Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sabotage à la Fête de l'Huma - agression contre... por prochoix

Caroline Fourest is a lesbian French leftist who has gamely tried to find a goldilocks middle ground between "islamism" and the far-right. She has tried to warn Europe's left about the dangers of getting too cuddly with Islam, but for this reason finds herself increasingly ostracised by her former comrades. No doubt to try and maintain her left-wing credentials properly burnished, she has also attacked the Front National, publishing a critical book about Marine Le Pen just before the last presidential elections in France.

But, as this video demonstrates, the goldilocks middle ground seems to be increasingly untenable, as Islam completes its capture of Europe's left-wing. This event occurred at an annual Communist festival where Fourest was invited to debate the topic, "How best to confront the Front National?"

As you can see, she was attacked by Muslims wearing traditional garb. Muslim organisations had already agitated for her invitation to the event to be withdrawn, accusing her of being an islamophobe. But since they didn't get their way, they did what Muslims usually do: turned to violence.

As the Muslims try to stop her speaking, the leftists break into two factions, one that supports her right to speak, and one that doesn't. In what seems like both a parody and a perfect symbol of the confused modern left, the anti-Fourest Muslims shout, "Racism shall not pass" while the pro-free speech faction faces up to them and shouts, "Fascism shall not pass!" This goes on for 20 minutes. Then it comes to blows, and the event is cancelled.

UPDATE: See her response here.


Anonymous said...


daithikent said...

How is pandering to this horror good for the worker? The IRA does confuse me sometimes, are they are not Nationalists,? Even Socialists? - which was played down big time in the USA, with a different edition of their 'paper' for the USA market. I dont like whoring it to the USA.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Basque nationalists, they are overwhelmingly socialist. Nazis: socialists. Fascists: socialists. Even Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists was a socialist.

The EU annual report on terrorism shows that 99% of the terrorist attacks in europe are from the left & muslims.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for her, a leftard who recognises that islam is shite. A very rare breed. Most of the world's problems could be solved if all the muslims and their liberal-lefty friends would occupy one part of the planet and regular people the other side. Then have no contact with each other.
Paris Claims

John Sobieski said...

You got to admit it is funny when a leftist gets hit in the face with Islam's shovel of intolerance, i.e., the left's absolute tolerance for the intolerance and Islam's absolute intolerance for tolerance!

sapopular said...

Communist festival? Where's the islamic bomber man when we need one?
Its so ironic....

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