Monday, 3 September 2012
Greece's Golden Dawn gains support as other parties fall
By Katerina Nikolas

A new political poll published in Greece shows that support for each of the main political parties has fallen since the June 17 election. The only party to make a significant gain is Golden Dawn, increasing its share of the vote from 6.92 to 8.6 percent.

The latest poll shows that support for the far-left has declined over the summer, whilst the far-right has gained support. Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) has come out of nowhere to become the fourth largest political party in Greece, with a larger support base than the Democratic Left which forms part of the coalition government.

This is in spite of concerted efforts in the international press to depict Golden Dawn as neo-Nazi, while supporters view it as nationalistic rather than extreme. The party maintains the attempts to malign them are not only ridiculous slander but libelous, noting the Greek people now understand correctly that they are a Nationalistic movement. Their continued distribution of food to needy Greeks suffering under austerity measures, has gained them support, though their efforts have been criticized as they only provide food to Greek citizens.

The contrasting figures are published below (election results from Keep Talking Greece)

New Democracy June 17 election results 29.66 Current 24.8, SYRIZA 26.89 (22.8), PASOK 12.28 (9.8), Golden Dawn 6.92 (8.6 ), Independent Greeks 7.51 (6.8), Democratic Left 6.26(5.2), Communists KKE 4.50 (4.7 percent.)

The poll, published by Proto Thema, also shows less than 30 percent are happy with the current government. The most popular political leader remains Fotis Kouvelis, leader of the Democratic Left, while Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras has a 34 percent approval rating.

The Communists and far-left objections to Operation "Xenios Zeus" to tackle the problem of illegal immigration has left their approval ratings plummeting as Proto Thema notes the operation has raised expectations amongst Greeks that the "huge social problem" it creates is being addressed.

With social unrest expected in September as new austerity measures are introduced and taxes raised again, support for Golden Dawn is likely to increase as they develop their political style. Actions appeal to voters and Golden Dawn's on the ground work assisting to fight the many fires that have raged through Greece this summer; their support for Greek citizens that have suffered from crime; and their increasing network of local offices to provide necessary support are likely to see their support soon enter double digits.
Source: Digital Journal


Anonymous said...

Feeding the native population and protecting them from foreign criminals? Insisting that social benefits be reserved for the citizens whose taxes paid for them? Supporting the enforcement of immigration laws? How dare they! This is a fascist violation of everything that the EU and the UN stand for! This must be stopped immediately, or we'll all be goosestepping into Poland before you can say "Adolf Hitler"!

Anonymous said...

The economy will continue to rapidly deteriorate in Greece and the current coalition government is unable and useless to improve things. The situation is depressing with 30+% unemployment rate. Most young people are unemployed and the few who have a job are part time employed with wages that are very low compared to the high living costs. Athens is a very expensive city for food, transport, rent, etc. Now, health and education are on the verge of collapse because of spending cuts. Furthermore, there is a huge problem with crime because of the mass illegal immigration of pakis and other islamists. Athens looks like a third world city because of the huge concentration of third worlders. Streets smell of urine because pakis and blacks piss on the streets. Sidewalks are occupied by pakis who sell counterfeit goods. Numerous African prostitutes with HIV are seen on central locations and offer sex for a few euros. The buses are full of pakis who smell like shit. Athens is frightening. The problem will become worse because more illegals are coming. So Golden dawn will become more stronger because the problems will become even worse, and all the other political parties are corrupted, useless, politically correct.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how a city could deteriorate so rapidly in a few years. Athens was relatively safe until the Olympic games. There were some illegals in the CBD but not as many as to become very visible. After 2005, the influx of Muslims started to increase dramatically and the response of the government and of most people was apathetic. Most people didn't even know about Islam. It was a taboo to even call pakis as illegal immigrants. The political correct press and the politicians called them "refugees" and "economic immigrants" even though they were illegal immigrants who violated the law and invade Greece. If anyone criticized illegal immigration was called a "fascist". Year after year, whole neighborhoods were islamized and many suburbs and rural areas started to change. Crime increased to very high levels, and the quality of life deteriorated. Then the crisis started and many incidents of violent protests by islamists started to change the attitude of Greeks.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's very interesting to hear first-hand accounts.


