Thursday, 6 September 2012
Alex "Inshallah" Salmond and Humza "The Paki" Yousaf, both pretending to be Scottish nationalists

Following a government reshuffle, Humza "the Paki" Yousaf becomes Scotland's first Muslim government minister, having only been an MSP for one year. I have written about Yousaf extensively on my other blog, The Jihad in Scotland, documenting his ties to "Hamas terror commander", Mohammed Sawalha, and to Islamic radicalism more generally. Yousaf's career seems to glide down a gilded track to such an extent that you are forced to entertain conspiracy theories to explain it. He is a man of no obvious talent. He has many troubling skeletons in his closet, which the Scottish press resolutely refuse to mention. He is given favourable treatment in so many ways that it seems truly bizarre. For example, the Scottish television channel STV gave him a blog on its website, a privilege it extended to no other politician of any party. In 2008, when he was 22 years old, and before he had held any political office, the US government paid $6,710.32 for him to attend its International Visitor Leadership Programme, intended for grooming "promising" foreigners who have been marked out as future political leaders. This is yet another example of the US government weirdly favouring the cause of Islamic radicals.

Unlike most politicians, Yousaf doesn't even face the problem of having to get himself elected, something it's very unlikely he would be able to do in any part of Scotland. Thanks to the system of proportional representation used in Scotland, and his top placement on the Scottish National Party's Glasgow regional list, Yousaf is absolutely guaranteed a position as an MSP, rendering him completely immune to the verdict of the people. He was appointed, not elected. Of course, this doesn't stop him stomping around, claiming to speak for the people of Glasgow when he demands the banning of Scottish Defence League marches.

I don't know what's more absurd: the fact that Scotland's Minister for External Affairs and International Development has ties to Hamas; or the fact that Scotland has a Minister for External Affairs and International Development at all. Scottish taxpayers are being gouged twice over for this foreign aid lark. Because Scottish public spending is a fixed proportion of UK spending, they are paying, through their taxes, for UK foreign aid and, now, simply to indulge Alex Salmond's sense of grandiosity, for Scottish foreign aid on top of that. It is absurd that Scotland, which is not an independent sovereign nation, is spending money on this. Within the United Kingdom, it has the same dependent status as a state government compared to the federal government of the USA. And, if you examine the foreign aid initiatives the Scottish government has actually been undertaking, almost all of them seem to end up going to Islam-dominated countries, like Pakistan or the Maldives.
The new Minister for External Affairs and International Development, Humza Yousaf, is widely viewed as one of the brightest of the SNP’s intake from the party’s 2011 landslide election victory.

Mr Yousaf’s elevation to the ministerial ranks means that the 27-year-old becomes the first Muslim minister since the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. But what has marked Mr Yousaf out since his election as an MSP last year is his status as one of Alex Salmond’s favoured sons and his high profile in the media.

He previously worked in Mr Salmond’s constituency office in Peterhead. He also worked for the first Muslim MSP, the late Bashir Ahmad, as well as formerSNP MSP Anne McLaughlin. He was also a communications officer at the SNP headquarters in Edinburgh ahead of his election as an MSP.
Source: The Scotsman


southwood said...

How heartwarmingly multicultural to see this Pakistani proudly attired in the kilt. Aye right. Salmond is a clueless PC politician and an enemy of Scotland as witness his forcing same sex marriage on the Scottish people despite the majority being against it. Even if it is not a majority why should kids in school have to be taught this type of sexuality and, now marriage, is acceptable ? Why will teachers have to put their careers in jeopardy if they don't in conscience want to teach it ? Also I notice Scottish school pupils are being sent to check out mosques. But, of course, SECTARIANISM is Scotland's real shame isn't it, Alex ?

Anonymous said...

So when did they celebrate having a Christian, Atheist,Buddhist or Hindu MSP. Did they show their joy, enthusiasm for those of differing religions. I shall not hold my breath waiting. What is it with the mentally deluded mind of these people, that they have multiple orgasms at the thought of promoting a devout practising individual of a particularly nasty, viscous, violent, aggressive, hypocritical religion, when history shows what fundamentalists have done in the name of that religion.

Unknown said...

What is it ---- what f****ing mysterious thing ---- is it about Islam which makes politicians around the world pander to it, despite knowing its barbaric track record?

What mental trick does the Religion of Piss (Not "Peace") play on its enemies that they become purring dhimmi pussies, paving the way for their own eventual extermination?

How on earth it is possible for Salmond to ignore this Paki jerk's Hamas connections, and appoint him a Minister?

Beats me. Completely. As I am sure it does millions of others who watch the bacabre dance of the cult of death aka Islam playing out under the cover of democratic electoral politics.

Anonymous said...

Alex salmond and his SNP are the true enemies of the Scottish people, unfortunatley the proud Scots are blinded by romantic thoughts of nationalism and therefore cannot see this fat wee man wants to Islamize all of Scotland.

Humza Yousaf is an enemy of Scotland and any non muslim within Scotland and worldwide, like any other good Muslim? He desires for the worldwide Islamic caliphate and for Scotland to become a Northern outpost of the UMMAH, Glasgow has been flooded in recent years by countless Islamic migrants, Dundee and Edinburgh too and to a lesser extent Aberdeen etc etc. When will the good people of Scotland wake up and recognise the enemies in our midst who slowly work towards total control of what was once a beautiful country.

alas said...

Anonymous 12.20, I totally agree. I am completely perplexed at how Scottish nationalists can want to become independent from the UK so much but are completely fine with being flooded by alien third-worlders.

I assume the reason they want independence is because they like Scotland, and feel that to be more Scottish you need independence. Whilst I disagree with that, I can understand it. But I can't understand how they want these things, but are completely fine with the Scotland of 2100 or 2200 having probably NO WHITE PEOPLE at all. They should seek to preserve Scotland not totally transform it. At the end of the day what difference does it make that your decisions are taken in Edinburgh instead of London, if all your kin folk have been wiped out by people who look so different to you?

ItinerantView said...

The 'Islamic tartan'Hmza and his co-religionists inveted features a colur to symbolise the Kaaba in Mecca,A place whwere 99 percent of Scottish people are forbidden to visit.
I can't believe they weren't aware of this fact.
The SNP favour unlimited immigration,they also want Scotland to be an insignificant Northern region ruled by committee from Brussels,Which of course has plans to flood Europe with another 20 million immigrants,most from Muslims countries.
The house of Saud has invested £20 million in an Islamic centre in Edinburgh university.
Academics,civil servants and politicians who can't get enough of this brutal,oppressive regimes petro dollars should be up on charges of treason.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the time will come to eradicate our politicians because their servility is becoming too sickly in favour of Islam. All of us, English, Welsh, Scottish and Europe need to get ready to organise ourselves to take Islam on. The way things are going, it is inevitable.

Muslim money is buying the authorities, and its this venal element that is allowing them to gain ground.

We need to pull out of the EU and start the process of deportation. Our politicians should be indicted for treason. We will eventually rise and stop this. We do NOT want Islam here.

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