Thursday, 13 September 2012
Scanning the Internet for an interesting offbeat story we stumbled on this one. It is actually a little horrific, but at the same time we actually said "yioupiiii" and sighed with relief. (Sorry... but its true)

According to an article in the Patras daily "Allagi" members of the GD party attacked a doctor at the Hospital of Rio who had the audacity to ask a very sick patient for a "fakelaki" so that he would perform his duties! The incident, according to the article, occurred three days ago and a vocal complaint was made immediately to both the management of the Hospital and the 6th Health District.

According to the publication, the relatives of the patient were annoyed and insulted by the coercive behavior of the doctor. They wanted help and skipped turning to the hospital management or the police in fear that their case would be placed on the back burner and they instead called on the "Golden Dawn" party for help. Almost immediately members of Golden Dawn flooded the Doctor's office and he was attacked. They left undisturbed after the incident. (Reference in Greek - Taxalia)

Editor's Note - No we do not agree with violence... but we cannot hide our satisfaction knowing that the little guy struck a blow to the corrupt State system. The focus should not be on whether the Golden Dawn party has bullies amongst its ranks, which it might, but rather that our brothel of a public sector continues to thrive even in a cash-strapped Greece! Especially State doctors. They continue to ask -or rather demand- for an envelope -or fakelaki- every time we need their services without one ounce of remorse. To them this is a given. Without it... expect to be treated months later, not to be treated at all and if you are treated and do not also give a second "fakelaki" to the nurses then expect to sleep on soiled sheets and smell like a soiled toilet until you leave the hospital. Unfortunately this is the pitiful truth. Obviously this activity thrives because Greek society supports it of course and State healthcare workers take good advantage of it. In some sadistic way the public sector has forced citizens to believe that they will not be serviced if they do not sweeten their pockets first. We actually smiled when we read this story... and no... we did not pity the doctor at all. In fact we bet our bottom dollar that this particular doctor will never ask for a fakelaki again! LOL...
Source: HellasFrappe


Anne said...

Sad that only violence works.

I'm conflicted, being naturally averse to violence yet realizing that the Islamic world see this as a weakness to exploit.

Zimri said...

I am not conflicted. Doctors deserve to be paid what their services are worth. What these looters are calling a "bribe" I call "payment for services rendered".

Golden Dawn are fascist demagogues and thugs.

Jack said...

Doctors deserve to be paid what their services are worth

They certainly don't deserve to be paid twice for the same service, once by the ordinary Greeks through taxes and then again through under the counter bribes.

This is the typical corruption of government parasites, and brings shame to the medical profession in Greece.

Government corruption is a huge problem in Greece, it's a big way government workers have sucked money out of the regular taxpayer and it's disgusting that PASOK and New Democracy let them get away with it.

You shouldn't have to be paid bribes above your salary to do your job, especially not when people's lives depend on you doing your job.

But a Randian like you doesn't care about the lives of ordinary Greeks, just like PASOK and New Democracy doesn't care if the ordinary Greeks live or die!

Golden Dawn are fascist

"It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless." -George Orwell


There's nothing wrong with appealing to the emotions of people who are being left for dead by their corrupt elites.

It takes emotion to inspire people to take back what's rightfully theirs!

Greece belongs to the Greeks, and the interlopers need to go.

You Randians probably have no problem with the mooching Pakistanis, Iraqis and Blacks that are ruining Greece and raping its heritage.

All men are fungible economic units to you bloodless beancounters!

But there's more to being GREEK than just standing on the soil.

There's blood, honor and culture that needs to be preserved.

For without life itself, what can a people have?

A people can't have anything in such a circumstance because it won't exist.

Don't Pakistanis have enough land in Pakistan? Don't Blacks have enough land in Africa?

And if Pakistan and Africa aren't nice places to live, and that's why so many of their natives want to leave, what will it do to Greece to have the Greeks replaced by such people?

A Greece inhabited by more and more Pakistanis becomes more and more like Pakistan, eventually leaving the Pakistanis in the exact same position they were fleeing.

How utterly pointless and disgusting a farce the current immigration policies of Greece are!

And who's the only people who want a change to those immigration policies?


May God bless these fine people who richly deserve our support..

If Jews can have Israel, why can't Greeks have Greece?


Anonymous said...

May the Golden Dawn spread all over Europe,time to pay back!!

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