also apparently so terrified of ever being found in the wrong about anything that he appends so many qualifiers and escape-hatches to any actual assertions that, in combination with his general wooliness and strained grammar, his writing seems designed to conceal his message rather than reveal it. All in all he seems to have a juvenile, arrogant attitude that just rubs me the wrong way. If I see his name somewhere I skim over the text without reading it, and my blood pressure thanks me for it.

Anonymous said...

"Anti-racism", SOS racists...

Now a former leader of SOS racism, Harlem Désir, has been elected leader of the French PS, socialist party. What about his hands? Clean...? Nooo, not entirely.

What waycists & socialists are damn good at, is spending other people's money and telling everyone else to do as they say, not as they do.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate anyone, sorry to disappoint you. Hate is a vulgar and childish emotion which weakens its host and prevents clear and rational thinking. However, I will fight to the death to keep my enemies from my throat.

Anonymous said...

Our children and grandchildren will never be able to forgive us that "our" politicians were allowed to let them in to our countries to wage war on us from within.

Anonymous said...

soon there will be no Whites left for you to lecture with your "anti-racist" Orwell speak.
When the Whites have been genocided from France Morocco will still be 100% Moroccan, Algeria will be 100% Algerian, Ivory Coast 100% BLACK just like every other country black country in Africa - NO CHANGE IN ANY OF THESE THIRD WORLD DONOR POPULATION COUNTRIES. Likewise Pakistan will reamain 100% Pakistani. All of the countries the third world invaders are streaming out of are 100% White free - there are no Whites or very few Whites living in any of these countries. The Whites live in what used to be called the White countries - their numbers are shrinking fast!!
The real racists are those who have engineered the White genocide. go talk to them about what they are doing and see how far you get with the outreach/dialogue lol.
If you want hatespeech look no further than the koran and (an uncensored version of) the talmud LOLS

Anonymous said...

The Hadj Amor imam slanders the French for remembering Poitiers 732 and Charles Martell and keeping it as an important French and European symbol

- But who bragged about selling Poitiers 732 for all its symbolic worth in 2005(L'Express) when it came to collecting money for the symbolic mosque of "worship and peace, on the ruins of the battlefield of 732, the utmost symbol"?

- Yes. It was him. The same Boubaker El Hadj Amor.

"El-Hadj Amor a utilisé un argument choc: « J’ai fait valoir l’histoire de Poitiers. Un lieu de culte et de paix sur les ruines de la bataille de 732: tout un symbole"

Anonymous said...

The word "hate" is just another weapon they throw at you - *NEWSFLASH* do not accept the prefered language of the multiculturalists and leftists, do not allow our enemies to dictate to us how we should look at the world!!
If you accept their rules, their language - you have already lost!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why our noble, compassionate "anti-racists" are never interested in racism against whites? South African Boers are being murdered in their thousands, and their land is being expropriated. 800.000 Boers now live in refugee camps under conditions of near-starvation. Boers are no longer allowed even to work at most jobs because of racist labour laws that reserve jobs for blacks.

In many of the Boer killings, nothing is stolen – the only purpose of the attacks is to kill whites.

Amnesty International and other hypocritical "humanitarian" organizations ignore the oncoing White genocide in South Africa, because the perpetrators are black. Individuals in Europe who try to breach the topic are immediately marginalized as "far-right extremists" and ignored. Not because the genocide isn't happening, but because the so-called "anti-racist" groups operate under a political doctrine which holds that only Whites can be racist.

More proof that these "anti-racist" groups are simply hypocritical opportunists who are in it for the money.

Anonymous said...

Ah - the 'racism' card - an absolutely invaluable tool for jihadists and the useful idiots / quislings who support them.

Anonymous said...

antiracism = antiwhite, and so is diversity and multicuture

Anonymous said...

The entire MSM is now demanding that Génération Identitaire, is banned, imprisoned and more less guillotined.

So why the hysteria about a very small demonstration on the roof of an uncompleted mosque?

The elite, political and media know that they have created an existential problem for France by allowing tens of millions of Muslims and Blacks into France. THEY DID SO WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE TO THE WISHES OF THE FRENCH.

Génération Identitaire, was born because the elite never asked the French whether they wished to allow Muslims and Blacks into the country. And that is why the traitors are trying to deflect which could turn out to be a seismic event.

Its the same here in Britain. We have huge anti-racism programs in place, funded ofcourse by the tax payer. But this would never be necessary if the elites had asked the people of Britain if they wished to have millions of Muslims and Blacks in the country. Instead the entire MSM, with the paedophile BBC, is intent on calling Britain as what is that phrase, ah yes, "Institutionally racist"


Suahili said...

Bernadette Hetier - why is she still around?

Anonymous said...


What it all boils down to, is a way of controlling the Western world, so as to better work on the islamization of it.

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