It is heartening to see a nationalist party,for once do what it is supposed to do,look after its own people.If the so called "nationalist"parties in England,began to defend,feed,and generally look after the English people,they would be in power very quickly,rather than argue about who is or who is not a patriot,they should take a leaf out of golden dawns book,and make the people not politics thier main focus.oh for a party like that!

Red Rose said...

The descriptions by Anonymous 15:14 & 15:35 of present-day Greece as a third world country is grim. It is the fate of all Western countries unless civilized Westerners find their lost courage and take action against the 7th century barbaric invaders. Urgently.

Anne said...

A wave of Syrian refugees will be next.

Anonymous said...

I am from Athens. Athens was peaceful and safe until the early 00's. The suburbs of Athens were even safer. The only foreigners were albanians and eastern Europeans. In rural Greece people used to sleep with unlocked doors. Then a huge influx of Muslims came mainly from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia etc. Smaller numbers of illegals are blacks from Nigeria who are drug traffickers and pimps. Approximately 95% of illegals are males and muslims. Central Athens is now a third world Islamic ghetto with many no go areas. Some working class Athenian suburbs have a relatively high amount of pakis who live in large groups in small rundown apartments. Even small rural towns and some Aegean islands have many Pakistanis now. Greece is being colonised. The current government is weak, and unable to stop illegal immigration (the police has searched 20,000 foreigners, arrested 2,000 and deported 150 but everyday 300 new illegal immigrants enter Greece) and the multicultural leftist opposition wants to legalize all immigrants.

Golden dawn was founded 20 years ago and was a small fringe far right group with only a few members. Now it is very popular especially with young people who are unemployed and are fed up with the colonisation of Greece by islamists. Golden dawn is very active in parliament sessions but is also even more active in Greek society. It distributes food to Greek people and has opened recruitment offices to try to find jobs for unemployed greeks. It even helps Greek people who are the minority in ghetto neighborhoods and have problems with Muslims. The problem with golden dawn is that it has a militaristic ideology and that makes some Greeks to not see golden dawn favorably. If Greece had a political party similar to Freedom party in Netherlands with a charismatic leader as Wilders it would be easy to even form a government. But golden dawn's extremist tendencies keep moderate voters away even if those voters are against illegal immigration. Moreover , golden dawn is anti-Israel and that could cause isolation if the party gets close to form a government in the future.

It's difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but now Greece is in a total mess

Red Rose said...

Anonymous 09:34
The situation in Greece you have described is a tragedy. Heartbreaking. Every country the muhammedans swarm into turns into a barbaric 3rd-world hell-hole. And politicians appease them. I just cannot see any way of ridding our countries of the millions of invaders. We have been disarmed and are vulnerable. The future of civilization is perilous.

alas said...

Even though Golden Dawn might be too extreme to win a majority of votes at the moment, it is probably the case that it is at least making their politics and extreme views more mainstream as every day passes so that eventually the whole political ground will shift rightwards and these views will be more acceptable to speak of, and because our side has the true answers to question not even being asked right now, that is good news.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone...When I look around I can see how the city of Los Angeles, California has in many instances taken the same route of Athens. Paraphrasing the previous Anonymous: "It is amazing how a city could deteriorate so rapidly in a few years...". And that goes for New York, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Houston... on and on... By simply observing the scene you can see how we are becoming a Third World country... And if it is less noticeable here than in other places it might be because we still hold a greater amount of accumulated resources. But those resources will someday become finite.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion,the members of Golden Dawn are very brave & real patriots, facing the hard reality of Greece, taking care of their country*s problems which are huge!!! It is absolutely normal to feed, support & protect only their own people, as the majority of thousands of emigrants who entered Greece, mainly commited crimes & created serious problems to the local society. I strongly believe that each citizen has the right to live safe in his/her own country & protect the national culture against *well designed political plans of various countries instability*!!! The Greeks must protect their country & society and fight against all their enemies, to keep their everlasting glory & fame!!!

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