Monday, 3 September 2012
Only male traffic wardens are now active in the mosque area in Palma's Pere Garau district. Dornier, the company responsible for the concession, made the decision after various incidents occurred. Female employees were insulted by men who were visiting the mosque, the company said.

Initially it was decided that the traffic wardens would patrol the neighbouring streets in twos. But because of a lack of staff it was ultimately decided to withdraw the female traffic wardens.

The charges were disputed in the Muslim Association of the Balearics. At no time was the city council asked to withdrawn female traffic wardens, they said. They respected the women and their work. However, many visitors to the mosque were angered by the tickets. The parking situation was difficult, they said, and many of the fauthful were unemployed.
Source: Mallorca Zeitung Via: Kybeline


Anonymous said...

Germany: Muslims have made "Jew" a dirty word again, Muslims also denigrate their Christian classmates as "unclean" for eating pork, call German women "whores" and "sluts".

Gary Rumain said...

Should have given the women guns instead.

Infidel Task Force said...

I agree Gary!!

Anonymous said...

round up each and every muzzer and send them to a hell-hole of their choice - they create trouble wherever they go and only ever have loyalty to allah and his Satanic morals !

Anonymous said...

Where Islam and Sharia Law go, Freedom goes away.

ElenaG said...

Pack 'em up, send 'em back fm whence they came!

If you don't like European rules, then leave. We are not trying to remake Arabia in our image.

Anonymous said...

"and many of the fauthful were unemployed" (addendum - and on social welfare). And are we supposed to be surprised by this fact?

Anonymous said...

thanks to the fluffy liberals one day we will all have to go and pray in a mosque or be decapitated

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