Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Innocence of Muslims, trailer

It's funny. As I was watching footage of rioting Kurds in Germany the other day, the thought occurred to me that we in the Counterjihad movement should make more films. If you look at the Troofer movement, they have had quite an impact with cheaply-made films that were often little more than clips of news footage strung together with a voice-over. But it seems that someone named Sam Bavcile has gone a bit further than that and made a feature-length film about "Mohammed the Bastard". As you can see from the clip, it doesn't exactly have Hollywood-level production values, but it's pretty funny nonetheless, showing "Mohammed the Bastard" being bossed around by his first wife Khadija.

This is the film that has provoked the anti-American rioting in Egypt and Libya, including the death of the US ambassador.

Anyone know if the whole film is available online anywhere?

More Sam Bacile clips below. Not sure if they are part of the same opus or something else.


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

So we are back in the Carter era, when it was quite fashionable to attack US embassies.

Obama and Clintion got rid of Gaddafi, who was locking up al Qaeda faster then anyone on the planet, and replaced him with the MB and al Qaeda, very likely because Saudi Arabia did nit like its Jihadis being licked up. Now MB and AQ are doing what comes naturally to them- all predictable.

The attack on the US embassy was not due to some risible anti-Mo film, but took place on the anniversary of 9/11. It was planned as a way of breaking away from America, so no gratitude need be shown to the US for getting rid of Gaddafi. Its always the case. No Muslim can be made to feel gratitude to dhimmis - it is totally unacceptable.

We are ruled by incompetents who are also 5 star IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

yeah right

Anonymous said...

Cannot understand why Islamists want to live in the west as according to them our lifestyle is not in keeping with their faith. Actually theirs is not a faith it is a barbaric way of life, something we in the west got rid of years ago only for it to be reinstated by apologist politicians. When I see grown men running around in their pyjamas smashing things up because of some imagined slight it makes me very glad I'm a just a woman who suffers very mildly with PMS

daithikent said...

So what does 'x' equal? And talking of that M chap, is it not offensive for the Mo olympic anglo -somalian athlete fella to corrupt the name of this guy that he is named after? Surely that is disrespectful, why have not the multiculturalists said so? V Strange!

Anonymous said...

The supreme crime of this evil film is that it states the TRUTH.BNP member.Orwell In a world of universal deciet, to state the truth is a revoluationary act

Musa Kocaman said...

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ridhmie said...

It is not about cheap or expensive film. It is about the purity of all Muslims'prophet. What if Muslims insult your God. Assurely you will be quite angry. The same thing goes to Muslims all around the world. We'll not scold the film creator if they really know nothing about Islam, but if they mindfully created it, then what had happened now are due of that...

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