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Of course he doesn't specifically say "Muslim", preferring the more euphemistic term "foreign", although he does specify "Turkish and North African". Still, he deserves some credit for raising the issue. I've written a few times about the street rodeos that seem to routinely accompany Muslim weddings in France and other parts of Europe. Click on the tag "Muslim marriages" below to see some of the stories and videos.
A French MP criticised “noisy foreign weddings” on Monday, slamming outdoor “Turkish and north African” celebrations as a danger to traffic. Philippe Meunier advised those "who don't understand that, to return to the country of their ancestors".

An opposition MP from France’s UMP party said Monday that “noisy” weddings held by “Turkish and North African communities” were unwelcome in France, claiming they hinder traffic circulation.

“Here, we are in France!” MP for Rhône, Philippe Meunier, said in a statement released on Monday. “If these people don’t understand that, I advise them to return to the country of their ancestors to live according to their traditions that aren’t ours,” he added.

Meunier said an increasing number of wedding celebrations caused traffic problems on major roads in Rhône – a region in the southeast of France which borders Italy. “It is very dangerous for motorists and motorcyclists,” he said.

Meunier said he had been alerted to the reportedly disruptive celebrations by the police and local residents.
Source: France24

In Cordoba, it's been interesting to find traces of Spain's long war against the Mohammedans commemorated in the street names and monuments of the city. One of the most striking tributes is to Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, known as El Gran Capitán or The Great Captain. There is a statue of him in Cordoba's main square (pictured)

and one of the main shopping streets in the city is named after him. More than that, though, his memory his preserved at the popular level in ways that seem surprising. You might see a pub or a cafe named after him. There are even products in the local supermarket that bear his name. (I've shown a photo of a cheese I bought and ate in his honour.)

Although he later achieved military distinction in other conflicts, it was in the final campaign to reduce the last Muslim stronghold of Granada that the Great Captain learned his trade. Because he spoke Berber, he was also one of the negotiators who accepted the final capitulation of the Muslims, resulting in the end of Muslim rule in Spain.

In Lyon, Muslims have been spotted praying on a sports field belonging to the local football team. They have no permission to do this. The field is intended for sporting pursuits only. But part of the islamisation agenda is to dominate public space.

When queried by a reporter, one of the Muslims replied:
I think that when Allah has converted all the world, there won't be all these problems.
Source: Le Progrès

Israelis protest about illegal African immigrants por euronews-en
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The Muslim swarm was encouraged by the Moroccan senator Yahya Yahya. Moroccan security forces made no move to intervene.

The Muslims claim Melilla is part of Morocco and demand that Spain "give it back". In other words, they discuss the issue as if it was a legacy of 19th century colonialism. But Spain has owned Melilla continuously since 1497, in other words 5 years after Columbus set out to "discover" America and the Muslims were finally expelled from the Iberian peninsula with the conquest of Granada. Regardless of the legality of the territorial claims, however, Spain's African exclaves, in Ceuta and Melilla, are being demographically conquered by Muslims from within through a combination of higher birthrates and immigration, both legal and illegal.

Source: Alerta Digital

I've written a few times about the curious calendar rhythms of Muslim violence, peaking each year at certain times, for example at Christmas, New Year, Easter, and, most obviously, Ramadan. It seems the Muslim blood festival, Eid-ul-Adha, now has to be added to the list.
Several groups of “jeunes” disrupted the operation of the Jaude cinema on Friday afternoon in the centre of Clermont-Ferrand. They even caused the closure of the establishment for the evening following attacks on the employees.
Between 4.30 pm and 6 pm, the cinema management was forced to intervene in four of the seven screens in the complex. “Adolescents of 13 to 14 years of age were behaving badly. They were speaking loudly, using their phones, even spitting on members of the audience”, says one of the cinema managers.

A showing of the film “Taken 2” even had to be cancelled and reimbursed “after these ‘jeunes’ were stirred up”. The police were warned and turned up on site. Despite that, the pressure continued to mount. There were several groups of ‘jeunes’, who didn’t necessarily know one another. “Among those we had to order out of the theatres and those to whom we denied entry, there was a small gathering in front of the cinema doors.”

Around 6 pm, one of the managers went out, “I wanted to ask them to calm down”. As far as calm is concerned, “he was insulted, threatened, thrown to the ground and kicked many times. He was injured on the face and body. A second employee who came to help him was hurt on the knee and wrist. One of the doors was also broken,” said a member of the management team who took the decision to close the doors around 7.30 pm after having cancelled the 7 pm showing of James Bond. The economic loss was significant: “We were expecting between 1000 and 1500 viewers”.

The management of the Jaude cinema denounces what it called identical problems “occurring repeatedly for several years now during the two days of Eid, a festival that should be oriented towards prayer, solidarity and joy”. The management of the Jaude cinema deny that they are making inappropriate generalisations: “Don’t misunderstand, we are not speaking about a Muslim problem but the lack of ability in our society to manage this malaise in the urban estates which is overflowing more and more from the suburbs.”
Source: La Montagne
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Because of the slaughterfest.

Interestingly, this occurred in a rural area where there are very Muslims and no demand for a mosque permit or the like. The same thing has been going on throughout the region.


In Marseilles, sheep are hung up on the balconies of homes, waiting to be slaughtered by Muslims as they celebrate their bloody rites. Police try to stem the tide of barbarity, but are overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers.


In Alicante in Spain, police were called to an olive grove next to an industrial estate where 300 Muslims had gathered to slaughter around 30 sheep without authorisation. When they arrived, they found the carcases hung up on trees, decapitated and desanguinated, with the Muslims starting to cut off slices of their flesh.

Source Source

In Madrid, the cadavers of dead animals slaughtered in voodoo rituals are increasingly being found in the city's parks.

Headless chicken with bound feet, found in Madrid park

The Policía Nacional — which also confirms the increase in these practices— is clear about who the authors are: African and South American immigrants who are trying to frighten and terrorise their victims. “It is a common thing with the mafias, they use it as a form of extortion. Especially to threaten Senegalese, Nigerian or Brazilian prostitutes who believe in voodoo, santeria, magic and its possible influence on their families," say the police. In addition, the police explain that it is a warning to all of those who have debts with the pimps.

Tongue of a cow, sewn with voodoo pins, found in Madrid park 


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This is Guardian propaganda with lots of commentary from Communists. Still, it conveys some information that is worth knowing.

The video is in French but even if you don't understand it, the images tell a story. Because of the Muslim bloodfest, many Belgian schools are virtually depopulated. In the pictures you see, even with the Muslim pupils gone, how few of the children are of European origin. It shows how far the European Genocide has progressed. Some of the non-Muslim pupils who do turn up are just being sent home because there's no point holding the class with so few people attending. There's talk of re-orienting the school calendar around Muslim religious festivals instead of Christian ones, as is currently the case.

