Saturday, 8 September 2012

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias on Saturday ordered authorities to file charges against supporters of neofacist Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) as well as two of the party’s deputies, Giorgos Germenis and Panayiotis Iliopoulos, following an attack on immigrants’ stalls at a church fate in Rafina, northeast of Athens, on Friday night.

The action could lead to the MPs having their parliamentary immunity lifted.

Footage posted on the party’s official website from the day shows about 40 Golden Dawn supporters, clad in black t-shirts and with many carrying Greek flags, requesting that migrant vendors outside the Panaghia Pantovasilissa Church show them their residence permits.

In the same footage a group of people is seen violently pulling apart one of the stalls and smashing the merchandise.
The two deputies, who joined the procession of the icon, suggested in the video that they felt it was their duty to step in where the police had failed to do so by rooting out illegal vendors.

According to ministry sources, the deputies could be charged with usurping authority and damaging property.

Meanwhile, the party vowed to continue raids targeting migrant street traders without permits. A statement posted on the Golden Dawn website said raids would continue across the country, until authorities “decide to do their job and stop encouraging illegality.”

Different footage posted on the website showed a so-called Golden Dawn “unit,” led by MP Costas Barbarousis, carrying out a similar raid in Messolonghi, western Greece, destroying three market stalls.

“We are fighting illegal commerce,” Barbarousis said, criticizing police for failing to carry out inspections. “These efforts will continue, because we cannot treat those who pay [for a license] as idiots, while others get away without paying.”

A VPRC survey published last week showed the party, which won 18 seats in Parliament in the June 17 elections with 6.97 percent of the vote, polling at 12 percent.
Source: Ekathimerini


Maria José said...

Sweden: African Muslim migrant in Sweden compose a song to Swedes “you can all die, die, die – I will stick a knife in your pussy”

Anonymous said...

Fntastic website, and you have found a new reader. Bookmarked and will pass site on to my friends,,,Oh Thumbs up for Golden dawn
Aberdeen NF

Anonymous said...

While I understand their indignation and frustration with the police let's not forget these are fascists and no friends of freedom. They are inciting the law of the jungle. Everything needs to be done using the legitimate authorities. They remind me of the Nazis, using the ballot and violence.

Anonymous said...

It is said the ancient Greeks used a simple method to stop the multiplication of ‘laws.’ Perhaps we should try it on our Congress. Anyone wishing to propose a new law had to do so while standing on a platform with a rope around his neck. If the law was passed, the rope was removed. If the law was voted down, the platform was removed.” — “John Galt,” Dreams Come Due: Government And Economics As If Freedom Mattered

Anonymous said...

"let's not forget these are fascists and no friends of freedom."

you mean the illegal aliens don't you?

Timmy said...

At this point, ultimately, there will be no possible way for the West to save itself, both from illegal third world immigration and from Islamization. The only possible scenario to saving the West will involve individual citizens banning together to fight. They will be severely outgunned as the state will be on the side of the illegal immigrants and Muslims. So while the simple presence of Islam in the West makes future civil wars a absolute certainty, the real problem for those wishing to save Western civilization will be that the various governments, state, local and federal will all with very few exceptions be fighting against the citizens and historic peoples of the West. The future truly is bleak, there is very little hope the West can be saved.

Anonymous said...

Athens is full of pakis who sell counterfeit goods in the sidewalks. There is a mafia who controls the illegal trade of counterfeit goods and has billions of profits every year. There are many warehouses in rundown areas of Athens where police has found thousands of illegal products. They can't combat illegal trade unless they deport all illegals. The source of the problem is the presence of third worlders

Anne said...

And that mafia probably doesn't care who it deals with, in the way of criminals the world over. The fault lies with the Greek govt and the EU who are too wimpish to even fence the border with Turkey, never mind deport these illegals.

Anonymous said...

In the late 90's there were a few Africans who sold CD's and other crappy stuff like fake sunglasses. In the middle 00's many pakis arrived and started to sell all kinds of counterfeit goods. Now all of central Athens looks like a third world middle eastern bazaar. You can't even walk in the sidewalks because pakis have occupied them. It is ridiculous. The Greek police is unable to do anything because the situation is out of control. The only solution is the mass deportation of pakis.

alas said...

Every time I hear the poll numbers of GD it is higher than the last time.

Anonymous said...

Some Greek media report that the coalition government wants to bring a new anti racism law to ban Golden Dawn. They fear the rise of golden dawn so they will use authoritarian methods to stop Golden dawn. Now Greece is under the influence of Jews who want to control the oil that has been found in Crete, Aegean sea, Ionian sea. The Turks want to islamise Greece so they send thousands of Muslim illegal immigrants in Greece.
Golden dawn is against everyone. It is anti Muslim, anti zionist, anti American. What will happen next will be interesting...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"let's not forget these are fascists and no friends of freedom."

you mean the illegal aliens don't you?

No, I do not and you are just being facetious. Either that or a fascist sympathiser.

Anonymous said...

What happened to LAOS? Weren't they a non-racist Greek Orthodox Christian nationalist movement?

I support cultural/religious nationalism but I am against racist nationalism. There are lots of Blacks, Jews and ex-Muslims who are our allies.

Islam and Leftism (communism/anarchism/multiculturalism) are our enemies, not people.

Jake said...

No, I do not

So you think the illegal immigrants non-fascistic friends of freedom?

What a fool you are.

Either that or a fascist sympathiser.

I'm a Golden Dawn sympathiser.

By calling Golden Dawn fascists you're using a word which is used to suggest that a group of people want to put their rivals in concentration camps.

But actually Golden Dawn are against putting anyone, even illegal immigrants, in concentration camps.

That's why they protested AGAINST the placing of the illegal immigrants detained in operation Xenios Zeus into concentration camps, instead saying they should've been humanly deported back to their countries of origin.

It is Samaras of New Democracy who favors putting people in concentration camps, and it is he who has already put people in concentration camps.

Golden Dawn is against such things.

Deportation of immigrants is the only humane solution!

Jake said...

What happened to LAOS?

They went from 2.9% of the vote in the May election (almost getting into parliament) to only 1.58% in the June election.

Most of their lost voters switched to Golden Dawn.

Flirting with support for the austerity measures undermined their credibility, while Golden Dawn has been gaining more and more credibility lately through their charity work and uncompromising stands.

There are lots of Blacks, Jews and ex-Muslims who are our allies.

In the West at least, counter-Jihad is overwhelingly a European origin and/or Jewish thing.

Golden Dawn might be wrong to exclude Jews from full membership, but really there are so few Jews in Greece that it's of no consequence whatsoever.

Excluding Blacks and ex-Muslims is just common sense. Their racial and genetic interests are just too different from the Greeks for it to make sense to let them in.

It would lead to subversion.

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