Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rachid Nekkaz, the Muslim "entrepreneur" who has offered to pay the fines of all women convicted of wearing a burka in France, is now seeking to acquire a 51% controlling interest in Charlie Hebdo, according to a post on his blog.

"Given that the magazine Charlie Hebdo is feeling the full force of the crisis which is affecting the entire French press, I think it is important to preserve and perpetuate the satirical character of the magazine Charlie Hebdo", he writes.

Specifically, he offers to inject 700,000 euros into the magazine immediately, and more if needed. "Considering the magazine's liabilities and debt, this operation could be beneficial to Charlie Hebdo because it simultaneously guarantees both the independence of its editorial line and a certain financial stability," declares Mr Nekkaz.

"At a time when the magazine is the declared target of extremist islamists on all sides, it is not inopportune that Charlie Hebdo's board of directors should welcome a shareholder of Muslim culture into its midst."
Source: SaphirNews


Timmy said...

Perhaps this guy does have the right intentions but looking long term at the problem of Islam in the West, rich Muslims could buy a publication like this and just close it down. A sort of nice clean way to deal with a publication that publishes material Muslims don't like. One way or another, freedom of speech will NEVER survive the presence of Islam within the West. Whether it is by mere threats, actual violence, or economic warfare, the West will not win the battle with Islam if Islam is within our borders.

Anonymous said...

He MUST BE LYING! He has offered to pay the fines of burqa-clad muslim women, yet he says he wants Charlie Hebdo to maintain its independence, "to preserve and perpetuate the satirical character of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Are you kidding me?? Tell me what would happen if he had controlling interest.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Camel Nose In The Tent tale.


j said...

Or he could be a weird "libertarian" Muslim who actually thinks that it it dumb to fine burka wearers while, at the same time, thinking that satire needs to be protected.


"Charlie"is a fool if he falls for this one,and what about the contract that the wog mafia already has out on the editorial staff?names and addresses of all concerned in the production of the magazine,thier families,relatives,busineses is certain to constrain thier satirical output,if not lead to many deaths.

hellosnackbar said...

I've been saying for years that satire directed at Muslims will lead to the atrophy of
the Islamic death cult.
Young Muslims will eventually become apostates when they become a popular victim of ridicule.( of course some of the more idiotic ones may indulge in suicide bombing?)

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