Friday, 26 October 2012

As Muslims prepare to take twisted pleasure in the brutal slaughter of innocent animals, a spate of sheep thefts has been reported across Europe.

From Cornwall in Britain:
POLICE are warning livestock owners to be on their guard against sheep rustlers after 20 animals were stolen in Withiel.

Officers say organised gangs are again targeting the area, after a spate of sheep thefts were committed last year within a ten-mile radius of Bodmin.

The latest farmer to lose livestock is David Harris, who keeps 300 sheep on land in the Withiel parish.

Thieves stole 20 of his sheep from two fields which he estimated to be worth £3,200 at market.

Mr Harris said: "We check the sheep twice a day, but it is impossible to count every one of them, but now we will certainly be improving security in the future.

"As well as losing these sheep, you have to take into account the 30 or 40 lambs they would have produced, so you are talking about quite a few thousand pounds – it's a big loss."

Mr Harris, 65, has kept sheep for more than 25 years, and says it is the first time any of his livestock have been stolen.

"I suspect they have been taken upcountry and slaughtered at a private abattoir because they were all tagged and a licensed slaughterhouse wouldn't have had anything to do with them."
Source: ThisIsCornwall H/T: Bluepanic

At Isère in France an entire flock of sheep was stolen.
A flock of 130 lambs penned in an isolated field in Isère was stolen last Wednesday night. The livestock, which was in an electrified enclosure far from any livestock in Dizimieu, in Isère, was loaded "in a few minutes on to two lorries", indicated the officer of the Crémieu brigade, Stéphane Coignard, specifying that tyre tracks have been detected on the scene.

The stock raiser, for whom the damage is estimated at 20,000 euros, had bought the sheep three weeks again in Spain in order to sell them for the Eid festival which starts on Friday.

This theft was perpetrated so that the lambs could be "slaughtered during the festival of Eid on the local market, we are 100% certain," said the officer. "There are illegal abattoirs. The sheep can be kept in a hangar without being seen," he added when the lambs are ringed.
Thursday, 25 October 2012
Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond

On behalf of the Scottish Government, it gives me great pleasure to wish all of Scotland’s Muslim communities - and especially those returning from performing the Hajj - a wonderful Eid-ul-Adha as you celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice. This great festival is a time to reflect on how millions of Muslims from all over the world and from all walks of life share a common bond as equal brothers and sisters, united in their faith and pilgrimage. It is a time of sharing with the poor and giving to charity so that the whole community can take part in the feast and join fully in the celebrations. And it is the perfect occasion to recognise and celebrate the contribution Scotland’s Muslims make to the life of our nation. I wish you all Eid Mubarak!
Source: Muslim News

Although France does not have religious statistics allowing comparison of the communities, the demographic mechanisms make it possible to predict a shift in the near future.

The cultural and religious weight of Christianity in France - of which strict secularism is paradoxically one of the fruits - will prevent for a long time Islam and its culture setting the tone in France, even if the development of this religion is spectacular there. A religious shift, silent and barely visible, is nonetheless underway in terms of religious "practice".

If it is still a delicate matter to compare the religious practice between religions and faiths as different as Islam and Catholicism, it seems that this first religion in France still remains in this place, but could pass to the second rank. In terms of "practice" and not on the level of culture and influence. And this, in the near future, within two or three decades.

In France, it could be estimated today that in absolute figures, for every practising Muslim, there are three practising Catholics. But if we deepen the analysis, it seems that this ratio is tending to reverse itself in an unavoidable fashion because it is mechanically inscribed in the demographics.

If we compare only attendance at the mosque on Friday (without taking into account the practice of Ramadan, often cultural, thus much larger) and Catholic attendance at mass on Sunday, the elements of this change are clear:

- 65% of practising Catholics are 50 or over;

- 73% of practising Muslims are less than 54.

France does not have religious statistics which allow the population of each community to be known with precision. The collection of this type of data by census is prohibited by law. On the other hand, the data accumulated by the polling institutes - which has been confirmed in the course of the years - permits a rigorous approach to the subject.

Two IFOP studies (dating from 2010 for Catholicism and 2011 for Islam) contain precise elements on the religious practice of those under 34 years of age (in the sense of mass on Sunday or the mosque on Friday): 16% of practising Catholics belong to this age category compared to 48% of practising Muslims. These percentages, related to three factors - the overall French population, a low estimate of the Muslim population (4.5 million), the populations of practising Catholics and Muslims - indicate that in France currently for every young practising Catholic there are three young practising Muslims.
Source: Le Figaro

Also from Le Figaro. H/T Bluepanic
An increasing majority of people in France believe Islam plays too influential a role in their society and almost half see Muslims as a threat to their national identity, according to a poll published yesterday.

The survey by pollster Ifop in Le Figaro newspaper showed that 60 per cent of people believed that Islam was "too important" in France in terms of its influence and visibility, up from 55 per cent two years ago.

It found that 43 per cent of respondents considered the presence of the Muslim community as a threat to their national identity, compared with just 17 per cent who said it enriched society. Forty per cent of those questioned were indifferent to the presence of Islam, Le Figaro said.

"Our poll shows a further hardening in French people's opinions," Jerome Fourquet, head of Ifop's opinion department, told the newspaper.

The struggle of secular France, whose people are mainly Catholic, to assimilate the largest Muslim population in Europe was thrust into the spotlight in March when Muslim Mohamed Merah, went on a shooting spree in south-west France that killed three Jewish children, a rabbi and three soldiers.

"In recent years, there has not been a week when Islam has not been in the heart of the news for social reasons: the veil, halal food, for dramatic news like terrorist attacks or geopolitical reasons," Fourquet said.

The prevalence of halal food and rising immigration - particularly from north Africa - were hot topics in the campaign for the presidential election as Nicolas Sarkozy sought to appeal to voters of the far-right National Front.

Sarkozy eventually lost to Socialist Francois Hollande but a contender to lead his conservative UMP party, Jean Francois Cope, put Islam back on the agenda this month by suggesting Muslim youths were tearing pain au chocolat pastries from children's hands during Islam's fasting month of Ramadan.

The publication of the poll also came after a far-right group occupied a mosque in the western city of Poitiers at the weekend and issued a "declaration of war" against what it called the Islamisation of France.

Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Muslim Council (CFCM), said fear of Islam was being stoked by political manipulation of concern over immigration and fears the growing Muslim population could lead to the imposition of sharia law.

