Saturday, 15 September 2012

Turkey- Curse of the World (in Russian)

A documentary called "Turkey - Curse of the World" has been banned in Russia due to court action by the Turkish government. The documentary is highly critical of both Islam and Turkey and argues that Turkey destroyed the Byzantine empire and has had a profoundly negative effect on world history, extending into the present day.

As HellasFrappe notes, it is curious that this ban has not provoked hysterics from western do-gooders, a la PussyRiot.

Sources: HellasFrappe HaberMonitor

Most of the non-Russian sources for this story seem to be in Greek. It would be good to know more about it. Unfortunately my knowledge of Russian and Greek is too limited to be of much help.


daithikent said...

How can we ban Turkey? I know no Russian or Greek only that Turkey should be eaten by good Christians!

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