Saturday, 29 September 2012
Attacked yesterday evening around 7 pm, at the exit of his residence in the heart of Béziers city centre, Guillaume Vouzellaud (FN), is currently resting with his partner, France Jamet, in Montpelliérain.

It was around 7 pm, yesterday evening, when the regional secretary of the Front National, Guillaume Vouzellaud, candidate in the last legislative elections for the constituency of Béziers, was attacked by two individuals who were waiting for him at the exit of his residence, in 11 avenue Jean-Moulin. Struck on the head, perhaps using a blunt object, he is also suffering from a broken humerus and multiple contusions.


Anonymous said...

The FN needs to call Golden Dawn for help!

violenceagainstwhites said...

Who attacked him, Muslims or Leftists?

Anonymous said...

It says he was attacked by "two individuals". Normally, muslims come in four, in particular on missions such as this.



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