"Islam has left the spiritual sphere to become a political subject," he said, in response to the poll. "Attempts to associate marginal practices with mainstream Muslim religion fuels the rejection of every aspect of Islam."

The survey, carried out on Oct. 15-18 on 1,736 people, showed a growing resistance to the symbols of the Islamic faith. About 43 per cent of those questioned were opposed to more mosque building, up from 39 per cent in 2010.

Sixty-three per cent opposed Muslim women wearing the veil or headscarves in public, compared with 59 per cent two years ago. Sarkozy's previous conservative banned the wearing of full-face veils.
Source: The National

Houria Bouteldja is the one who referred to the indigenous French as "sous-chiens", a pun meaning both "indigenes" and "sub-dogs". She also said "I am Mohammed Merah".


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This is the latest campaign advert from Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC). It shows a Spanish couple who have no money left to pay for basic necessities. The man knocks on the neighbour's door to ask for help. It is answered by a burka-wearing woman. The Muslim man of the house invites the Spaniard to help himself to whatever he wants because "the politicians give everything to Mohammed".

According to Cordoba tradition, at this time of year serenades are sung at midnight to honour St. Raphael. This year, an image of St. Raphael was being installed in Cordoba cathedral (formerly known as Cordoba mosque), so the event was held in the cathedral grounds.

Somehow, singing serenades at midnight to honour a Catholic saint in the grounds of a former grand mosque strikes me as the perfect expression of a successful Reconquista.

After the singing, a ceremony was held in the cathedral that was built inside the mosque. At the back, you can just see the Islamic arches of the former mosque, with the Christian cathedral in the foreground.

Recently, I've been reading a general history of Spain called "Spain: a Unique History" by Stanley G. Payne. I was pleased, and surprised, to discover that it is refreshingly free of political correctness.

One section, in particular, is relevant to this post.
Unlike the Mongols, the Arabs would soon construct a major new civilisation, which would impose itself permanently on each of the many lands conquered, Islamised and in most cases Arabised, with the sole exception of Spain. Only in the Iberian Peninsula was a large territory both conquered and for the most part both culturally and religiously islamised, only to be reconquered and de-Islamised by a portion of its pre-Muslim inhabitants. This fact alone would have made Spain absolutely unique in world history, if the Spanish had never accomplished anything else.

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Is this the much-anticipated post-Breivik crackdown on Counterjihad movements, which never really seemed to materialise at the time, now happening with delayed effect?

Some indications:

The arrests of Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston

Police questioning of Pierre Sauterel, the man believed to be behind the website, which is the linchpin of the anti-Genocide, anti-Islam movement in France, as well as raids on the offices of its website host, putting the main website offline.

A police crackdown on the Pro Movement in Germany.

Arrests and calls for dissolution of Génération Identitaire.

It wouldn't surprise me if there had recently been an EU-level meeting of interior ministers or their representatives where a decision was made to launch a coordinated crackdown.

Among the accused are all five members of the Pro Köln board. In the last four years, they are said to have defrauded the city of a "high five-figure amount", confirmed the spokesman for the state prosecutor's office, Ulrich Bremer. Pro Köln rejects the charges.

Police and the state prosecutor's office are investigating 15 members and sympathisers of the far-right organisation Pro Köln on the charge of organised and professional fraud. From 8 o'clock on Tuesday investigators searched 17 offices and homes of the suspects in Cologne, Leverkusen and Berlin, including the party's central office on the Heumarkt and the Leverkusen lawyer's office of the party leader Markus Beisicht. The investigators searched for documents that confirmed the suspected fraud. The police confiscated computers and written documents, as well as invoice receipts. The material is to be examined within the next few days.

The investigators are examining indications according to which party functionaries and the so-called expert citizens invented several hundred party meetings in order to collect session money. Members of the board receive a flat fee reimbursement of 17.30 euros per meeting; expert citizens receive 36 euros. "Many sessions apparently existed only on paper," reported one investigator.

The investigators confiscated computers, invoicing documents and written statements, which will now be analysed. Interior minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) said to the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger": "The fraud charges brought against party members of pro Köln show once again how unscupulously these right-wing extremists want to plunder the democratic lawful state. It seems these psychological firebrands don't even shrink from criminal acts to finance their inhuman and xenophobic incitement to hatred. Pro Köln's attempt to avoid the stamp of anti-constitutionality at any price has failed."
Source: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Via: PI

The Interior Minister sounds like he's really concerned with the unbiased, impartial administration of justice, doesn't he?

Is this part of a Europe-wide crackdown on the Counterjihad?

During the night just past, the Guardia Civil has sighted large groups of immigrants in zones close to Melilla, although they haven't got close to the border fence. perimetral.

It is estimated that in various groups there could be up to 600 subsaharans, who have made movements at various points during the night.

The border is on "maximum alert", thanks to the extreme migratory pressure which Melilla has been suffering from in recent weeks, and which has increased after the last three assaults last week and yesterday.

...The situation is at the "limit", given that the immigrants are desperately trying to reach Spanish territory before winter arrives and the conditions they have to endure in Morocco become more harsh, according to sources.
Source: El País H/T: Maria José

Zyed and Bouna were the two criminals electrocuted in an electrical substation while trying to escape from the police. This is the incident that triggered the riots, here referred to as "the revolts".

Monday, 22 October 2012

The resistance has a name: Génération Identitaire
Since Saturday, media and politicians have been drawing very doubtful parallels and haven't stopped talking about a supposed "provocation" from Génération Identitaire.

At this stage, it seems useful to us to make clear that for us:
- The true provocation is to let more than 300,000 immigrants into France every year.
- The true provocation is the daily anti-white racism in our country.
- The true provocation is the Saudi money that is financing the construction of the mosque in Poitiers.
- The true provocation is the islamist imam of Poitiers and the tolerance of the state towards the UOIF [Muslim Brotherhood-linked umbrella organisation for Muslim associations in France].
- The true provocation is to accuse three young people of causing damage because three prayer carpets got damp.
- The true provocation is to support Pussy Riot in Russia and to curse Génération Identitaire in France.
- The true provocation is to call yourself a democrat and to want to dissolve a group of young people calling for a debate and a referendum.
- The true provocation is the forced-march islamisation of a country that saved Europe from the Arab-Muslim invasion 1280 years ago.
- The true provocation, ultimately, is to build a mosque in Poitiers, which ought to be a place of historical memory.

