Sunday, 9 September 2012

Presentation of floral tributes to the Virgin of the Valley, Salamanca's patron saint

At this time of year many Spanish cities and towns (and districts within larger conurbations that were once independent entities) host celebrations to honour their patron saints. I've been attending some of Salamanca's celebrations in honour of the city's patron saint, La Virgen de la Vega (Virgin of the Valley) and found them quite moving. It struck me that tangible expressions of tradition of this type are part of what gives a community strength; they embody the sense of rootedness of the people; and serve to inoculate them against dangerous mind viruses like multiculturalism or Mohammedanism.

But could such traditions survive the onslaught of a Muslim presence? The answer comes not from Salamanca, but Madrid, where the Festival of Alcorcón is currently taking place.

This is what celebrations to honour a patron saint look like in a city that hasn't been destroyed by Muslim colonisation.

Here's what they look like in one that has:
The Festival of Alcorcón turned into a scene of a mass brawl this morning, resulting in fifteen wounded to various degrees, four of them by bladed weapons, and the detention of two people for public disorder and attacks on public officials.

According to details sources within the Senior Police Headquarters, at 3.15 am a call indicated the presence of a person wounded by a bladed weapon in the vicinity of the festival area. The victim was a young Moroccan man in an irregular situation [illegal, in other words] with a record of three prior police matters.

When agents of the National Police presented themselves at the scene of the facts, a brawl began when a group of jeunes [I think the French word deserves to be internationalised now] in the vicinity started to throw bottles at the agents.

During the altercation, the agents tried to protect themselves with helmets and shields, as well as the medics who were attending the victim at that time, while moments of tension were occurring in the neighbourhood with people running away from the incident, according to witness who were present.

The events resulted in a total of fifteen wounded, four of them by bladed weapons.

The pitched battle originated in the confrontation of two groups of North Africans, whose members had been checked by the local police in the centre of Alcorcón one day previously.
Source: 20Minutos H/T: Maria José


Anonymous said...

DP wrote..

These festivals in Spain are essentially religious festivals. It will be argued by the Leftists, that in secular multicultural Europe, these festivals are insensitive and provocative.

A few more confrontations with Muslim jeunes, will eventually lead to banning the festivals.

Anonymous said...

We are going to "tolerate" ourselves right into extinction. Enough is enough. Fight back!

R Nanjappa said...

This is a problem we Hindus in India face , too. In many places with a muslim presence, we are not allowed to freely celebrate our festivals in public, with a procession, by a govt. which calls itself secular, but funds the Haj pilgrimage of the muslims!
India is the only country in the world which has continuously faced the muslim problem for a thousand years but escaped wholesale conversion. Just see how jittery the US became after one 9/11, but there is no count of the Hindu temples destroyed/occupied by the muslims. But we had to pay a price by sufffering our country to be divided, creating a muslim Pakistan. In spite of it, there are more muslims in India today than in Pakistan! This is a time-bomb ticking. Unfortunately, few Westerners understand this and they generally support the muslims, for they are all "children of the Book". So, as a Hindu I really feel a sort of satisfaction when Europeans face problems from muslims. Wearer alone knows where and how the shoe pinches.

Anonymous said...

fucking muslims. they destroying whole world. specially Great European culture.. We should fight back soon...

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