Thursday, 13 September 2012
A teacher in a Bordeaux vocational school was beaten up by one of his pupils, aged 18, after a disagreement in a lesson which touched on the political system in Morocco, indicated the management on Thursday.

The pupil at the Trégey school in Bordeaux slapped and punched his teacher on Tuesday afternoon, before being arrested, according to the police. The head teacher of the school, , referred to a difference of opinion that broke out during a debate on the "political system of the country the pupil is from, Morocco, a "mundange educational situation which had nothing to do with religion". According to her, the pupil wanted to go further into the debate and the teacher refused and is said to have been provoked by the fact that the teacher threatened to tell his father. According to a source close to the inquiry on the other hand, "there was a disagreement about certain personalities in the Arab world", "but there doesn't seem to have been any provocation" from the teacher.

...The Bordeaux pupil is due to appear in front of Bordeaux magistrate's court within the next few months for "violence against a person performing a public service and causing damage". The tone was raised very sharply between the teacher and the pupil who initially attacked the classroom furniture. The other pupils were then evacuated and the pupil was summoned to the principal educational councillor's office. Very upset, he attacked furniture when he learned that his parents had been told of the incident. On leaving the office, he came across the teacher, striking blows against him before attacking a supervisor who tried to intervene.
Source: Le Monde

Isn't it curious how the headmistress goes out of her way to point out that it had nothing to do with religion. That may not be true, though. Certainly, the Front National appears to have different information.
In Paris, the Front national insisted on offering "its full support" to the Bordeaux teacher "beaten up by one of his pupils after a lesson on religion, as well as to all teachers confronted by the same type of violence," according to Florian Philippot, vice-president of the far right party.

At the same time, the teachers of the collège Jules-Verne in Buxerolles decided on Thursday after a general assembly not to resume lessons, in order to protest against the aggression their colleague suffered on Tuesday, the management indicated to an AFP correspondent.

UPDATE: Le Sud-Ouest confirms that the dispute arose during a lesson on Islam.
The lesson dealt with the Muslim religion.
Source: Le Sud-Ouest


Anonymous said...

When will people learn that Islam is a mental illness that propagates violence?
Islam will only be defeated when we stand up and fight it. It is a cowardly, barbaric menace that has no place in any decent civilization.

Porky's2istan said...

A muslim's first, last, and only way to win a debate is with violence. This kid should be deported back to Morocco even if he was born in France. Instead the french government will probably apologize for aggravating him (with facts) to the point that he 'lost his ability to control himself'.

I swear all of Europe is like a battered wife.

Anne said...

All of Europe is like a battered wife.

Indeed! The kid won't be charged, might start riots.

stephen said...

It'll be the teacher who gets charged, no doubt, for insulting muslim sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

What good is this pretend belief system liberals have?

Anonymous said...

The headline should read " Frenchman taught his place by the new masters of Europe."

Anonymous said...

We need to battle the deficient ideology that is Islam, not Muslims. Still, if someone attacks you, regardless of their beliefs or how upset they got over your criticism of their idology/religion, they were wrong.

Muslims need to grow up and accept the fact that NOBODY outside their faith has any respect for their prophet or their god. If they want to debate things civilly, fine, but leave the medieval violence tactics behind.

leonore said...

Never provoke them or violence will ensue. That is their only argument disagree with me and I have the right to punish or even murder you.
The problem is that they are provoked by almost anything and everything. So embrace Islam but make sure you join the right sect or they will kill you for that as well. Tolerance you must be joking.

john in cheshire said...

Muslims are not fit to live amongst normal, civilised humans. They and their socialist running dogs should all be expelled from Western nations.

Anonymous said...

Headline we'd like to see:

"Muslim Pupil Attempts To Beat Teacher, Gets Ass Kicked Back to Desert"

Porky's2istan said...

Maybe America won't go the way of Europe after all. Check out the comments section for the stupid video that has all the muslims in a tizzy. ;)

Anonymous said...

I also agree that we should be able to deport the children of immigrants who have no socially redeeming value. It would be an effective way of breaking up these immigrant gangs.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something that happened to me and my friend in Toronto, Canada. My friend who is Italian, was spat on by a muslim scum in public. Within seconds some guys who witnessed the incident circled the scumbag, and when he was questioned why he spit on the poor girl he said that he thought she was muslim and she is too liberated for his taste therefore he had to humiliate her. Anyways the Italians found him and he was beaten for a week. Italians threatened that if he goes to the police he will be crucified for all to see. Wake up rest of the world and stand up to these animals. I'm telling you here in Toronto the Italians and Greeks are not to be crossed. Love it:)

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