Monday, 8 October 2012
Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line is a project of the Council of
Europe’s youth sector to be run between 2012 and 2014. The project aims to combat
racism and discrimination in their online expression of hate speech by equipping young
people and youth organisations with the competences necessary to recognise and act
against such human rights violations. The project stands for equality in dignity, human rights and diversity. It is a project against hate speech, racism and discrimination in their online expression. Centred on a training course and online campaigning, the project stands for action and intervention.

The training course for young bloggers and online activists will run from May to
December 2012 comprising a residential seminar to take place in European Youth Centre
Budapest, 20-27 May 2012 and online learning delivered through the e-learning platform
of the Youth Department ( and through project

Participants are expected to develop their own online initiatives against hate
speech within the framework of the course and of the campaign. These initiatives will be supported through coaching and collective online actions by the team of trainers and the group of participants. This training course will gather 30 young bloggers and online activists from Europe and neighbouring regions.

Objectives of the training course:
- To develop competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of participants in
respect to Human Rights and Human Rights Protection, particularly in online
- To enable participants to recognize Human Rights violations in online
environments, particularly acts of discrimination and racism, types and forms of
hate speech and their effects on young people;
- To share and learn from their experiences and realities of working on the topics of
the training course;
- To familiarize the participants with the work of the Council of Europe on
antiracism, anti-discrimination and Internet governance;
- To build capacities of participants to empower and mobilize others to defend
human rights;
- To discuss and plan together the next steps in the project and provide support to
participants’ initiatives;
- To set up a network of youth activists and youth organisations aiming to be the
core of the campaign against hate speech online.

The text doesn't say what form this "combating" of hate speech will take. I think it's safe to assume that it won't simply be confined to the expression of contrary points of view. It will involve some form of suppression. Young leftist agitators are being trained using taxpayer money to eliminate the expression of dissident political opinions online. Almost certainly, their training will teach them how to file complaints, whether to the police or internet companies, and have the offending "hate speech" removed.

This would be bad enough. Even more sinister, though, is the list of participants. Islamic organisations are massively overrepresented. And some of these "young people" are from Islam-dominated countries in the Middle East.

Here are some extracts from the list of participants:
Enida Bogdani PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania
Martin Fischer JEF Europe
Anna Magnand Muslim Jewish Conference
Ilkin Huseynov Azerbaijan Tafakkur (Thinking) Youth Association (ATYA)
Aaron Nyanama Federation of Liberia Associations in
Europe Youth Desk
Alena Lakova Center of Intercultural Dialogue and Integration
Chris Bay Socialistisk UngdomsFront
Amr Magdi

Teghabeng Zuzeeko Civitas
Joanna Tsoni YsMedia
Dorottya Karsay Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
Ian McGahon Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
Memli Fejza Independent News Agency 'KosovaPress'
Marian Radu Publika
Matthias Krainz Anne Frank House
Inne Lea Amnesty International
Louiza Louhibi
David Pinto rede ex aequo
Cristian Ghinghes 'Divanul AdBlog' Association
Maxim Efimov Karelian Regional Branch of Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)
Ana Jovanovic Women's space (Ženski prostor)
Nada Micic Youth of JAZAS
Sweden Anna Adeniji Uppsala Anti-Discrimination Office (DU)
Ahmet Ozcan ARI Movement
Melisa Akan Hrant Dink Foundation
Ukraine Inna Kholondovych No Borders
United Kingdom
Farah Jassat Federation of Student Islamic Societies
Nick Micinski Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum
Yemen Ala'a Jarban Support Yemen

An Egyptian working for the website of Al Jazeera is being trained by the Council of Europe using taxpayer funds to suppress European free speech! You couldn't make this up! As you can see from the list, most of the participants are either Muslims or are extremist leftists from pro-immigrant groups. Yemen!

Via: ZDnet


Anonymous said...

everyone who reads this take heed:

download Tor, either the Tor Browser Bundle or if you're tech savvy the Vidalia bundle
post lots of "hate speech" and incitement using Tor

they can't shut us all up so let's show these dumb governments who's the boss.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, most leftards and Muslims are too lazy and incompetent to spend all of their time posting their "arguments" online.

Remember last year when the Norwegian leftists tried to encourage teen-agers and college students to show up at counterjihad sites to argue against "hate"? A couple of them showed up at Gates of Vienna and their "arguments" were so retarded that they soon left with their tails between their legs.

Maria José said...

Painting on wall of Modern Warfare 2 toilet upsets Muslims

Activision's developers have aggravated the Muslim community by hanging a painting above a toilet in Modern Warfare 2.

Anonymous said...

When does Brievik get out of jail?

Anonymous said...

Well the savages are the only ones on the side of the EU.
EU is all alone, a bunch of leftards supported by savages and that small click of leftards.

We are seeing the death of the EU taking place here and now. Die already you old whore.

Anonymous said...

Oh and this crap has been going along for a long time already, leftard trolls are all over the place, they are getting pummeled by basically all other sides in the debates.

Then they resort to scream "Racism" and "Hate speech".

Kinda like the way muslimtards always scream bloody murder when their false prophet is exposed as the devil he was by using their own sources.

It's Idiocracy ( ) in real life.

Anonymous said...

That one "from" Sweden: Anna Adeniji

is also a third world savage.
And from the looks of it most others are socialists/communist orgs.

So it's the Marx-Muhammad alliance, which thus far always ends up with the muslims murdering the retarded socialists. Iran being a prime example.

Anonymous said...

That one "from" Norway:
Louiza Louhibi

looks very North African/Middle Eastern and the last name tells it is.

Will said...

Hmmmm......Belgium:"Aaron Nyanama Federation of Liberia Associations in
Europe Youth Desk"
His twitter account says as location: Pennsylvania, Morrisville .

Talk about Representing Belgium?

the whole thing is a scam

Hermes said...

Let them create whatever stupid project of this kind they want. They will not succeed anyway. It is like creating a project in order to keep a damm which is already full of cracks. Let them openly show how stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

Teghabeng Zuzeeko really sounds like a finnish guy doesn't it? :D

Van Grungy said...

If you want to have some fun, come to

Lots of muslim internet defense force muzzwipes there that are training to bring islamic propaganda to other parts of the internet.

seriously, check it out.

No, it's not like /b/.. you won't see CP on /pol/ so don't worry.. though it is NSFW

Heime said...

existence of white people upsets muslims

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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