Friday, 7 September 2012

This is a great idea. Use the rhetoric and rituals of the multicult elite against them. Force them to see that establishment persecution of political dissidents in Europe is no different morally from establishment persecution of political dissidents in China, Russia, Iran, etc., and that only their own ideological blindness prevents them from seeing it.

This is just a single event organised by Lyonnais nationalists. It would be good to see the idea taken up Europe-wide by those resisting the islamisation of the continent and the European Genocide more generally. We could organise a specific Day of Action in different countries. Compiling a list of all European political prisoners would be a good start.



alas said...

This would be a really good idea. A big question would have to be how to get it out there to the people, so that people other than those who already know about this situation will hear of it. The only way I can think of is through a march or maybe a few of them scattered around Europe, it's not as if the mainstream media would pick the story up any other way.

Zimri said...

Here's another patriot arrested for racism, in Staffordshire. That would be the county my grandfather was born in; his ancestors too.

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