All of that – and many other things too – seem to us to be much more provocative and damaging to the sacrosanct vivre-ensemble than a hundred young people on the roof of a building that is still under construction.
Source: Génération Identitaire
Sunday, 21 October 2012
A day after French far-right extremists stormed a mosque in the town of Poitiers, anti-racism campaigners called on France's authorities on Sunday to take action against groups who "promote hatred" and "seek to divide" the country. By France3 / Katharyn GILLAM (video) Ben MCPARTLAND (text) Anti-racism organisations in France are demanding the government launch a swift crackdown against far-right groups, following the storming of a mosque in the west of the country. In strongly worded statements released on Sunday, two of France’s most high-profile racism watchdogs and a Muslim organisation asked the government to ban extremist groups, close their websites and prosecute individuals for inciting racial hatred. The call from the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between People (MRAP), SOS Racism and the Union of Muslims in France (RMF) comes a day after around 70 members of a youth far-right group known as Generation Identity occupied a newly built mosque in the town of Poitiers. The dawn raid was intended as a protest against what the far-right group regards as Islam's growing influence in France. “What they did was scandalous. They basically declared war against Muslims in France,” Bernadette Hetier, co-president of MRAP, told FRANCE 24. “These groups are dangerous because they promote hatred. We have asked the government to prevent them publishing their intolerable propaganda.” “The fundamental rights of all citizens must be respected but these extremists want the opposite. They are a real threat to cohesion because they want to divide France and Europe,” Hetier said, adding that such groups had "already been around for too long". Evoking Charles Martel The fanatics stormed the mosque at around 6am, climbed onto the roof and unfurled a banner daubed with the symbolic phrase “732 Generation Identity” – a reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers. The group have also made their views clear on their website, which bears the statement: “We do not want more immigration from outside Europe or new mosque construction on French soil”. France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls blasted Saturday's dawn raid, describing it as "hateful provocation". Four members of the group were arrested by police following the raid, while prosecutors in Poitiers said they were examining whether to press charges against the group for “holding an unauthorized protest and inciting racial hatred”.
Source: France24

This in the Rhône region, on the route to Marseilles.
The vehicles occupied three traffic lanes at the Feyzin entrance and drove slowly, all the while brandishing Algerian flags and filming the cortège seated on the vehicle doors. "It's the same thing every Saturday", said a representative of the motorway police.
Source: Le Progrès
Saturday, 20 October 2012

The group, Génération Identitaire, occupied the roof of the Grand Mosque in Poitiers, which is still under construction, and issued the following statement, demanding a referendum on mosque construction and Muslim immigration.
One hundred of young men and women from all France just entered the Great Mosque of Poitiers and occupy its roofs. On the front, face to the minaret, we unrolled a banner where one can read a clear message : « Immigration, building of mosques : REFERENDUM ! »

Through this important action, Génération Identitaire aims to be in the first line of the fight for our identity. 
1300 years ago, Charles Martel stopped Arabs in Poitiers after an heroic battle which save our country from the Muslim invasion. It was the October 25th of 732. Today, we’re on 2012 and the choice is still the same : live free or die. Our generation refuse to see her people and her identity disappear through indifference. We’ll never be the Native Indians of Europe. From this place, important symbol of our past and bravery of our ancestors, we call to memory and fight !

We don’t want extra-European immigration anymore, nor buildings of mosques on french soil. Since the first waves of African immigration and the law about reunification of foreign worker’s families in 1974, our people was never been consulted about the populations one oblige him to live with. Massive immigration radically transform our country : according to the recent work of INSEE (National Institute of Statistics), 43% of the 18-50 years old people from the region of Paris are immigrant or descendants of immigrants. A people can recover from an economic crisis or a war but not from the replacement of his native population : without French, there’s no more France. It is a matter of survival : that’s why every people has the absolute right to choose if he wants to welcome strangers and to determine its proportion.

Because this right has been denied to us, because our generation pay the top price for this situation by being subjected to the intimidations from delinquents, we say : enough ! We don’t move back anymore ! We reclaim a national consultation about immigration and building of mosques in France. We won’t leave this place until before being listened and satisfied.

Our fight has only just begun, we call the young Europeans to become heirs of their fate and to join the advance guard of the youth who stands tall.

May all Europe hear our call : RECONQUEST !

As the police were moving the members of the nationalist group out of the mosque, a gang of Muslim "jeunes" appeared and tried to confront them, but were kept apart by the police.

Three members of Génération Identitaire have been arrested. The state prosecutor has announced that they are being investigated for "unauthorised demonstration, incitement to racial hatred, participating in a group intending to prepare for joint property damage".

Here is Génération Identitaire's recently issued "Declaration of War".

France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls denounced Saturday's dawn raid, describing it as "hateful provocation", while Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault “strongly condemned” the act, saying it was against “the French Republic and its values”.

Both the country’s ruling Socialist Party and the Communist Party have called for Generation Identity to be dissolved. Prosecutors in Poitiers are examining whether to press charges against the group for “holding an unauthorized protest and inciting racial hatred”.

France’s Muslim groups were left shocked and angered by the occupation. The French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) said the group’s “wild” act undermined cohesion between France’s religious communities.

“This occupation was wild and illegal and was accompanied by the shouting of hostile slogans against Islam and Muslims. It is the first time this has happened in the history of our country,” said a statement from the CFCM, France’s main Muslim organisation.

“We are deeply concerned about this new form of anti-Muslim violence which demonstrates, once again, the willingness of these factions to risk our national cohesion by inciting hatred and division,” the statement read.
Source: France24

UPDATE: New videos added, made by the group themselves during the action.

Friday, 19 October 2012
A month ago, around a hundred North-African immigrants, lodged in a hotel in the small town of San Giovanni Incarico, "in expectation of the status of political refugees", occupied the town council, demanding that they be given a daily allowance.

The mayor, Antonio Salvati, vainly tried to explain to them that they were not provided with a daily allowance because all their needs were taken care of (lodging, meals, clothes, laundry service, all paid for by the Italian taxpayer). The immigrants didn't want to hear any of that and built a barricade in front of the town council by throwing together sewage gratings.

Finally, at a meeting in the local government, the mayor gave in and agreed to pay each immigrant 5 euros per day: 150 euros per month. Multiplied by one hundred, this is not a small matter for a district of 3,500 inhabitants, and this when the Monti government never stops demanding additional sacrifices from Italians.

"We took this decision," said the mayor, "only to agree with their demands and to avoid problems of public order, but it must be clear that this is the last time we will give in. They must learn to have respect for Italian laws."

These strong words had the effect that could have been expected. The day before yesterday, the immigrants returned to the town hall "to complain, this time," said the local newspaper delicately, "in a more animated manner". They wanted "to express their unhappiness about the "provisional character of their lodgings". It's true a hotel is provision lodging...

