Friday, 21 September 2012
Slogans insulting non-Muslims (the "infidels") have appeared in the main Muslim districts in Ceuta today, as a result of the situation that is occurring because of the anti-Mohammed video filmed in the USA.

The peripheral districts of Príncipe Alfonso, Poblado de Regulares and the area close to the Sidi Embarek mosque featured insulting graffiti this morning, the main ones being close to a church and the Franciscan Brotherhood of the White Cross.

Messages such as "Infieles de mierda" [Shit infidels] or "Nuestro profeta sigue existiendo"[Our prophet still exists] filled various walls today in the population centres inhabited mainly by Ceutans of the Muslim faith.
Source: El Correo


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Their "prophet" is brown bread, and no amount of rioting and murdering will bring him back.

Anonymous said...


I know you have Scottish connections. You will be interested to know if you don't already that 200 Muslims demonstrated outside the Scottish Parliament and they were addressed by a Scottish non-Muslim MSP who expressed his disgust at the US youtube movie. The Muslims had placards saying "No religion should be insulted" ! Got that ? So now the Muslims will allow Christians complete equality of religion in Islamic countries and will cease from destroying churches, killing Christians and burning Bibles. They will also stop references in the Quran to Jesus not being the Son of God and denying his resurrection. The suras that urge hatred against Christians and Jews will be removed. Of course.

Also the Pakis are placing a petition on religious hate laws with the Scottish parliament. But they say they are all for free speech ! As long as it's speech they don't find offensive, LOL. All the hate laws in Scotland will strangle free speech.

Then the editor of an Arabic newspaper in London was speaking in the same BBC Scotland report saying the banning of the Youtube film and similar things which offend Muslims should be put into law. The reasoning he used referred to holocaust denial being a law in some countries ! The irony of the fact that Ahmedinejad and Hamas have stated that they want to exterminate Israel was obviously not considered.

I should add that the demo in Edinburgh was according to the report peaceful and not angry.

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