Monday, 1 October 2012

This is a translation of an email sent to the website Christianophobie by an eye-witness to the events.

Yesterday evening, 29 September, the church Élisabeth de la Trinité in Dijon had stones and chestnuts thrown at its patio and windows by "jeunes" (from 8 to 12 years old). The scheduled 6 o' clock mass was disturbed by the intrusion into the patio of these "jeunes" who were clearly of North African origin. Father Jérôme Richon, the parish priest, had to interrupt the Mass to send two people to make the attacks stop. At the moment of Communion the attacks resumed harder than ever and, after a stone smashed violently against a large window (fortunately solid), I moved on my own initiative to drive the gang of kids away. I remained a few minutes at the church doorway, and that's how I was able to identify the little local "rabble", who insulted me copiously from a distance. This church was built in the district Fontaine d’Ouche, “renowned” for its foreign communitarianism. Where the church is located, it is far away from any possible surveillance by locals. I hope I won't one day have to inform you that the church Élisabeth de la Trinité has been desecrated or burnt. According to what he said, Father Richon was going to report the facts to the police.


Anonymous said...


We have a serious problem. The solution to the problem is a very draconian one. It requires that we arrive at such a point, when it becomes not only politically acceptable, but a requirement for the safety of all, that Muslims are kindly requested to leave Europe and the West.

Muslims it seems do not realise, that the policy of appeasement to their acts of terrorism, violence, sexual predation of young, and girls, and general creation of mayhem, is leading to that end.

Appeasement has always been a "bad" word in the West. But for democracies of England and America, it is a first step on the road to the creation of a new world order.

Anonymous said...

Helmets to the church goers for Sunday mass!

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