The North Africans armed themselves with paving stones torn up from the road and threatened local government employees. The carabiniere had to intervene. Twelve "refugees" have been charged with "interruption of a public service", "threats to a public service employee", "aggravated damage". While awaiting trial, they have been freed. In their full-service hotel.
Source: Novopress
Thursday, 18 October 2012

Without specifying how or where exactly, the Commander Breivik Report website claims these coordinates are secretly embedded in Breivik's manifesto. This website is written by someone who corresponds with Breivik in prison by letter.

The coordinates can be seen on an interactive map here.

A commenter posted the following comments on the streets specified by the coordinates.

I think one must look on the history of these streets, ignoring the housenumbers; or maybe it has also something to do with the names of the streets (if it's a name of a person)?

Stockholm: Linnégatan
The building is a casern, that was build up in 1888/90 for after implementing military drift in Sweden in 1800 (with suspicious look at Europe) they needed more space.

Oslo: Skippergata
was build in the 17th century and was long after known for prostitution and junkies. In the 1980ies a lot of leftists (punks etc.) seemed to have fun there.

Berlin: Tucholskystr.
From 1827 to 1951 this street was named Artelleriestr. In 1880/83 a univeristy gynecological hospital was build up in this street. Also a synagogue, that in 1939 was closed by the Gestapo, in 1967 blown up and in 1990 was re-opend.

Berlin: Karl-Schrader-Str.
The most important building in this street was the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-House (build in 1913), which was a educational institution for women to become kindergarten teachers. A gynecological hospital was also part of this institute, that was supported by middle-class feminists (Henriette Schrader-Breymann; Hedwig Heyl; Alice Salomon) which, as Fröbel/Pestalozzi, meant the state should be responsable for a part of the education/upbringing of children (first kindergarten!).

Frankfurt am Main: Grüneburgweg
"Grüne Burg" was a big farm where in the 18th century German poets met, e.g. Goethe. In the 19th century the banker Amschel Mayer Rothschild became owner of the estate and build up a "palace", that was lateron destroyed. The Rothschilds are even now-a-days one of the most powerful families of the world; powerful in the sense that they can manipulate the governments decisions with "their" money(monopoly). I wouldn't wonder if they have connections to ALL banks of the Western world.

Strangely, I used to live in Tucholskystrasse in Berlin. It's named after the writer Kurt Tucholsky. This is in the old Jewish area in Berlin. When I was there, there was a 24-hour police guard outside a Jewish cafe in that street and in quite a few other Jewish-related buildings in the vicinity. In fact, the synagogue was just round the corner from there and on dates of special historic significance, such as Hitler's birthday, you'd see a massive police deployment complete with armoured vehicles equipped with water cannons.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The person who showed the video on Muslim demographics in Europe was an African.
The Vatican has distanced itself from a row over Muslim immigrants in Europe triggered by the showing at a synod of a video that claims "Europe as we know it will cease to exist."

Cardinal Peter Turkson, the president of the Vatican's council for justice and peace – and seen as a possible future pope – played the disputed video in a discussion period on Saturday during a synod attended by 262 bishops from across the world.

Entitled Muslim Demographics, and viewed more than 13m times on YouTube since its release in 2009, the seven-minute long video claims Muslim immigration and higher birth rates means France will become "an Islamic republic" within 39 years.

But many of the statistics used have been shown to be false or unproven, including a claim that French Muslim families have 8.1 children on average, and that 25% of Belgians are Muslims – the true figure is 6%. A German government official is falsely quoted as saying Germany will be a Muslim state by 2050.

On Tuesday, a Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, sought to distance the holy see from the video, saying: "This video does not express the view of the synod or the Vatican. Turkson has said he is sorry if the video was wrongly interpreted since he did not intend it to be anti-Muslim, merely a comment on the nihilism in western society."

Bishops who watched the video were reportedly shocked by its content.

"I think it would be fair to say that several in the room questioned the veracity of the facts followed by, 'who can this be attributed to?' and 'who actually wanted this film to be shown?'" said Father Thomas Rosica during a press briefing on the synod.

Vatican radio was more critical, calling the video "fear mongering", adding: "Why one of the curial cardinals chose to show this piece of anti-Islamic propaganda is quite unclear."

Pope Benedict has stressed the importance of defending Europe's Christian identity, but he has also promoted dialogue with Muslims, most recently during his visit to Lebanon last month. Last week he read out a greeting in Arabic for the first time during his weekly general audience in a bid to ease religious tensions.

Turkson, who is from Ghana, has said over the years that theological dialogue with Muslims is impossible. Known for his strong views, the cardinal also proposed the creation of a global bank after the global economic crisis began in 2008.

One bishop at the synod asked about the spurious video shown was less critical, telling the National Catholic Reporter: "At least it got us talking about something more important than what order confirmation and first communion ought to be in."
Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I've written a few times about Melilla and Ceuta, Spain's exclaves on the African continent, now a favoured option for the African savages rocket scientists who wish to parasitise European society offer their high-tech skills on Europe's labour markets, thus dynamising the European economy and paying for the pensions of Europe's elderly population. The fence separating Spanish territory from Morocco has been strengthened and improved repeatedly but there are still periodic attempts to jump it, sometimes en masse. This week has seen the largest organised assaults on it since 2005. Hundreds of Africans have streamed across; some have been rounded up; others are still at large. Usually they wait till night-time for these assaults. Now they are doing it in plain daylight.

Rocket scientist practising voodoo ritual

Source: El País H/T: Maria José

This is from "Biber" a Viennese magazine written by and for immigrants, which describes itself as "the first transcultural magazine for new Austrians". The editors seem somewhat embarrassed by the enormous popularity of Hitler among the Muslim colonist population in Austria.

Have you read “Mein Kampf”? I have! Have you read the Koran? I have! If you look at both of them, it’s clear that Hitler was a Muslim. He examined Islam, he had the same ideas about society, struggle (“Kampf”) and family as Muslims. Hitler was one of us,” says Tarik S. The 20-year-old Turk is a Hitler fan and Jew hater. For him it is clear that Adolf Hitler was a Muslim. “What do you think, why didn’t Hitler do anything to a single Muslim? Because he loved Muslims, he wanted to be one of them, and thought it was a shame that he was born a Christian and so he converted later to Islam,” agrees Tarik’s Bosnian friend Mirza. What they are chatting about in a Bosnian café [in Vienna] and what has been spread about for years by Muslim firebrands, is also a big hit on the internet.

