Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Three practitioners of tae-kwon-do, boarders at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (Insep), are among seven people being questioned this week in relation to a vast affair involving the pimping of minors in the Rhône-Alpes region, according to the police.

Those involved are Amine Manai, European under-21 champion in 2010 and French champion below 68 kg, who was jailed, his brother Adam Manai, 3rd in the European Junior Championship in 2009, and Moussa Cissé, vice-champion of Europe below 58 kg, it has been learned from a source close to the investigation.

The suspects are accused of having forced into work young girls, aged from 14 to 17, and placed them in a hostel in Saint-Egrève (Isère), near Grenoble.

The incidents took place mainly in Isère, Savoie and in Haute-Savoie.

The investigation focuses, to various degrees, on young men, for the most part adults, who recruited young underage girls, vulnerable and generally runaways. They made them work for their benefit in hotel rooms under the surveillance of "protectors" while doing publicity via internet advertisements. Some of the young victims were also encouraged to recruit other girls.
Source: Le Dauphine

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Anonymous said...


Yet again we see that immigrant Muslims are trafficking in young white girls. They already traffic in drugs, guns, terrorism and Islam.

Anonymous said...

UK: Britain sinking under weight of welfare costs – While Unproductive Muslims cost a staggering £18+ billion a year!

October 9, 2012 · by admin · in Muslim Benefit Fraud, Muslims in Europe, Muslims in the UK, UK Muslim Demograhics, UK Statistics

According to (modest) numerical calculations based on government statistics from wikileaks and media reports (see ‘read more’ section), the British government spend a minimum £18 billion a year from tax revenues on unproductive Muslim immigrants. While the government is trying to create £12 billion in annual cuts from benefit payments by targeting the handicapped, elderly and poor amongst it’s own citizens, they have ignored to reject from the country a group that is highly overrepresented above anyone else in welfare exploitation.

Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed - rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004. Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability (2001 figures). Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures). As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (the worse crimes) is now 35-39% Muslim.

Although the statistics do not make it fully clear how many actually collect benefits, a rough estimate can be made. Money-wise it means that out of 5 million Muslims living in Britain (2012 demographics), 4.25 million Muslims, or 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week, at least £ 284,750,000 per week (£1.1 billion per month) is spent from taxpayer money to feed and care for Muslims who don’t contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues – except making more Muslims.

And that calculation doesn’t even include housing benefits, childcare support, medical care and other coverage utilized by the population. We can estimate that with housing, child subsidies and healthcare, Muslims cost the British government at least £1.5 billion a month, or £ 18 billion a year.

The Muslim population double every 7-years in Britain. By 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but a collapse. 32 percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified, 54 percent wanted a Muslim Party to represent their world view in Parliament, and 40 percent of young Muslims in the UK want the country to be governed under Sharia law (2004 report).
Paris Claims


I think muslims sexual crimes will be found to be the case in all european countries,they do not come to integrate ,they come to dominate and conquer,bleeding our welfare provisions dry,to hasten our fall,eventually we will have to fight them for we have no-where to go ,and they will not stop because it is written in a book,while we pay them for raising an army against us,which will be used in conjunction whith the other muslim armies in every country of europe to overwhelm us totally.

Anonymous said...

And which is the group most responsible for opening the floodgates?
The talmud calls for "the Christian birthrate to be diminished materially" zohar (11.64b)
Eventually the few remaining Whites will wake up, and when they do their hearts will be hard and unyielding.

Sajjad Ahmad said...

It is big propaganda against the Muslims. France Prime Minister make stick rolls against Muslims.

Anonymous said...

time to start killing their kids and women,no women no muslims,start burning mosques,our worst enemy is our own gov;t,who refuses to acknowledge there is a big problem.they got to go bottom line.

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