Thursday, 6 September 2012

Recently I came across an interesting quote from the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Although Freud thought religion was an indispensable check on the baser human impulses, and did not anticipate the loss of religiosity in modern Europe, he correctly divined that the absence of faith would leave a psychological void that could only be filled by another belief system with sinister characteristics. The quote comes from his book, The Future of an Illusion, published in 1927, and eerily prefigures the left's moral totalitarianism in our own day. Of course, the ideology of human rights (and the political correctness/cultural Marxism which derives from it) is the secular religion that replaced Christianity and the Guardianistas, anti-racists and multicultists are our equivalent of mullahs, policing the bounds of acceptable conduct and thought.
If you want to expel religion from our European civilisation, you can only do it by means of another system of doctrines; and such a system would from the outset take over all the psychological characteristics of religion—the same sanctity, rigidity and intolerance, the same prohibition of thought—for its own defence.
Source: The Future of an Illusion by Sigmund Freud


Anne said...

Freud was wrong about a lot of thing to do with psychology but here he's bang on.

Anonymous said...

Freud has gone up in my estimation! I consider myself a rational person, I grew up reading children's books on dinosaurs and evolution. Some people in my family were Catholic and some were non-religious. Left to make up my own mind, I had no flash of light and I heard no voices in my head. I simply had a sense that there must be a sort of ultimate consciousness (God for want of a better word) that we as rational thinking people could connect to. I also decided that Jesus sounded like a cool bloke who went around helping people and preaching justice, equality, etc. This was enough to make me consider myself a sort of doubting questioning Catholic Christian.

The events of the last 11 years or so has removed any doubt from my mind. Not just the growth of Islam, but the utter capitulation to it by the Left whilst the sheeple grunt about 'religion' as a whole and continue to dumb themselves down with the trash produced by the entertainment industry while remaining completely ignorant of world news and actual ideologies.

I have made the rational decision and become a Born Again religious person (Catholic Christian in my case). Even if not everything in a religion is literally true, every religion teaches more common sense than all the secular literature in history. Nature abhors a vacuum and Islam is pushing against an open door in Europe.

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