Monday, 3 September 2012
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - Racist

Last week I was brought up short by two casual remarks in widely different contexts. The first was on the Radio 4 programme The Reunion. British Asians remembered, 40 years on, their expulsion from Uganda. Idi Amin had seized power and accused the prosperous Asians, whose forefathers came over during British colonial rule, of “sabotaging” the economy. They had 90 days to leave, taking only £50 and two suitcases apiece.

The parallel with German Jews in the 1930s is obvious: so is the story of how the exiles prospered. It was a cheerful, if nostalgic gathering round that studio table but one sentence pricked like barbed wire. It was from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a left-liberal journalist of strident anti-racist views: a woman who wrote that Princess Diana was probably murdered by the Establishment for dating Dodi Fayed: “To her we were never the barely tolerated aliens. She even fell in love with one of ours. And that was another reason she had to die.”

Yet she remembered this of Uganda and its capital: “We loathed — most of us, not all of us — there was a loathing of black-skinned people. Kampala in the evening became an Indian city. It belonged to us.”

The programme hastened past this shocking frankness and on to the safe, familiar ground of head-shaking at British racism against the immigrants. But there was something sourly refreshing about hearing such a PC voice lightly remembering a “loathing” of black skins and calling a piece of Africa “an Indian city” once the actual Africans went home. An awful sentiment, but an honest memory.
Source: The Times (£)

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has done more to retrospectively rehabilitate the reputation of Idi Amin than anyone in history. Whenever anyone sees this foul harridan engaging in one of her anti-British, anti-European rants, the thought that maybe Idi Amin had something of a point springs spontaneously to mind. Hopefully she will one day be expelled from Britain, too. If so, perhaps, once securely ensconced in her new perch, she will admit that “We loathed — most of us, not all of us — there was a loathing of the indigenous Brits. In the evening, Tower Hamlets, Bradford, Luton, became Asian cities. They belonged to us.”


sheik yer'mami said...

AB is a nasty, hateful rat, like... just about all Paki muslims. Doesn't matter if they're African born or British born; the mental baggage, the entitlement mentality, the delusional sense of supremacy, remains the same.

We really need to round 'em all up and ship 'em out to the hell they have created in Pakistan and Bangladesh. We need to let 'em soak and drown in it.


There is no such thing as a "british-asian"it is a pc concoction,designed to denigrate the indigenous peoples to the status of just another bunch of wogs in England,they can only be "asian"for Englishness is composed of blood and genetics and culture,which they will never possess,it is not confered by a piece of paper.

DMS0001 said...

You do not have to wait to hear her say, she loathed us. She has already admitted openly in the media, she wishes we whites were extinct, how she hates us.
A question prior to 2009, that was put to her on Dateline London.

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"

To which Alibhai-Brown replied:

"I don't like them. I want them to be the lost species in 100 years".

Ben Fernandes said...

Her Arrogance is at par with some of the racist white people I meet.They may be old,infirm and terminally ill on their last legs so to speak but the pride is there.They look at "wogs" as sub human,infact they are no different to some Muslims.

Anonymous said...

This woman is married to a white person yet she wants his race to be extinct in a 100 years !

Disgusting self centered wretch.

Anonymous said...

Yes we Indians in Uganda treated Africans as
second class citizens. Never allowed our women to date Africans, yet it was o.k. to date African women.
See what happens when an Indian girl wants to marry a black man in England.
Open your eyes. Indians are racists.

Anonymous said...

Date African women?
You are obviously an African. If you married an Indain girl will she be your City wife,Village wife, or Bar wife.

Sorry buddy boy but our cultures are galaxies apart. It simply ain't gonna happen. Just live with it.

Anonymous said...

That is why Britian is called Great Britian

Anonymous said...

I'm Indian, and I have a British passport. I know I love England way more than some of its "indigenous people"; my loyalty is to Britain, not India. It's because I have seen the world and understand how precious British democracy is. Indigenous British people have nothing to compare England with and so they think it's the worst place on Earth. Wake up - England is so much more than you think it is.
P.s. Englishness is not composed of blood or genetics, but only of culture. And I assure you that even as a British-Asian (yes I'm British first) I'm probably a lot more "cultured" than some of the Brits you know yourself.

hellosnackbar said...

You are probably right Mr Anonymous Indian.
The silly title of Asian is applied to people as a euphemism for Pakis.
An educated Sikh lady whom I know told me she would rather die of rabies than be forced to marry a Muslim.
There seems to be little publicity regarding the antipathy that non Muslim Asians hold with respect to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is on the payroll of the loathsome PLO- they do have $50 billion or so to play their evil games with.
Or perhaps she is just insane. Islam is filth- dirty lies spread by beasts -wife beating, women hating, child molesting vile cockroaches whose evil terror has been spread across all the undeveloped nations.
Thank goodness for Israel- the only jewel in the sewer that is the middle east.
Islam is cancer rationalism is the cure-ban all religion,then we are finished with the kiddie fiddlers, liars and fraudsters

Anonymous said...

She came here in her 20s so she is hardly british but she really wants to be because her own muslim countries are all in a mess without much human rights India worse place in world to live if your woman UN report and for the other muslim countries lawless runs wild. she is not british and never will be you have to be white and your heritage has to go back 100s of years to be truly british she has no chance but she trys because she loves are free Christian values and are way of life and are law.

Ayesha said...

Toddlers having little hilarious tantrums! Ha ha!

turd said...

Actually her first husband was a Pakistani who left her for a younger blond woman, thats why she is making that statement.

turd said...

You azz turd, Idi Amin and political trash raped Indian women and then they use to sexually abuse them in public while they were humiliated and asking somebody to please help, in which Alibhai was a victim of herself.

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