Sunday, 21 October 2012

This in the Rhône region, on the route to Marseilles.
The vehicles occupied three traffic lanes at the Feyzin entrance and drove slowly, all the while brandishing Algerian flags and filming the cortège seated on the vehicle doors. "It's the same thing every Saturday", said a representative of the motorway police.
Source: Le Progrès


Anonymous said...

The only people the Europeans act against are the JEws

Europeans are terrified of moslams, and cringe before them

"........Exactly how popular is the Israeli brand of human right violations? One of the Big Five, Human Rights Watch, devotes three times more resources to Israel than to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority, and six times more resources than to Syria and Libya. Amnesty International has produced 255 reports per million Israeli people compared to 60 reports on Syria, 23 on Iraq and Iran, and a mere 9 on Saudi Arabia. In a year when the Syrian regime slaughtered 260,000 of its own people, Oxfam International released a trifling three statements and petitions condemning Syria. At the same time, Oxfam condemned Israel, more stable and prosperous by far than most U.N. members, nine times.

What is it about Israeli violations that NGO bodies like so much? In part, the answer to that involves another question. What is it about violations in Muslim countries that NGOs have an aversion to? After all, that is where people are beheaded; where choosing the wrong religion is a death sentence; where women are beaten, raped, and enslaved; where gays are strung up on lamp poles. NGOs keep away from that violation-rich environment and favor Israel for some very good reasons.

Among them, risk to life and limb would be paramount. The last thing autocratic rulers want is to have foreigners -- infidels -- poking and prodding around for human rights abuse. Israel, on the other hand, allows operatives to poke, prod, and pry to their hearts' content. Israel is an NGO paradise; the Muslim world an NGO hell.

Then there is the risk-reward trade-off. Who would put up money for an NGO to dig up abuse in Gaza, or Iran? Name a European government or another George Soros who coughs up for a commodity in such abundant supply. But Israel, the stand-alone democracy in the region, dangles a low-risk-for-high-reward carrot. And who could resist? The New Israel Fund gave $200 million to 800 NGOs operating in tiny Israel and the West Bank.

NGOs are driven by a particular business model. They have a vested interest in human right abuses, real or not. Israeli misdeeds are their stock-in-trade, assets that convert to cash. And poor Palestinians on the ground can be allured by handouts in return for valuable "testimony."

Then there is downright honest-to-goodness hatred. If there is so much anguish for Palestinian well-being, why have NGO bodies neglected even atrocities outside of Israel?

At this very time, Palestinian rights are being violated across the Arab world. Lebanon deprives 400,000 Palestinians of basic human rights, including property rights, employment, and free movement. There were no reports or condemnatory statements when Arab rulers slaughtered Palestinians on a grand scale. King Hussein of Jordan killed more in a single month than Israel killed in decades. Yet no NGO held that against the king, who continued to be regarded as a man of peace.

The answer is plain. The Palestinians act as a lightning rod against Israel, where the Jews live. For millennia Jews have been demonized for one thing or another. Yesterday it was for the bubonic plague. Today it's for crimes against the Palestinian people."

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Anonymous said...

Chechen wedding blocks traffic in Oslo

Fight over who was rightfully number two in the cortege blocked the traffic in Oslo on the first weekend of October. In the Vålerengen Tunnel, the Chechens stopped and went out of the cars to discuss the matter.

A few minutes later the cortege had stopped before the Ekeberg Tunnel with a limousine first in line. The drivers say this is a "cultural tradition", reports the police.

- In our culture, it is very important to be the second in line, explains Saslan to Aftenposten, on

Two of the big Audis collided. Police quickly revealed that some of the cars had not paid the annual car tax, and the numberplate was taken off.

Later on, one of the cars had a breakdown, and the driver went out with a carpet on which he lay down to "pray". "Not sure if this will help", reads police log.

Anonymous said...

The Jews love to whinge. They cop a bit of flack because of the way they treat with the palymoosis, its a small price to pay for the vice like grip jews have over the western media and hollywood. and let us not forget a great many of the leftist/libtard/commies who slag israel are themselves jews! They are putting on a little pantomime to keep us distracted from noticing how we in the West are controlled by them. Why heck they are the main drivers of the muslim invasion of the White countries lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh God you stupid fucking idiot. That's the problem with anti-Islamist sites. Most commentors are intelligent and informed and truly concerned with saving their culture and country. But sooner or later some Nazi retard always lifts his misshapen head to tell us that the real problem is The Jooooos, who secretely control the world! Please do intelligent, rational people a favor and fuck off back to the swamp of incest, syphilis, and fetal alcohol syndrome that you crawled out of. And when you get there, do the white gene pool a real favor and kill yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I think that motorists should get in the habit of keeping a few bottles of petrol with cloth wicks in their car. Then, if they encounter any of this Muslim marriage parade nonsense on the public highways, they can simply turn the first few cars in the procession into a roaring fireball. I have the feeling that Muslim drivers would immediately become much more courteous.

Anonymous said...

What else can you expect from savages?

Even if they are not savages, they are doing what comes naturally to Muslims in Christian countries - destroy the Kuffars home.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 01.59
The anon you slagged off does actually have a point/ Listen to Barbara Learner Spectre on youtube. She believes it is some kind of a Jewish mission to flood white countriws with 3rd worlders. Alan Shatter ( the name IS real) is flooding Ireland with third worlders. many of the multiculturists are, in fact, Jews. I cannot fathom it out, but facts are facts
Paris Claims.
P.S. At the same time Israel is busy booting out as many third worlders as possible.

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