Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Zyed and Bouna were the two criminals electrocuted in an electrical substation while trying to escape from the police. This is the incident that triggered the riots, here referred to as "the revolts".


Anonymous said...

On October 732 Charles Martell defeated the invading Jihadi Muslims, thus ensuring the birth and survival of Western civilisation.

The Battle of Tours decided the fate of not just Europe but the world as a whole.

If the Arabs had won, there would be no Western civilisation. There would be scientific and industrial civilisation. We would be still in the age of ignorance. There would be no TV, radio, computers, cars, aeroplanes, all the benefits of medicine. Then there would be none of our huge heritage of literature. The only book we would have is possibly the koran. No music, no art, except endless repetitive patterns of calligraphy - insanity.

The Arab world gave us nothing, except returned some of the unread Greek manuscripts. The Muslim world gave us nothing except war, murder, piracy, brought slavery back to Europe, and gave us the Crusades.


Génération Identitaire reminds us to what and whom we owe our comfortable present. They bring up the treason that the present elite have committed. They, the ruling elite, have trashed their and our heritage, spat on the heroism and sacrifice of Charles Martell and his men, and are now persecuting, using the police, those who wish to preserve our heritage for future generations. Ditto in Britain.


Maria José said...

'MÁXIMA ALERTA' al avistarse más de mil subsaharianos en las cercanías a Melilla


Melilla instala tiendas de campaña para poder atender las llegadas de inmigrantes ilegales


Anonymous said...

By arranging such a concert, they are contributing to the ongoing falsifying of history. Glorifying the totalitarian ideology.

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