Sunday, 9 September 2012

At first sight this story may seem comical. But it shows how far-reaching state-orchestrated thought control now is.
Two female police officers have been sacked after a colleague recorded them having a conversation in which one likened black people to gorillas and monkeys.

Special Constable Rosanna Garofalo and WPC Joanna Sugda were in the changing room at Islington Police Station in March when a colleague left an iPhone on record in her locker at work.

When the recording was played back, Garofalo was heard saying that black people 'all look the f*****g same. They all look like monkeys.'

A disciplinary hearing heard how the officer said she could never sleep with a black man and that her boyfriend wouldn't be interested in black women as they 'look like gorillas'.

Describing another officer, she added that she had 'a face like a gorilla', that she was 'f*****g ugly'.
Source: Daily Mail

What is being expressed here is nothing more than aesthetic preference. It is no different morally from saying, "I like Beethoven, but I don't like Wagner." If a woman finds the physiognomic features of the negro to be repellent, she is entitled to that feeling as much as she is entitled to prefer tall men over short men or thin over fat.

Also note that this was a private conversation, overheard by no one, only the machine that recorded it. So they were not "abusing" anyone. Morally, it was no different to having a private conversation in their own homes. But now they have lost their jobs because of it.


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Sounds like a possible breach of interception / bugging laws (?). The "bugger" might have a case to answer.

Maria José said...

"I'm ready to become a suicide bomber": Chilling confession of 7/7 attacker's widow

Fugitive wife of Jermaine Lindsay reveals horrific plan in online poem where she says she is “breathing ­Jihad”

Caturo said...

Nobody expects the Anti-Racist Inquisition!
But this time is not a joke, like in Monty Python's sketches.

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