Monday, 10 September 2012

The writer Annie Ernaux has published in Le Monde a hysterical denunciation of Richard Millet's literary homage to Anders Breivik, calling it a "fascist pamphlet which dishonours literature." She said Millet's remarks:
"...exude contempt for humanity and form an apology for violence under the pretext of examining, solely from the point of view of their literary beauty, the "actions" of a man who, in 2011, killed 77 people in Norway in cold blood. Remarks that until now I had never read except in the past, in the writers of the 1930s."
Dozens of others writers [UPDATE: actually 119] have appended their names to the article, saying they agree with it completely.

Source: Le Monde


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that the brain-dead milksops who call themselves writers nowadays can hold a candle to "writers of the 1930s" like Céline and Faulkner?

Anonymous said...

"Your dream is African
Ours is European"

From demonstration in Lyon



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