Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another festival ruined by Muslims. And note the similarities with the reports of attacks on British troops who were guarding the Olympics.
The commander of the 8th RPIMa of Castres has limited his soldiers' free time and given instructions to be cautious after violent incidents with "jeunes" which cost one of his soldiers his eye.

A pitched battle saw around sixty soldiers and "jeunes" oppose one another on Friday night on the margins of a local festival. The soldiers of the 8th Parachute Regiment of Marine Infantry (RPIMa) were insulted to cries of "Military Filth!" and "French Filth!" when they left a bar in the centre where they were having a drink, reported Colonel Eric Chasboeuf, commanding officer of the 8th RPIMa.

According to the latter, the parachutists, who numbered about a dozen at this time, made the mistake of defending a young girl whom the "jeunes" were importuning in the bar. In front of the premises, the soldiers encountered a larger number of "jeunes" who had called for reinforcements. Assisted by alcohol, blows started to fly between the "jeunes", some of whom were known to the police, and the soldiers. Other soldiers and other "jeunes" came to the rescue. The confrontation turned into a general brawl on the main central square, while participants in the festival ran wherever they could.

The police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to separate the opposing parties without being able to prevent sporadic fights continuing elsewhere. "One of my boys was wounded in the eye by a bottle fragment," said Colonel Chasboeuf. Hospitalised in Toulouse, "he lost his right eye. At the age of 21, from now on he can no longer exercise his profession". The person presumed to be responsible for the bottle attack and another "jeune" were arrested.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..


I noted that Iftikhar A is now putting comments in your site.

He is the worst sort of troll - a parasite troll, who uses blog sites opposed to the Islamisation of Europe, for Islamic propaganda. This usually takes the form of demands for state funded Muslim schools, for Muslims and by Muslims, in Arabic or Urdu.

He never replies to comments, while continuing to post Islamic propaganda.

Parasitic behaviour comes naturally to the followers of the RoP.

Anonymous said...

DP wrote..

The Ethnic Cleansing of Saint-Denis

Christine Tasin of Riposte Laïque has produced her latest video on the disappearing French population of the city of Saint-Denis (department of Seine-Saint-Denis); a population that has been largely replaced by immigrants, mostly Muslims. While we should not be surprised, her statistics are nonetheless very troubling - in a mere thirty years, the French population has been reduced to 25% of the population of a city that is critically important in the history of France, for it is in the cathedral of Saint-Denis that the kings of France are buried.

an EDL buck said...

Agreed DP111, Iffy is an oxygen waste of space mate. However he did give me the idea of an accronim; GFAG = Go Fuck A Goat and for that I will be grateful to the dickhead.

Anonymous said...

One of the Mohammedans' great skills seems to be 'calling for reinforcements'. Wherever they are found they only seem to attack in packs.

Anonymous said...

You have guns, use them.

The "jooooofs" are muslim soldiers, you should use your guns on them and shoot them dead, they ARE the enemy.

Anonymous said...

kill the enemy

SpecOpExec said...

Of course moslems are fucking cowards. You'll never get them to take on a challenge man-to-man.
In all the turds recorded history they only attacked with far superior numbers e.g. Vienna 1683, at least 150,000 muzzturds vs 48,000 Christians led by King Jan Sobieski 111 - but they got their arses kicked!
During WW11, my late father was stationed in Gaza with the Long Range Desert Group (British)& was on patrol with 2 other Bren Carriers, when they heard the sound of gunfire.
They went to investigate & found that a small kibbutz of less than 50 men,women & children were under attack by 100+ 'brave' muzzturds armed to the teeth. The kibbutz only had 3 old ·303 Lee Enfield rifles.
Him being the NCO made the decision to protect the kibbutz & attacked the 'brave' muzzturds - 3 Jeeps, 9 men.
Result, 100 dead muzzturds who got their 72 virgin goats in heaven & a kibbutz saved - win/win.
The ONLY thing these scum understand is Rule ·303! Anything less is seen as weakness of which they will take full advantage of.
They should only be given 2 clear choices - go to any of the 56 Pisslamic 3rd world shit-holes or die - quite similar to their demand of non-moslems to convert or die.

alas said...

Your father sounds like a brave man, specopexec.

Red Rose said...

SpecOpExec - Every non-muhammedan country desperately needs fighting men of your father's calibre.

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