Thursday, 13 September 2012

What a sickening and despicable spectacle this blog post in the Telegraph is. In it, we get to actually see the ruminations of the elite ("a broadcaster for BBC Radio 4") as they gloat about how the combination of oppressive state power and informal, if state-sanctioned, violence is used to suppress organised political opposition to the European Genocide.

The fact that comments are turned off, as they also are in any post related to Breivik, only makes it all the more contemptible. We, the elite, laugh in your face as we destroy your civilisation. And you don't even get the chance to talk back.


daithikent said...

This state, its media, its regulators stink. And its official! Banksters & politicians - crooks all of em. You can feel the oppression. It really is of little wonder that people are pissed off and that in our recent past the pissed off have taken up arms against these overlords. Dismantle it peacefully I say - while allowing for difference of opinion of course :)

Anne said...

It will catch up to the elites eventually. By then it will be too late, I fear.

Zimri said...

I see that the Telegraph closed its comments. Fortunately I did locate a link to the staff meeting where that decision was made

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