Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I've written before about how the emotion of empathy is, to a significant degree, determined by the genetic affinity between people. Evolutionary success is not determined by the survival of individuals, but the survival of genes. And genes are shared between families. Your children each have half of your genes. So do your brothers and sisters. By helping them survive and prosper, you help your own genes survive and prosper. This principle of "inclusive fitness" is the evolutionary basis of altruism. But organic nations who have shared the same living space for a long time are just extended families. The web of family ties among them is so great that almost everyone has some relationship to everyone else. In most cases, people will not be conscious of these relationships because they are too distant in time or consanguinity (do you know who your 12th cousins are?). Nonetheless, we have evolved mechanisms to unconsciously seek out and recognise cues that strangers we encounter are related to us. When we recognise this relatedness, even if the recognition occurs below the level of consciousness, it affects our behaviour in important ways. The evolutionary mechanisms that operate on the principle of inclusive fitness kick in. We recognise (again, the recognition may be unconscious) that by helping this person we are helping ourselves. This behaviour is regulated by the emotion we call empathy.

Empathy is what makes a nation a nation, rather than an agglomeration of selfish individuals at one another's throats. It is essential to the well-being of any country. Without empathy, the individual will not sacrifice for the well-being of the group. In war, in national or tribal struggles for existence, this could be crucial. In peacetime, the fortunate will not share their resources with the less fortunate unless they empathise with them and recognise their affinity to them.

The graph above shows further evidence that the emotion of empathy is regulated by genetic similitude. (As in the other studies I referenced in the previous post, the researchers use the terminology "race".) The graph shows the extent of redistributionism (in other words the generosity of welfare policies) in various countries on one axis, and the degree of ethnic fragmentation (or inverse consanguinity you could call it) on another. The pattern is very clear and extremely solid. The less genetically homogeneous a country is, the less generous are its welfare policies. In an ethnically fragmented country, the haves tend to see the have-nots as lazy and unworthy of help rather than just people like them who are down on their luck. So they will not support redistributionist government policies. This is what accounts for the major difference between the US and Europe in this regard. The US was always ethnically fragmented while most of Europe was genetically homogeneous until recently. As European countries are being colonised by genetic aliens from Asia and Africa, however, the indigenes are increasingly unwilling to support generous welfare systems. They lack empathy with the aliens and see them as undeserving of their support.

The graph comes from this presentation, which summarises the insights of the book "Fighting Poverty in the US and Europe: A World of Difference".

While it will probably ultimately be beneficial for Europe to have less generous welfare systems, the loss of empathy in our societies generally, as we withdraw into competing ethnic factions, and lose the sense of unity that common ancestry inspires, represents an enormous loss of national well-being for us. It may prove crucial in some future struggle.


Anonymous said...


Multiculturalism is the main agent of the destruction of Britain. Multiculturalism is a policy that attempts to destroy the historic link between land and people. It does so, knowing that once this is achieved, there will be no unified and organised opposition to the dictat of a supranational governing elite. This is the EU's main objective, and the open borders policy of the EU, its vehicle.

Multiculturalism is in reality a policy that divides a nation along tribal lines. We are now seeing the effect of this, as people vote along ethnic and religious lines, just as they do in Africa. In the future we will see the same ethnic and religious warfare in Britain, as we now see in Africa or the ME.

It is now important to reject the bogus of charge of racism, when one criticises an Imperial and colonialist ideology such as Islam. It is being used by the multi-cultis and the extreme Left, to disarm and defeat the instinct of self-preservation that all individuals and societies need to protect themselves.

alas said...

Wow really what more evidence do people need? This is as clear as daylight. Probably the same reason why London is one of if not the least happiest place in the UK, and Scotland one of the most happy. By the way though, I thought brothers and sisters had 100% of our genes?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Only if they're identical twins! Actually, there's a random element to it, so 50% is just the average. It could be anything from 0% to 100% in specific cases.

Anonymous said...

"Multiculturalism is the main agent of the destruction of Britain. Multiculturalism is a policy that attempts to destroy the historic link between land and people. It does so, knowing that once this is achieved, there will be no unified and organised opposition to the dictat of a supranational governing elite."

I don't think its going to work because they lost the economy. The more third-worldization, the weaker the economy. In order to have a working Global Government you need to have powerfull economies, high tech space and communication technology, a strong army capable of global deployment, keeping trade lines open, and policing the world, and a lot of resources for nation building and fixing the troubled spots around the world. While the US tried to play that role, it is clear that they are failing, they can not even fix small countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, and are burried under a mountain of debt.
Look at Africa, South America, the Muslim World. You don't have strong supranational structures there, simply because their economies are too weak and they even struggle to police themselves. If the US looks like Mexico and Europe looks like Egypt, they are simply not going to be able to support expensive globalist iniatives and even police themselves.

alas said...

Very interesting CZ, I had always assumed that me and my sister were carbon copies of one another on account of our parents being the same.

Anonymous said...

"we have evolved mechanisms to unconsciously seek out and recognise cues that strangers we encounter are related to us"

This is very interesting. All the more fascinating, once you are conscious about it.

Anonymous said...

Welfare to aliens on European soil

Jean-Francois Copé, top UMP, suggests in Figaro Tuesday, that the state supported medical aid to foreigners without ID-papers, should be cut down, except for emergency.

"En visite à Neuilly-sur-Seine, où il était accueilli par Jean Sarkozy, Jean-François Copé a proposé de supprimer l'Aide médicale d'État, sauf dans les situations d'urgence. Créée en 2000 sous le gouvernement Jospin, l’aide médicale de l’Etat (AME) permet aux étrangers sans papiers d’accéder aux soins d’urgence."

Anonymous said...

The mass immigration of third worlders in the Western world is a reverse colonisation. In a few years the native Europeans will be a minority in most European countries. The same will happen to other western countries of USA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand. Muslims are not the only problem. Africans also are very prone to crime and not capable intellectually. Indians and Chinese have a total different culture and mentality to Europeans. Different races have different characteristics.

Anonymous said...

"Multiculturalism is in reality a policy that divides a nation along tribal lines"

One proof is, that the European politicians are encouraging the immigrants not to assimilate. Natives are paying for classes of immigrants' hundreds of mother tongues etc.

Anonymous said...

"Look to Africa..."...?!

"The Africa project of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute was set up to develop methods of functioning in a community, which have been taught by a Namibian trainer in Finland. "With the help of the community it is possible to achieve a great deal. In Finland people don’t always believe that non-material support would help. We are so accustomed to so social welfare", says programme director Antti Elenius. "

Helsingin Sanomat

Maria José said...

Army troops on duty in the U.K for Olympics VICIOUSLY ATTACKED

Army officers have told troops on duty for the Paralympics to travel around in groups after servicemen were "attacked, verbally abused and harassed" during the Olympics.

Police are investigating the attack by four Asian (MUSLIMS) men which took place in the early hours of Monday August 6 close to Tower Hill tube station.


Kostoglotov said...

The human race evolved in small tribes of 30 people or less who generally shared a common appearance, language, culture, and religion. The impulse to tribalism is as much a part of us as are the drives for self-preservation or sex.

We are not going to eliminate aeons of genetic conditioning to prefer those who are like us by a couple of generations of political correctness and affirmative action legislation.

Anne said...

Kostoglotov, I agree but our elite betters are determined to try!

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