Sunday, 2 September 2012
African illegal waiting on Isla de Tierra, part of the Peñón de Alhucemas 

Isla de Tierra, 20m off Moroccan coast but owned by Spain

The African hordes have found a new way into Europe. Spain owns various tiny islands off the coast of Morocco. Sometimes these are just rocky outcrops with nothing on them. Technically, they are still Spanish sovereign territory, however. So the specialist African engineers and technicians, who obviously want to use their high-tech skills in Europe so that they can pay the pensions of the European people, have realised that if they simply make it to these rocks and wait there, eventually the Spanish government will send a boat to collect them, give them humanitarian assistance and probably redistribute them elsewhere on Spanish territory.

The diagram shows the various rocks owned by Spain, most of which have military garrisons and nothing else. At the moment 70 sub-Saharans are waiting on the rock called Isla de Tierra, which is just 20m off the coast of Morocco, for someone to come and collect them. A smaller group arrived last Wednesday. Some of those, including pregnant women, were moved to Melilla. The rest were given humanitarian assistance, including food and drink. No doubt this favourable treatment of the ones who were already there is what prompted the latest influx.

Morocco lays claim to these islands, so this may be a means of exerting pressure on Spain to enter into negotiations about their sovereignty.

In what was obviously a coordinated assault, the 70 illegals crossed to the island at 5 am last night, while 60 illegals unsuccessfully attempted to storm the fence that surrounds Melilla.

Sources: El País, H/T: Maria José


alas said...

Let them starve. It is not Spain's responsibility. And when will our colonial legacy combined with our new-found liberal guilt complex stop fucking us in the ass?

Anonymous said...

The number of givers in the world is limited, while the number of takers is for practical purposes infinite. This is simply human nature. Human nature cannot be changed, as is well demonstrated by the failed attempts to do so during the 20th century which slaughtered millions.

"Humanitarianism" is an unsustainable pyramid scheme.

Who is "humanitarianism" for? What do we get out of it besides the abstract and subjective rewards of "diversity" and "demographic vibrance"? Who does "humanitarianism" benefit? Not us, the bankrollers and victims of uncontrolled third world immigration.

There are many Spanish people already in a crisis situation. The government of Spain needs to help them, not expend scarce resources on foreigners who volunteered to put themselves in harm's way.

Maria José said...

Casi 20 personas entran en Melilla tras dos nuevos asaltos masivos a la frontera

Unos 160 inmigrantes trataron de saltar la valla fronteriza con Marruecos de madrugada en dos acciones diferentes

Maria José said...

Una foto de los invasores en Isla de Tierra

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