Monday, 24 September 2012

On Friday night a church in the village of Chassieu in France was vandalised with graffiti reading "Islam is growing in power" and "M. Merah". The town council quickly arranged for the graffiti to be erased. While it is normal for mosque desecrations in France to make national and even international headlines, so far there appear to have been no significant reporting of this event. No politicians have denounced it, declared that it runs contrary to the values of the Republic, promised a massive police operation to catch the perpetrators or harsh punishment for them when found.

The whole thing might have been erased from history had it not been for the initiative of a local nationalist group in taking a photograph of the graffiti and publishing a report about it on its website.

Without reference to this specific incident (which had not occurred then), Marine Le Pen mentioned this curious disparity in treatment in the interview she gave to Le Monde a few days ago:
I'm glad the crime of blasphemy no longer exists. What I find astonishing is the variable geometry of the political class. We are in a country where 95% of the desecrations concern Catholic places of worship or graves and not a single line appears, not one statement from a minister. And as soon as there is a desecration of a mosque or square, immediately, a press statement has to be issued.

Source: Rebeyne!


Shaunantijihad said...

Well that would be because the Marxist politicians have deliberately immigrated millions of Muslims to justify the creation of the police state, ensuring they cannot be removed from power. But they are all deceived. Islam rules from the street up. It will all lead to the Islamisation of Europe and the racial destruction of the white race, whose homeland Europe is.

Anonymous said...

Havnt heard of this incident on the MSM.

If it had been a mosque, the BBC would be blaring it for weeks on end.


Anonymous said...

Another case of "selective indignation"! Churches desecated and no news! Say a bad word to Muslims and "Kaboom",instant condemnation from the press services! Who is running thing in this world?

Anonymous said...

How do you even know this is a church? It could be a bank or any government building.

Anonymous said...

May the Muzzies, their demonic religion and devilish book burn in the inferno of Hell!

Anonymous said...


guess the French now have to outlaw the Jewish skullcap

Anonymous said...

We will see in our lifetimes or perhaps our children's lifetimes the end of 2000 years of Western Civilization in Europe. We can be glib about muslim infestation but it won't make it go away or less of, ultimately, an existential threat. How horribly sad. One day Jerusalem...and then Paris...Pity.

Anonymous said...

Dumb stupid French. Congratulations!

jake-a-runi said...

Muhammed deserves more credit. How many other Arabian bandits had the initiative to recruit a small army of converts eager to serve a god who likes only them and wants them to murder, rob, rape, kidnap and enslave anyone and everyone who is not one of them, as long as they turn over twenty percent of the gross to the boss? That the small army has swollen to one-and-one-half billion validates the brilliance of the original business model.

Anonymous said...

"How do you even know this is a church?"

Pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

France and rest of Europe is now post christian and even anti -christian and it won't be long when all of Euope will be Eurarabia. Islamic Emitates of Europe or Europistan. All churches will be mosques and the majority of the popoulation will be non white or mixed marraiges with french or europeon women.This will be the end of the west and Europe in particular. The white westerners have lost theri heritage to monsters.


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