Wednesday, 26 September 2012
But...does anyone know what Mohammed looks like?

Spain's satirical magazine, El Jueves, has decided to join the Mohammed fray to show support for Charlie Hebdo. This week the magazine's front page shows several potential Mohammed look-alikes attending a police line-up.

José Luis Martín, member of the editorial board and employee of the magazine, responded as follows when asked about fear of reprisals: "It's not a dish that tastes good, but we cannot remain silent. We humourists cannot self-censor every time there is a danger of a violent response".
Source: El Mundo

See here for details images of the cartoon.


Anonymous said...

Considering this OT link affects the whole world, I'll just leave this here.


Timmy said...

United States should fund black ops to put Muhammad images and videos out in the world, keeping the source secret or diverted, and essentially keep the so-called Muslim world in a virtually constant state of freak-out. The second they stop rioting and killing one another about some video or picture or story mocking Islam or Muhammad, boom, put another out there to get the merry-go-round going again. This way, they will either eventually tire of being perpetually provoked into freak-out mode, or they will just all kill themselves in a fit of Satanic rage. The West must directly combat and confront and deal with the exact problem of Islam, per se. And since Western logic and educated debate means absolutely positively zero to Muslims, only a strategy and tactic such as this will work.

Anonymous said...

This is the only way that this 'protest' nonsense can be defeated. Comedians, cartoonists, filmakers etc.. need to utilise their freedom of speech to question & challenge the 'religion of peace' at every opportunity. The West cannot be cowed by threats of violence or cave in to ridiculous new blasphemy laws. We are by nature secular democracies and the many many millions who do not believe in sky fairies or their 'prophets' cannot be bound by laws which effectively gag them from commenting on religion - ANY religion!

Anonymous said...

Two men in "democratic" Britain were imprisoned for distributing a comic book called TALES OF THE HOLOHOAX. Details at The same British politicians who condemn the attacks on the Muhammad cartoons either support their imprisonment or remain silent. What has happened to freedom of expression? The "offensive" comic book is free online.

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