Internet hatred

In many internet forums there is major discussion of Hitler’s Muslim side. User “abu hazim” says this about it “[...] That’s the beginning of the end for Jews, crusaders and polytheists, the guilt is yours, you wanted war, now he’s making war on you. With Allah’s help we will triumph over the unbelievers. Hitler was a Muslim who secretly prayed to Allah and slaughtered the Jewish swine […]“

Suad knows internet forums like this. He participates in discussions there regularly: “Recently I expressed my opinion about the Jews under an Israel Youtube video. But my comments were blocked. I’m sure Hitler was a Muslim. He always fasted during Ramadan in an exemplary fashion and only said good things about Islam.” User Oguzhan Branx sees Hitler as an example: “ADOLF HITLER THE MAN DID EVERYTHING RIGHT THE ONLY THING WRONG WAS THAT A FEW FUCKING JEWS SURVIVED!!!! HITLER″

The Twelfth Imam

But how do people arrive at the absurd idea that Hitler was a Muslim? In his book, “Hitler’s Muslims” the historian Volker Kopp dealt in more detail with Hitler’s relationship with Islam. He reveals that at the time of National Socialism, the German embassy in Tehran disseminated the belief that Hitler was the saviour of Muslims prophesied by the Koran – the Twelfth Imam. In an embassy paper it says: “We must make clear to the Muslims that the Twelfth Imam has been sent into the world by God in the form of Adolf Hitler.” By disseminating this erroneous belief, the Nazis misused Muslims for their own purposes and succeeded so well that even today there are still a few of them on their side.”


In Syria Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is available from every bookseller. In Turkey “Mein Kampf” was number three on the bestseller list until 2005. Hitler is used in a Turkish shampoo advertisement; he is considered the embodiment of manliness – it’s no wonder that some Muslims have been infected by the propaganda. “Look more closely and you’ll see that Hitler could only have been one of us,” says Tarik with conviction. “Alhamdulillah” (“Thanks be to God”), agree his friends.
Source: Der Biber Via: Unzensuriert

Remember what Carl Jung said on the same topic.
Monday, 15 October 2012

A controversial and particularly alarmist video on "Muslim immigration" in the West was shown to participants of the synod (an assembly of officials of the Catholic church) on the "New Evangelisation" in the Vatican, according to observers of this non-public event.

Wha does this film say? "Islam will be the biggest religion in the world in five to seven years," proclaims the document which is said to have been written in 2009 by American evangelists, before inviting them to "share the message of the Evangelist in the world". "In 39 years, France will be a majority-Muslim country," the video ultimately believes.

Several Synod Fahers immediaely reacted and declared their "perplexity", casting doubt on some of the figures in this anonymous video which has circulated on the internet for four years. According to the document, 30% of those under 20 in France are said o be Muslims and up to 45% in some cities.
Source: Le Parisien

I posted last year about how some Swiss companies were removing the Swiss flag from their logos in order to appease Muslims. Some Islamic apologists claimed the companies were reacting to a problem that was entirely imaginary and, in reality, Muslims were not so primitive that they would be offended by the mere display of another religion's symbols. Now we see that, in fact, they are.
The last advertising campaign of the Swiss transporter has not gone unnoticed. On large-format advertising hoards in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the Swiss flag appears accompanied by the slogan "Kreuz ist Trumpf". This means literally "The cross is an advantage", or "clubs are trumps" for aficionados of jass, the traditional card game. A double meaning that not everyone has been able to grasp.

The Muslims of Switzerland have reacted sharply to this image. On some forums, the internet users are indignant about the fact that Swiss is thus making reference to the "cross" and not the "Swiss cross", reports "Der Sonntag". The vehemence of the internet users is not a surprise to the Turkish journalist Cemil Baysal. Not long after the emotion caused in the Muslim world by the film "Innocence of Muslims", "many Muslims feel this slogan is a provocation and an attack against Islam".

Swiss, for its part, has given an assurance that its campaign contains no religious or political message.

This was subtitled by the readers of the website and there are other versions subtitled into French, German and Italian available here.

It is not just the current film about the life of Mohammed or the Mohammed cartoons from 2006 that create unhappiness among Muslims; even factual and academic criticisms is increasingly becoming the focus of rage. More and more, there are demands to restrict freedom of expression because of apparent insults to the prophet and Islam. This is also how it was in the recent case of the medical historian Prof. Dr. Armin Geus and his book "Die Krankheit des Propheten" [The Illness of the Prophet]. No less than Dr. Megren Al-Megren, director of the King Fahd Academy in Bonn had filed criminal complaints because of insults to religious feelings and incitement to hatred against peoples (§ 166 Criminal Law).

In his book "Die Krankheit des Propheten" Geus inquired into whether the supposed Islamic prophet Mohammed suffered from schizophrenia, which would explain many verses in the Koran. There were several favourable reviews (for example with hpd) and a jury of journalists in June 2011 picked the book for the non-fiction book list of the Süddeutschen Zeitung and NDR. Further, Geus has been familiar with the topic for many years. For example, in 2010 he published the booklet "Allahs Schöpfung oder die Evolution des Lebens" [Allah's Creation or the Evolution of Life], in which he criticises Islamic creationism. In 2008, Geus, together with Stefan Etzel published the collection "Gegen die feige Neutralität. Beiträge zur Islamkritik" [Against Cowardly Neutrality. Contributions Towards a Criticism of Islam].

As the Marburg state prosecutor has now communicated on 10 October 2012, the investigation proceedings were halted in accordance with §170, para. 2, rules of criminal procedure, because "no well-grounded suspicion that a criminal act has been committed still [exists]". Geus's defence had demanded a halt to the proceedings of this type from the very beginning and, as evidence, cited almost every reputable Islamic scholar in Europe and America. The defence saw the criminal proceedings as politically motivated, the Saudi ambassador to Germany, for example, being kept continuously informed about the process by the King Fahd Academy. There were also irregularities in the investigation on the part of the Bonn police.
Source: Citizen Times (by Felix Strüning) [my translation]

Some of those from the Counterjihad movement who are participating in the OSCE meeting in Warsaw are claiming this as a victory for their human rights activism. I've yet to see any evidence of this. It strikes me as extremely unlikely that the behaviour of the Marburg state prosecutor's office was altered in any way by the goings-on in Warsaw. An approximate correspondence in time is not sufficient to establish a connection. You might as well say that I caused the state prosecutor to drop the case by posting about it on my blog. Of course, that would be absurd too.

As I've noted before, Counterjihadists trying to resist Islamisation by affirming the the ideology of human rights are like people protesting against Communist oppression in the old East bloc by holding up pictures of Marx and Lenin and affirming the glory of "true" Socialism. Your oppressors have mindfucked you so badly that even when you think you are resisting them, you are only empowering them further.

We've seen it across the Middle East. Election victories for Islamic radicals are followed by sharia-enforcement thug squads. Now something similar seems to have surfaced following George Galloway's triumph in Bradford.
...police are investigating claims that Respect loyalists have harassed rape victims with anonymous phone calls and menacing messages on Facebook and Twitter, after they challenged Galloway's views on sex and consent.

...But much more worrying for Respect is the fact that the party in Bradford is garnering a nasty reputation for itself, thanks to what has been referred to as "thuggish elements" in the party which reportedly contributed to Yaqoob's resignation. Jill Smith, a community health worker with the NHS, is one of Galloway's constituents. She is only willing to meet in secret and insists we do not use her real name or mention her age. She didn't vote in the March byelection, having failed to fill in her registration form in time. But if she had, she'd probably have gone for Galloway, she says. "I've campaigned about Gaza, pro WikiLeaks, against Islamophobia – politically, we're very similar," she says. "I thought he would be a strong voice for Bradford. I've lived in the constituency for 10 years and worked there for six, and things need to change. It's a tinderbox, racially, and there are massive inequalities, massive social deprivation. I was hopeful he was going to help vulnerable people."

Instead, Smith believes, Galloway did the opposite, by "belittling rape victims". She should know, having herself survived a rape attack. Disgusted by his statement, Smith decided to challenge her MP's remarks and co-ordinate the Bradford About Consent campaign, starting with a demonstration. What happened next shocked her so much that she claims to have dropped two dress sizes from the resulting stress. When we talk, she has been signed off sick for five weeks, is chain smoking and has been prescribed sleeping tablets.

Eight days before the demonstration, Bradford About Consent set up a Facebook events page. Smith, along with other survivors and supporters, were horrified to see the page fill with hateful messages from people defending Galloway, threatening to "come down with our quad bikes and megaphones and drown you out". Moderating the page became a "24/7 job", she says. Supporters were accused of being stooges from the Labour party, "pretending" to be survivors of rape in order to blacken Galloway's name. At least one woman who planned to attend received anonymous phone calls asking "if she was a rape victim". On the day of the demo, four men turned up to support Galloway – or intimidate the protesters, depending on your view (the men took pictures of those present, which they later posted on Facebook).

Ten days after giving her name publicly as spokeswoman for the campaign, Smith's car windscreen was smashed. Banners from the demo were on the back seat. Concerned that she may have been targeted by Galloway supporters as a result of the campaign, she called the police, who confirmed last week that they were investigating the incident as an alleged hate crime, as well as "a complaint relating to comments made on a social networking site". Smith says officers have told her they are contacting Facebook and the IP addresses behind the profiles responsible for the worst abuse.
Source: Guardian

Still, I suppose harassing rape victims and smashing their windscreens is step up from imprisoning them, which is what would happen in Pakistan.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I imagine the name Jimmy Savile won’t mean much to the non-Brits. So, a quick preamble. Jimmy Savile was a DJ back in the 60s and 70s who morphed into an all-round children’s entertainer and became a fixture on British television. Most famously, he hosted a show called Jim’ll Fix It in which little children would write in with their greatest wishes and a smiling, cigar-chomping Jimmy Savile would arrange for their wishes to come true before giving them a metal badge to wear round their necks bearing the legend “Jim Fixed It For Me”. But thanks to a flurry of recent revelations, we now know that wasn’t all Savile did for them. During all those decades as a major public personality, he wasn’t just entertaining children; he was raping them.

The truth is still coming out but it seems that Savile raped and abused at least dozens of children over the course of his life. Even more chillingly, lots of people knew what he was doing and didn’t stop him. Savile used his television program, his visits to children’s hospitals and his charity work as opportunities for scouting new victims. He may even have picked the career path he did specifically because of the rich potential for sexual predation that it offered.

Reflecting on this, it strikes me that Europe is run by Jimmy Saviles, smiling frauds who pretend to be concerned for our well-being, while they plot, and carry out, the most heinous atrocities against us.

Savile got away with it because his television appearances established an impression of benevolence and normality in the public mind. Similarly, the genocidal elites in control of European society use their control of the mass media, and particularly television, to project an image of normality and benevolence. Just as Savile hypnotised his child victims into believing that it was normal for an old man to stick his penis into them, the peoples of Europe have been conditioned to accept that it is somehow normal for our ancestral homelands to be progressively repopulated by Asians and Africans; and that anyone who tries to make it stop, or makes too strenuous a fuss about it, must have something wrong with them. The equivalent is Savile telling some 14-year-old girl, “Turn around. I’ll just stick it in here. Won’t hurt a bit. Don’t cry. You don’t want to make a scene, do you?”

Almost every politician, every journalist, every banker, every television presenter, everyone with a niche in the public sphere over the last few decades, has been a Jimmy Savile. These people have made their peace with atrocity – one of the greatest atrocities in the history of the world: the genocide being inflicted on the peoples of Europe by their own elites.

The Savile revelations are still coming out. But the truth is journalists don’t need to conduct any investigations to find out about Savile. All they need to do is look in the mirror.

Our governments are run, our courts are administered, our newspapers are written and our televisions are programmed by Jimmy Savile. So don’t bother reading the tabloids to find out who his latest victim was. It was you.
Saturday, 13 October 2012

Recently I linked to stories describing the remarks made by French politician Jean Francois Copé about schoolchildren having their chocolate croissants taken from them by Muslim classmates during Ramadan.

“I can understand the exasperation of some of our compatriots when there are some neighbourhoods where a mother or father will come home from work in the evening to learn their son has had his pain au chocolate snatched out of his hand by thugs, telling him it is forbidden to eat during Ramadan,” he said.

This provoked hysterical denunciations of his "demagoguery" and "incitement to hatred". Muslims and leftists even began handing out chocolate pastries on the street to protest against his remarked and "islamophobia". This is film of one of these events. While the Muslims are giving an interview mocking the "islamophobes", along comes a besuited, middle-aged man. Seeing what's going on, he decides to articulate an alternative point of view, shouting praise of the "Front National" and "No to islamisation, Stop forced slamisation". He is then immediately assailed by a mob of Muslims and leftists in full view of the camera.

No whit deterred, he keeps shouting, "They're attacking me. The islamists are attacking me. Stop enforced islamisation!"

Source: Novopress
Friday, 12 October 2012

I posted about this incident before here. Most of the suspects were acquitted and those who weren't received derisory punishments. Of course this Guardian report leaves out the fact that the victims were European indigenes while the perpetrators were, shall we say, unlikely to have any Asterix genes in their DNA.
Ten French men have been acquitted and four have received short sentences over the gang-rape of teenage girls in a trial described by one of the victims' lawyers as a "judicial shipwreck".

In a case that has shocked France and cast a light on a culture of youth sexual violence, two women now in their twenties said that as teenagers they had endured months of almost daily gang-rapes by scores of men in Fontenay-sous-Bois outside Paris. The case was seen as the tip of the iceberg of a wider problem of gang-rapes by youths on poor estates.

After a four-week trial, four of the accused were found guilty of taking part in gang-rapes but 10 were acquitted. Those found guilty were handed sentences that ranged from three years' suspended sentence to one year in prison. Because of time already served on remand, only one man was returned to prison after the verdict.

The sentences were far lighter than those recommended by the state prosecutor, who had called for prison sentences of five to seven years for eight of the men – which was already seen as slight. The court found one of the woman, identified as Nina, was raped, but did not uphold rape allegations against the second, identified as Stephanie.

Clothilde Lepetit, one of the women's lawyers, described the verdicts and sentencing as "a judicial shipwreck" for the women. She denounced what she called the extremely poor handling of the investigation and the judicial failings of the trial.

Another lawyer for the women, Laure Heinich, asked: "What sentence makes sense when one hears that gang-rapists are given a three years suspended sentence?"

The case, which has gripped the country, has highlighted the problems in historic rape investigations where material evidence is lacking and much rests on the women's word. Lawyers for the women said they felt the women's testimony had not been respected during the trial.

Amid surprise at the verdict in France, the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, said there could be grounds to appeal. "Personally, I'm shocked by gang-rapes, by every form of aggression against women and I think we have to create conditions so that the facts are established and those guilty can be effectively identified."

The women's minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, said the case had shown that better education on sex and sexuality was needed in schools.

The alleged Fontenay-sous-Bois attacks took place between 1999 and 2001. One night returning from a cinema, aged 16, Nina, described as a tomboy who was good at school, said she was grabbed by a local group of youths, taken to basement cellars in the flats, raped and subjected to a series of brutal sex attacks by scores of local boys. The extremely violent, prolonged sex attacks by large groups of boys continued daily, in car-parks, stairwells, apartments, cellars and the empty playground of a local nursery school. She said there would be "at least 25" youths present during attacks in which she screamed, protested, cried and vomited. One witness described 50 boys "queuing" to attack her.

Threatened that her flat would be burned down if she spoke out, she was afraid to tell her mother, who noticed she was washing eight to 10 times a day.

The women kept quiet for years about the attacks until 2005, when Nina was left unconscious by one final brutal beating following years of abuse and finally told a female police officer. Psychiatric experts had agreed that both women were the victims of rape. Nina has put on 70kg (11 stone) since the attacks, describing the weight-gain as a "shell" behind which to hide. Stephanie attempted to kill herself a few days into the trial, which was held behind closed doors because the defendants were minors at the time of the rapes.

The women were hailed by their lawyers for their bravery in speaking out against a "culture of silence" surrounding sexual violence against girls on estates.

Some of the acquitted men spoke anonymously to French media to say they were relieved at the verdicts.
Source: Guardian
Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Three practitioners of tae-kwon-do, boarders at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (Insep), are among seven people being questioned this week in relation to a vast affair involving the pimping of minors in the Rhône-Alpes region, according to the police.

Those involved are Amine Manai, European under-21 champion in 2010 and French champion below 68 kg, who was jailed, his brother Adam Manai, 3rd in the European Junior Championship in 2009, and Moussa Cissé, vice-champion of Europe below 58 kg, it has been learned from a source close to the investigation.

The suspects are accused of having forced into work young girls, aged from 14 to 17, and placed them in a hostel in Saint-Egrève (Isère), near Grenoble.

The incidents took place mainly in Isère, Savoie and in Haute-Savoie.

The investigation focuses, to various degrees, on young men, for the most part adults, who recruited young underage girls, vulnerable and generally runaways. They made them work for their benefit in hotel rooms under the surveillance of "protectors" while doing publicity via internet advertisements. Some of the young victims were also encouraged to recruit other girls.
Source: Le Dauphine

Via: Défrancisation
Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Potmos (not his real name), 33, is a systems network administrator. He is part of Athens’ anti-fascist movement.

Responding to calls made on online media and through Facebook, anti-fascists have so far organised three patrols on motorbikes, each one bigger than the next. Some people assume we are all anarchists, but in fact there are people from different political persuasions – I believe all of them, however, are on the left. But we have no specific agenda apart from combating violence against immigrants. Everyone can join. Many of the volunteers are children of immigrants. Each time we meet in Exharchia, a neighbourhood where many immigrants live and where Golden Dawn thugs carry out their “crackdowns”.

The first two times, things went well. I myself did not ride a motorbike, but many of my friends did, and I joined them at the meeting point in Exharchia to support them. The patrols were planned on nights when we had heard Golden Dawn members were planning crackdowns, but they were nowhere to be seen. Our goal, in fact, was to dissuade them from coming out. Neighbourhood residents I spoke to were quite happy to see somebody was on their side.

The third time, however – which was our biggest patrol, with about 100 people on motorbikes on September 30 – things didn’t go so well. As my friends on bikes told it to me, they arrived at the spot where Golden Dawn members had planned to meet and saw four or five thugs breaking the window of a store that apparently belonged to immigrants. Some of the anti-fascists got angry and attacked them, pushing them away with force. The police, which had followed the motorcade, at this point attacked the anti-fascists and arrested four of them. Everybody else drove back to the meeting point, but they were ambushed by more police. What happened then was brutal – the police pushed people off their bikes and beat them. One person was badly beaten and was hit by a flash grenade. In the end 15 people were arrested. [They were let out on bail Friday. The Minister of Public Order, in a statement, referred to them as "extremists" and claimed they were being "mentored" by opposition parties.]

They were charged with assault and disturbance of public order, which becomes a felony if you’re hiding your face - which was the case here, though not purposefully, as they were wearing motorcycle helmets! They were also charged with possessing weapons. And what were those “weapons”? The flags that were attached to their motorbikes! [Chrissa Petsimeri, a lawyer who represents several of those arrested, said that they were also accused of throwing stones at the police, a charge they deny.] During their five days in detention, several of them were beaten, shot with Tasers, and even burnt with cigarette butts by the police. [The lawyer, who took photos of these wounds, says she will be using them in court. She also added that the two women among the accused were called insulting and sexist names by the police officers, while the men, forced to strip naked, were allegedly hit on their genitals.]

Despite this setback, there are plans for more motorcycle patrols. We’re hoping to avoid any violence or clashes with the police next time. Until the police can do their jobs and protect everyone who lives here, these patrols will go on.
Source: France24

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